A human capital management solution developed by PeopleStrategy.

About PeopleStrategy eHCM

PeopleStrategy provides enterprise Cloud-based HCM solutions that enable employers to more effectively manage their Talent Acquisition, HCM, Payroll, Benefits, Workforce Management and Talent Management processes.

PeopleStrategy’s eHCM solution suite empowers the organization through self-service and mobile access, reducing costs, enhancing employee engagement and improving job satisfaction.

PeopleStrategy eHCM Features

The modules described below are part of an integrated product suite with a single database, allowing employers to capture, manage, access and report on key employee, payroll and benefits data more quickly and easily than pulling data from multiple point solutions.

With a single system of record for current and historical employee data and the ability to produce point-in-time reports through an integrated reporting module, PeopleStrategy eHCM simplifies compliance with federal workplace regulations (including EEO, FLSA, FMLA, ACA and ADA) and provides deeper insight into the entire organization.

Benefits Administration

PeopleStrategy Enterprise Human Capital Management (eHCM) provides comprehensive benefits administration capabilities and connects employees, administrators, carriers and payroll through a single online system that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. PeopleStrategy Benefits delivers the functionality you need to completely automate your entire benefits administration including eligibility determination, event processing, life status changes and payroll integration in real-time.

Core HR

At the heart of PeopleStrategy eHCM is the Core HR module, which provides a single database for housing all employee information – personal, payroll, benefits and more. By capturing the voluntary and required data for EEO, FLSA, FMLA, ACA and ADA reporting and creating a single system of record for historical employee data, eHCM provides easy access to the data you need along with an integrated Reporting module that allows you to quickly produce and view point-in-time reports for compliance and internal use.

Key components of the Core HR module include: onboarding, Employee and Manager Self-Service, configurable workflows, automated notifications and approvals and company communications. Employees and managers can customize the “home page” to see their To Do / Task List, Company News & Announcements and specific reports or dashboards.


PeopleStrategy offers an on-demand payroll solution that integrates powerful payroll functionality and tax management capabilities to handle even the most complex payrolls with complete accuracy. Delivered in the Cloud as an integrated component of the enterprise HCM Suite, PeopleStrategy eHCM, the payroll solution saves you time and resources while enhancing payroll tax compliance with powerful on-demand tools, flexible process controls and extensive reporting capabilities.

Performance Management

PeopleStrategy offers Cloud-based performance management functionality that enables you to automate the entire performance review process. An integrated component of PeopleStrategy eHCM, Performance Management helps you consistently and efficiently track employee performance while aligning company, department and team goals to improve accountability and transparency in your business.

Talent Acquisition

PeopleStrategy offers a Cloud-based, highly configurable, automated applicant recruiting, tracking and hiring system. Part of PeopleStrategy eHCM, the enterprise-class Human Capital Management suite, PeopleStrategy Talent Acquisition provides an effective and efficient way to attract, screen, hire, and onboard new employees all from a single dashboard.

Workforce Management

PeopleStrategy offers robust, Cloud-based workforce management functionality that is easy to deploy and simple to use. An integrated component of PeopleStrategy eHCM, Workforce Management helps control labor costs with tools for time and labor tracking and scheduling will facilitating compliance with the FSLA, FMLA, ACA and other labor laws.

Product Overview

  • Developer PeopleStrategy, Inc.
  • Type Human Capital Management (HCM) Software
  • Client OS Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

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