HighJump Collect for GP

A multi-module management system designed by HighJump for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About HighJump Collect for GP

Collect for GP gives you a complete set of tools needed to automate data collection in your warehouse. This information can then be used in for reporting purposes. HighJump Collect for GP is just another member in a family of warehousing solutions that will give you the sophistication and functionality in your warehouse to grow and meet your company’s changing demands.

HighJump Collect for GP is an Automated Data Collection (ADC) that will go further than just collecting data from Dynamics GP, it will give you tools to control every aspect of receiving, order fulfillment and inventory control. The system uses wireless technology to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP and gather data. Information is gathered through simple user prompts on RF Hand-helds, and processed through Microsoft Dynamics GP following all of its business rules. Some of the features and functionality descriptions of the system include:

  • Automates receiving transaction entry
  • Automates RMA Receiving
  • Consolidated/Advanced Picking to automate sales transaction entry
  • Automatic recording of sales returns
  • Inventory transfers automatically recorded
  • Physical Inventory adjustments or variances are automatically recorded
  • Inquiries can be run in purchasing, sales, or inventory
  • Sales orders are automatically tracked
  • Transaction Logging will add a detailed transaction audit trail
  • A label manger gives you the ability to print barcodes.
  • Multi-bin functionality will add bin level details to all your transactions
  • Enhanced Multi-bin functionality gives you an additional layer of bin properties that utilize directed algorithms
  • Moveable Units containing inventory are added
  • Data concerning Labor/Machine time is automatically collected
  • Component to Finished Goods Matching functionality will link products on the order receipt to the appropriate serial/lot.
  • Dynamic Order Allocation
  • Item Cross Reference allows you to cross reference vendor, manufacturer or UPC barcodes to your item numbers.

Assign Picker/Packer

This utility write s a user name to a configured user-defined field on a sales order, providing visibility of who picked and packed an order.

Combined Barcoding

Combined bar-coding is the concept of storing multiple pieces of data in a single barcode. For example, a common combined barcode contains an item number, lot number, and expiration date in one barcode rather than three separate barcodes. Our bar-coding engine allows the user to scan this special barcode at the item prompt, and then skip the subsequent lot number and expiration date prompts. The values for those prompts are updated behind the scenes. Multiple combined barcode formats can be configured in the system that can contain item, serial/lot, expiration date, manufactured date, quantity, and unit of measure information. The system has pre-configured algorithms to parse standard formats such as HIBC and GS1.

Edit Lot Attributes

Update lot attributes, manufactured date and expiration date information from RF handhelds.   This utility adds a quick and mobile way to use lot attributes to indicate relevant information to your users.

Handheld Label Printing

Collect for GP offers the ability to print product labels from both a PC-based interface (Label Manager) and directly from the handheld while performing a transaction. For example, while receiving a purchase order, labels can automatically be printed for each item received. Handheld label printing uses the same engine as Label Manager referencing a standard set of views. The number of labels to print, and the quantity printed on each label, can be prompted for each time, or configured with defaults.

Horizons Manufacturing Picking

Supports paperless picking of components, automating your manufacturing process.  RF Handhelds validate raw materials picked and processes a Production Transfer in Horizons Manufacturing.  This reduces your on-hand inventory real-time, and provides an accurate indication of WIP.

In-Transit Picking and Receiving

Support paperless picking, shipping, and receiving of in-transit transfers of inventory from one site ID to another. RF scanned and validated data ensures order accuracy. Update the Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Inventory Transfers and Inventory Receipts transactions with timely information about items shipped and received.

Inventory Transfers

Create site-to-site transfers on the fly, accurately updating inventory levels real-time. This module automates the Item Transfer Entry window in Microsoft Dynamics GP. It can also be used to transfer inventory between quantity types (on-hand, returned, in use, in service and returned).

Labor/Machine Time

Updates labor and/or machine time work in process (WIP) against manufacturing work orders, giving you instant access to vital information regarding your company’s manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing Picking

Support paperless picking of components, automating your manufacturing process. RF handhelds validate raw materials picked and process a Component Transaction Entry (issue) in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This reduces your on-hand inventory real-time, and provides and accurate indication of WIP.

Manufacturing Picking and Reverse Issue

Support paperless picking of components, automating your manufacturing process. RF Handhelds validate raw materials picked and process a Component Transaction Entry (issue) in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Unutilized raw materials can also be sent from WIP back to on-hand inventory, processing a Component Transaction Entry (reverse issue) in Microsoft Dynamics GP. These transaction update your on-hand inventory in real-time, and provide an accurate indication of WIP.

Manufacturing Receiving

Automate receiving of finished goods inventory produced for Horizons Manufacturing standard or MPP work orders.  This module, through scanning, populates the various Horizons windows and updates finished goods inventory levels.

Miscellaneous Issue

The opposite of Miscellaneous Receipt, this module allows users to create negative inventory quantity adjustments to update item inventory quantities. It is also used to consume component items from the system when a manufacturing module is not in place.

Miscellaneous Receipt

The Miscellaneous Receipt module allows users to create positive inventory quantity adjustments to update item inventory quantities. It is also used to receive made items into the system when a manufacturing module is not in place.


Multi-bin enables your organization to maintain inventory accuracy to the exact bin location. Enabling multiple bins in Microsoft Dynamics GP adds bin detail to almost every transaction that affects inventory. Accellos One Collect makes this bin level requirement achievable by capturing bin information at the time inventory is transacted. Also included with the multi-bin integration are the following additional transactions:

  • Bin Transfer: Automates Item Bin Transfer Entry window.
  • Put Away: A shortened version of a bin transfer that can be used to put items away from the default receiving bin as part of the receiving process.
  • Create Bin Utility: A utility that can be used to create bins on the fly from within other transactions. Also exists as a stand-alone utility that can be used when organizing your warehouse.
  • Full Bin Transfer: A utility to move an entire bin and its contents from one site to another.
  • Bin Consolidate: A utility to move the entire contents of one bin to another bin.

One-Scan Lots/Serials

Similar to combined bar-coding, One-Scan Lots/Serials is the concept of scanning a unique serial/lot number at the item prompt and skipping the subsequent prompts automatically. It takes combined bar-coding a step further in that the bin prompt can even be skipped. The concept relies on unique serial/lot numbers in the system and functions for all transactions except inbound.

Order Allocation

Automatically allocate inventory to sales orders when product becomes available. Prioritized allocation insures your top customers get their inventory first.

Order Allocation Postponement

The Order Allocation Postponement module is designed to prioritize and automate the initial allocation process for sales orders keying off of the requested ship date of the document. Ideally, the module automatically allocates sales order documents possessing a requested ship date that falls within a set tolerance while postponing the allocation process of orders possessing a future requested ship date.

Order Entry

Create quotes, orders or invoices on the fly in real-time.  Using RF Handhelds users can scan items to an order much like a retail check-out line.  In contrast, orders can also be created unfulfilled in Dynamics GP.  This method functions like an ordering system, and is then fulfilled later as a separate process.  In either case, Dynamics GP is updated real-time with allocation for accurate inventory.

Order Fulfillment

Support paperless picking and reduce shipment costs by automating your order fulfillment process. RF scanned and validated data improves customer satisfaction by ensuring order accuracy. Update Microsoft Dynamics GP with timely information about quantities picked, serial/lot information, back ordered/cancelled quantities and more.

Pack Out and Verify

Designed to follow the order fulfillment process, Pack Out provides a double-check of fulfilled quantities while optionally performing a packing process at the same time. Items fulfilled are packed into existing or auto-generated package ID’s. Package information is stored and used for package reports and audit purposes.


Automate real-time purchase order receipts using RF barcode scanning. Data validation ensures accurate, timely inventory information is received into your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

RMA Receiving

Make your returns management process as rapid and painless as possible. Perform real-time RMA receiving and confirm the correct item and quantity is being returned via RF barcode scanning.

Transaction Logging

Logs detailed records of RF operator activities including, but not limited to, the task performed, when, by whom, on what, and where. Information can be used for productivity reporting and audit trail history

Vicinity Batch Receipt

Automate receiving of finished goods inventory produced for a Vicinity Batch Pick number. This module, through scanning, populates the Vicinity Batch Entry window updating finished goods inventory levels in real-time

Product Overview

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