Maintenance & Inventory

A inventory application designed by Business Management Software for transportation companies.

About Maintenance & Inventory

Maintenance & Inventory has been designed to interface directly with Microsoft Business Solutions Accounting packages or Intuit QuickBooks accounting. All customer, vendor, employee, and general ledger account information is created in the accounting program databases and accessed through Maintenance & Inventory.

The Maintenance & Inventory Package is fully integrated with the transportation management software from Business Management Software. Designed for use with QuickBooks Pro, Maintenance & Inventory provides a way to accurately track the cost of operation for each piece of equipment you have.

Maintenance & Inventory can use the work order information, transferred directly into the invoice module of the accounting software to create invoices. Maintenance & Inventory can also help you to determine re-order points on specific inventory products, set preventative maintenance schedules, monitor part warranty replacement information, and even help to decide when it is time to replace older equipment. From tractors to forklifts to refrigeration units, the Maintenance & Inventory package is your answer!

Inventory Tracking

The inventory portion of this system includes the many necessary features to provide your company with current and accurate inventory information. Your maintenance personnel and sales staff need to know where your repair parts are and the stocking quantities at all times regardless of which shift they work. You do not want to over- or under-stock any inventory items but maintain a stocking level sufficient to perform repairs and sales efficiently and quickly. Parts can be stored in your parts repair warehouse in multiple locations. Those locations and quantities can be determined at any time. The current value and quantity of your inventory can be determined at any time by running the Inventory Balance Report. The report gives you a snap shot of your current inventory supply. The system can also guide you through physical inventory by freezing the inventory, printing inventory sheets for accounting purposes, and updating the inventory with new counts and valuations.

Work Orders

Our system provides work orders that accurately track the use of inventoried, their cost and sales price. Even if your company does not maintain a parts inventory, vendor purchases and non-stocked items and their costs can be tracked. Multiple laborers and varying labor prices per laborer can be recorded on each work order.

Work orders can be printed for workers to ensure completion of regular repairs and preventative maintenance operations.

Product Overview

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