JDA Inventory Policy Optimization

A inventory application designed by JDA Software Group for retail trade companies.

About JDA Inventory Policy Optimization

Now more than ever, companies need an advanced inventory optimization approach that can significantly reduce the amount of working capital invested in inventory while at the same time maintaining or increasing customer service. When inventory is stocked at many locations in a multi-echelon network, conventional methods for setting inventory levels are not effective. Lacking of the right tool or solution forces companies to set service levels that may be too high or too low, frequent manual intervention or guesswork on your inventory policies can significantly hurt your bottom-line.

JDA Inventory Policy Optimization (IPO) is a multi-echelon solution that helps companies determine optimal inventory targets at various locations in the retail and distribution supply chains so as to achieve the customer service objectives with minimum working capital investment.

Key Features:

  • Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization
  • Individual SKU or Group Level Service Target
  • Working Capital Budget Constraint
  • Aggregate and Time-Phased Optimization
  • Comprehensive Planning and Analysis Workbench
  • What-if Scenario
  • Integration is Seamless with JDA Demand, Fulfillment, and Master Planning
    • History and Forecast are directly pulled from JDA Demand
    • SKU, Network, and Sourcing are shared with JDA Fulfillment and Master Planning
    • Optimal Inventory Plans can be published to JDA Fulfillment or Master Planning
    • Optimal Inventory Plans can be evaluated and compared with the inventory projections generated by JDA Fulfillment or Master Planning
  • Built on JDA Enterprise Architecture that can scale and perform whether it is implemented as part of the day-in-the-life of supply chain planning or as a standalone solution

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