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About 360Learning

360Learning is the first collaborative learning platform. This LMS software suite removes the headache of picking, integrating and running multiple learning solutions. Craft new courses with a fully collaborative authoring tool. With 360Learning, teams can create, ship and improve courses together with built-in feedback loops & learning analytics.

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  • Automation: Automate administration work and cut costs by 60%.
  • Compliance: Certify employees on the latest policy and regulatory requirements.
  • HCM Connect: Streamline the learning experience for employees and administrators.
  • Classroom: Schedule training sessions, increase fill rates & verify attendance digitally.
  • Enablement: Enable client-facing teams to over perform
  • Field Training: Provide frontline teams with shared device access, video evaluation & mobile content creation.
  • Sales Enablement: Fast track new hires. Continuously upskill. Skyrocket sales performance.
  • Extended Enterprise: Onboard new clients, partners & other non-employees in your 360Learning environment.
  • Software Adoption: Turn your team into tool experts with interactive training experiences.
  • Development: Make professional growth a pillar of your company‚Äôs culture
  • Onboarding: Make sure new employees hit the ground running and ramp-up quickly.
  • Off-the-Shelf Content: Give learners access to catalogs of best-in-class courses.


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User Reviews of 360Learning

Submitted on September 29th, 2020 by Hubert Ferreux from Cegid

360Learning and the Collaborative Learning Playbook are a key success factor for our current training strategy. We managed to create a strong community of clients on our learning platform.

Submitted on September 29th, 2020 by Frederic Naudin from INES CRM

When I joined INES CRM it was obvious to me that 360Learning would contribute to our training strategy. 360Learning and the Collaborative Learning Playbook are a key success factor of our client training strategy.