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About SalesFirst

SalesFirst is the Sales Force and Marketing automation component of the CustomerFirst Enterprise Suite. SalesFirst provides functionality that manages the marketing and sales process within your organization. It also allows you to track information about your prospects and gives a complete 360-degree view of each potential and existing client.

SalesFirst complements CustomerFirst, a product that focuses on the support and professional service areas within your organization. All of the data related to both products is stored in the CustomerFirst database. Some of the data can be shared between SalesFirst and CustomerFirst. The CustomerFirst Enterprise Suite is fully compatible with Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and IBM DB2 database platforms. It is also OS X compatible for the Macintosh and available as a web-based Java version. SalesFirst can be purchased as an individual component but requires one license of CustomerFirst.

SalesFirst Can:

  • Help facilitate your marketing efforts at a contact, group or campaign level
  • Track contact management related activities
  • Track specific sales opportunities based on a company defined sales cycle and provide monthly forecast information
  • Help ensure that prospects are contacted at the appropriate time
  • Alert sales persons to critical timeframes during the sales process
  • Track lead sources to allow you to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • Maintain information about your competitors and identify competitors to which you have lost business
  • Fulfill marketing literature requests and track what has been sent to a prospect as well as when it was sent
  • Provide a central repository for prospect information
  • Enhance internal and external communication
  • Provide a complete 360 degree view of each prospect

SalesFirst Key Features

  • Contact Management & Ticklers (calendar reminders)
    • Record activities against a Sales Opportunity or directly against a Contact.
    • Set Tickler Date for next follow-up
    • View history of all contacts/activities for a specific customer/contact or for a Sales Opportunity. At the customer/contact level can view activities just for the contact, for all Sales Opportunities, for support issues (Incidents) or any combination
  • Marketing Campaigns and Lead Sources
    • User-defined Lead Sources can be defined within a multiple hierarchical structure.
    • Create Marketing Campaigns and Phases.
    • Relate a Lead Source to a Campaign. Track costs, responses, ROI, etc.
    • Html email broadcast capability (produce newsletters or ýindividualizedý email letters.
    • In-bound/Out-bound telemarketing
    • Monitor the success of tradeshows, advertising, or web seminars
    • Report on the number of prospects and/or Sales Opportunities that result from each Lead Source.
  • Sales Opportunities
    • User-defined Sales Stages that records progress through the sales cycle.
    • Maintains all contacts and history for the opportunity.
    • E-mail to the contact directly from the opportunity.
    • Receive and associate incoming emails with sales opportunities
    • Record the salesperson’s projections and track the progress through the sales cycle.
    • Display Sales Manager, Region, or Company Sales projections with Manager overrides.
  • Tracking of Competition
    • Immediate retrieval of Competitor’s products and strategy as well and ability to store information as attachments.
    • If a sale is lost, track the competitive product the prospect purchased and why.
    • Query to identify competitors that are most effective.
  • Literature Fulfillment
    • Use the ýFormsý feature to define standard mailing letters.
    • On the Sales Opportunity, the salesperson can record what literature needs to be sent and can select the letter to accompany it.
    • Administrator can use the Fulfillment panel to print all letters by clicking on one button.
    • Can export the name and address information to use in a word processing Mail Merge to produce mailing labels. Records the date the literature is sent on the Sales Opportunity.
  • Forecasting
    • Reports of forecasted revenue based upon the salesperson’s percentages, the manager’s percentages, and the standard percentages associated with the Sales Stage of the opportunity.
    • Salespeople can view the support incidents for a customer or prospect.
    • Laptop Synchronization for remote salespeople.
    • Microsoft Outlook integration

Product Overview

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