A software system designed by MED e-care Healthcare Solutions for health care & social services companies.

About e-RBT

Resident Billing and Trust automates the process of billing and recording payments for resident accommodations, recurring charges, and incidental charges. Monthly accommodation charges are generated automatically for each resident based on user-defined rate schedules (e.g. regular rates, bed hold rates, etc.) and type of accommodation (ward, semi, private) according to Ministry of Health guidelines.

Recurring charges (e.g. clothing maintenance, wheelchair maintenance, etc.) can be set up on the resident’s profile and automatically added to the monthly billing. Incidental charges are entered in batches or singly and flow through to the monthly statement.


  • Operational statistics
  • Time-saving wizards
  • Automatic calculations
  • Accounts receivable
  • Billing
  • General Ledger
  • Petty cash tracking
  • Cash box management
  • Deposit and withdrawal tracking
  • Group billing

Product Overview

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User Reviews of e-RBT

Submitted on February 9th, 2020 by Rose Cohen

MED e-care has resulted in improved time management for nurses as they navigate the system and the ability to retrieve residents’ health information within the integrated system for eMAR, ePLAN, eADT etc…

Submitted on February 9th, 2020 by Tracy Foster

The implementation was very smooth. There were not any issues. The timelines that were promised to us were honored. The preparation work required was done in conjunction with the MED e-care team and there was assistance and support in gathering the information if needed. I felt that plenty of prep time notice was given, and I was able to complete what was needed on time.