IMS Manager

A multi-module management system designed by SuiteMed, LLC for health care & social services companies.

About IMS Manager

IMS was built by physicians and pharmacists specifically for the small to mid-size practice to improve practice performance and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. It was developed for easy implementation, use and to mirror the real-life workflow within today’s physician’s practice. Our seamlessly integrated, enterprise design ensures that data can be shared across practices and locations, allowing efficient access from anywhere for greater patient care satisfaction.

Here are some of the specifically designed features of SuiteMed IMS a single database solution guaranteed to meet Stimulus requirements.

  • Create digital “to-do lists” that can be assigned to staff members with auto-reminders.
  • Staff can instantly view and manage workflow with great efficiency and effectively orchestrate the resources for one or multiple offices.
  • The scheduler includes an array of features that will keep your office running smoothly, increase practice productivity, provide scheduling accountability and optimum patient satisfaction.
  • SuiteMed IMS is affordable, easy to implement, and can help you realize immediate savings.
  • SuiteMed’s IMS Practice Management integrates directly with SuiteMed IMS EHR for a seamless clinical and administrative workflow for organized office management and administrative control. Operational managers see enhanced productivity levels and staff members become more productive and satisfied with manageable workloads.

Auto Check-in Kiosk

Empower patients to check-in, update demographic data, complete electronic forms and more. Saving staff time while improving efficiency.

Bar-Coded ID Cards

Register patients with accuracy and speed using fully automated Bar-Coded ID Cards. Easily manage high patient flow with a faster check-in process.

Billing and Collections

Streamline your billing with automated data entry from SuiteMed IMS EHR - generating Super Bills, strong validations, pre-checking of EM codes, CMS-1500 or UB92 claims, automatic reconciliation (ERA), enhanced collections and extensive reports to keep finances on track.

Document & Image Management

Printed documents and clinical images can be captured from outside sources, condensed and organized into the patient´s chart electronically. Keep medical records accurate and up to date.

E&M Coding Optimization

E&M Coding calculator helps to prevent lost charges and to maximize reimbursement.

Easy to Use

With the ability to schedule from a single central screen, this practice management software is ideal for practices of any size. Finding and scheduling single or multiple appointments can be done with the click of a button.

Patient Portal

SuiteMed´s Patient Portal allows patients access to their personal healthcare record, online, 24/7. Reduce phone calls with this secure solution. Improve patient satisfaction while allowing your patients a compelling reason to help you compile critical documentation.

Referral Tracking

Authorization verification is provided for check-in and charge posting to ensure insurance reimbursements. Authorization requirements can be set by procedure and insurance.


Patient data is collected and securely stored enabling the practice to generate detailed reports of outcome analytics, business analysis and comparative patient data. Hundreds of pre-built reports are included with an easy to use custom report writer. Dashboard reports are accessible for an overview.


The Scheduling Module, is an integral part of the practice management system, includes an array of features that will keep your office running smoothly, increase practice productivity, establish scheduling accountability, and provide optimum patient satisfaction.

Product Overview

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