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About Pawn Wizard Pro

Pawn Wizard Pro is a pawn shop software that is built for Windows operating systems. Pawn Wizard has always been designed and built on the most modern Windows technologies unlike the competition. There are two main versions: PRO and PRO Enterprise. Enjoy a modern, intuitive graphical interface designed for quick and easy transactions.

Your independent pawn shop has unique business software needs. Without Pawn Wizard your choices to fill those needs with pawn shop software is limited to products designed for the larger chain stores. Pawn Wizard also provides enterprise software for those who need it, but those other pawn software products usually include many features the typical pawn shop doesn’t need but has to pay for anyway. Pawn Wizard provides you with significant value over every other product on the market - in ease of use, learning curve, live support and pricing!

Video Overview

Main Features

  • Layaway Management
  • Inventory management
  • Administrative REports
  • Pawn Transaction Tracking
  • Law Enforcement Functions
  • Customer Management
  • Ticket and Label Printing
  • 2D Barcode

Other unique features include:

  • The ability to do multiple tickets and multiple ticket types on a single checkout. (i.e 2 separate new pawn tickets on a single checkout, or buy, layaway, etc)
  • Take multiple payments on the same ticket in a single checkout
  • Capture item picture quickly and easily at time of item acquisition
  • Enhanced Precious Metal Rate calculator w/ quick pop-up calculator tool
  • Support for multiple cash drawers and reports to reconcile then individually
  • Support for multiple tax levels (i.e. state, city/county)
  • Integrated upload to online shopping sites. (PawnShopper now. eBay, as well as online gun sales and exchange sites)
  • Integrated credit card processing. (Via Element Payment processors available soon.)Language pack enabled. (optional module, Spanish pack available soon.)
  • Enabled for Enterprise (multi-store) functionality (optional – available soon.)
  • Single User license now includes 2 stations at no additional charge
  • Support for secondary ID in addition to the primary ID
  • Enhanced customer stats showing not only their pawn stats and much more
  • Text messaging function for customer notices and overdue tickets


With the new customer special, Pawn Wizard Pro starts at only $299 when you select the Basic Hardware Startup package. The Package includes a label printer and kit, along with a 2D barcode scanner. Regular pricing is $995, which covers full isntall, setup, and training.

Pawn Wizard Pro is highly affordable, as no one gives you more features for this little money. Request a FREE demo.

Starting Price
$995 (perpetual license)
Price Range Learn More
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   

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User Reviews of Pawn Wizard Pro

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Anonymous

We have used Pawn Wizard in our store since 2003 It has always done everything we needed in our shop. Although our staff is very stable with little turnover anytime when we do have to hire new employees training them on Pawn Wizard is the easiest part of their training. It’s so simple to learn and use!

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Anonymous

Pawn Wizard software makes my life easier and gives me peace of mind. Long gone are the days of hand written tickets and book keeping.

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Anonymous

Pawn Wizard’s software works very well for us and the cost is affordable. Their staff is very helpful.