JDA Point-Of-Sale (POS)

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A point-of-sale system designed by JDA Software Group for retail trade companies.

About JDA Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Operating in hundreds of stores today, this JAVA application is a ýslim-or-thick-clientý solution that features component-based architecture and industry standard database and operating system choices that deliver extreme scalability and flexibility. Unlike many other Java applications, JDA Software’s Point-of-Sale solution is not a tool-kit that takes years to configure and integrate. It is a completely functional, installable application that is ready to use today. You will greatly simplify the deployment, upgrading, configuration and maintenance of your store system without compromising integrity, functionality or usability. With JDA Software’s Point-of-Sale solution, you can make system-managed configuration changes or application upgrades on every register throughout your chain as frequently as you need, without effecting custom code, at a reduced cost.

JDA Software leveraged 15 years of point-of-sale and merchandising system experience to create a POS application that delivers deep functionality to make stores part of the entire retail enterprise system. Store associates perform basic point of service functions in a fast, easy and truly unique user interface to perform sales, centralized validated returns, special orders, multiple tenders and wizard-directed actions and processes. JDA Software’s Point-of-Sale solution also contains advanced pricing and promotions execution and event capture, integrated credit, debit and stored-value payment, order processing from external systems and user-defined deposit transactions like special order and layaway. Stores can connect real-time to share information and alerts held in merchandising, labor, space and floor planning and customer relationship systems. With real-time posting of POS sales, labor and customer data to centralized systems, corporate users have the critical data to support better strategic and tactical processes.

Win/DSS: For operating in a windows-based distributed store systems environment, JDA Software also offers Win/DSS – our original in-store system relied upon by hundreds of retailers worldwide. Win/DSS is the best industry POS value, with rich functionality, easy to train and use interface, and effortless installation and maintenance. Installation can be as easy as unzipping a file. And, Win/DSS comes with an embedded database and tools to configure UI, transaction flow and business rules easily, with a small support staff. Win/DSS features POS and back-office, store inventory, customer data tracking and labor scheduling capabilities. Your associates can easily handle point-of-sale transactions and merchandise management duties.

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Submitted on May 1st, 2018 by Anonymous

Point of Sale system scalable to fit business needs

The Good…

Interface is easy to train

The Bad…

Crashes constantly.