Omni-channel Retail Management Software for retail, e-tail and wholesale business

About Chaindrive

ChainDrive was developed expressly for chain store retailers that recognize the need for real-time information. ChainDrive seamlessly integrates all the tools and information you need to monitor, measure, and proactively manage your chain’s performance. Using a real-time navigational structure dynamically linking users to all pertinent information means you will always be in control.

ChainDrive is designed to drive retail sales by providing cashiers and back office users the real-time data they need to take informed decisions and timely actions. i.e.: see store data in real time, lowers costs by eliminating steps and streamlining procedures and maximize profits and inventory turns using our unique multidimensional matrix.

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Chaindrive Features

The features included in Chaindrive include:


Chaindrive Integrated accounting draws on real time transactional information, provides an open general ledger with multilevel account groups.

Inventory Control

The inventory master controls all classes and sub-classes of inventory, dynamically links users to any and all stock information related to the current operation.

Multidimensional Matrix

The Multidimensional matrix makes it simple for buyers and managers to create detailed pre-distribution simulations based on historical data and statistics so they can move transfer and purchase stock with optimal efficiency.

Open to Buy

Open to buy spots trends and points out the best time to purchase within your budget, using past sales results for each SKU class and sub-class.

Point of Sale

Chaindrive POS is a bulletproof point of sale system that speeds checkout with accuracy and fosters employee and customer satisfaction.

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$1,000 /user (perpetual license)
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User Reviews of Chaindrive

Submitted on April 15th, 2020 by Cynthia Sullivan

As a fully-integrated retail management software for omni-channel retailers, I have to say that it runs like a symphony. Very intuitive & user-friendly…

The Good…

It really thinks like a retailer. We liked the fact, that the company offers organizational training for companies looking to be come agile or cope with digital transformation challenges…

The Bad…

That they only cater to North American & Caribbean Markets. It doesn’t come in other languages for companies looking to expand in the Middle East or Eastern Europe for instance…