A multi-module management system designed by Microhouse Systems for retail trade companies.

About MultiFlex RMS

Introducing MultiFlex RMS Software& a retail inventory system specifically created for single or multi-store operations.

Because you want your RMS Software to help with:

  • Buying decisions & who are your best suppliers, which items to buy more of, which items to drop or give less store space to, etc
  • Financial projections, sales/revenue performances, profit margins, etc
  • Client acquisition and retention & keeping customers coming back to your store and getting new ones to start buying
  • Putting your marketing plans on automation & never forget to execute your growth plans, because it’s automated
  • Managing staff, prevent shrinkage & control who has access to your RMS system

Your MultiFlex RMS Software will be an exciting addition to your operation, because:

  • You will always know you’re making educated business decisions & from reliable, accurate data – coming directly from your RMS Software program
  • Your information will have integrity & is completely controlled by you, giving limited or full access rights as you see fit – you have full access to your secured information.
  • Support staff are retail support specialists are experts in retail management systems & backed by the 'MHS RMS Success Coaching Program & where you and your staff is coached and trained on the successful implementation and future success of the program into your business.

MultiFlex RMS has solutions for:

  • General Merchandise
  • Media (Books and Music)
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Fashion
  • E-Commerce

Customer Relationship Management

What sets you apart from your competitors is the extra services you provide. It is all about your customer service. Since most retailers carry similar merchandise – the difference is the quality of the services you provide & to keep current customers happy and returning; and also to attract and retain new customers.

That requires you knowing specific motives/interests/preferences about your customers and how you can attend to their interests.

That’s a good starting point.

But it becomes more demanding when you want to increase your customer base & while keeping track all those and other details.

MultiFlex RMS Can Help

A powerful RMS System lets you know all the important details about your customers – buying habits, interests and preferences. The MultiFlex RMS system enables you and your staff to maintain relevant customer information and makes & so you can communicate relevant & important information – in an effort to keep them happy, returning & while still attracting new customers.

The system enables you to target specific groups (example:VIP client group) & send specific offers to them – measure and improve the results of other communications.

MultiFlex RMS Tools Expert Staff

You’re assigned a Success Coach who teams-up with you, to use the RMS system to create a program specific to you and your customers’ need. From a basic CRM to integrated marketing & including integration with E-Commerce systems, to social media - to create a closer link between you and your customers. Including &

  • Finding out what clients find most important when shopping at your store or any of your competitors
  • Draft a compelling offer to retain and attract new clients
  • Manage those relationships, so they produce consistent and frequent revenues
  • Install tools: e-commerce integration, marketing automation, etc.
  • Repeat the process & improve and maximize, increase revenues

Financial Reporting Management

Financial Report Management is sound practice for Fashion retailer operations & since you have a matrix system – grouped into styles, categories and subcategories.

Financial Management Reports On Revenues Per Category Is Critical

Having at your finger-tip RELIABLE reports you can use, that let’s you know how much you have to spend and what are your planned margins on those purchases & is helpful in gauging your operation’s financial health.

A properly designed financial reporting program inside your RMS system is a very helpful tool.

The MultiFlex RMS gives you & financial performances on:

  • Sales – per location, staff, layaways, special orders, gift cards, etc
  • Performance – styles, categories, departments
  • Inventory – groups, brands, suppliers
  • Clients – preferences, patterns, likes/dislikes, revenues

Even more helpful is the KPI report readily available inside your MultiFlex RMS program – a detailed view of your retail key performance indicators & categories, purchases made, stock levels, YTD sales/margins and gross profits.

Last Year’s Gross Profit Comparison and How Does That Help

A retail fashion operation need trusted data to guide decisions – on margins, inventory turns – and among several categories/subcategories. Having a trusted, reliable system to help plan and take advantage of higher profit margin is critical.

The MultiFlex RMS program, combined with the Success Coaching Program will be a big help.

Inventory Control Management

What to buy, how much to buy and when to buy are critical to running a profitable retail operation. Multiflex RMS provides the necessary tools that will help you to make the right decisions in managing your inventory.

Purchase Order Management

Intuitive purchase order management tools, flexible and fully customizable reporting tools and to the minute product performance data are among the comprehensive feature set offered to you by Multiflex RMS solutions.

Whether you have a single boutique store or a multi-store chain with e-commerce outlets, Multiflex takes the guess work out of inventory control and frees your mind to perfect your recipe for success.

Inventory Replenishment Management

Inventory replenishment management is essential to maximizing profitability and customer relations for any retailer. An effective Retail Management System helps retailers to create a balanced inventory according to customer demand and historical data.

Seasonal inventory and multi-store operations face the continuous challenge of coordinating a multitude of information. Multiflex RMS makes inventory replenishment decisions easy and fast. Intuitive reporting features and analytical data are at your finger tips. Multiflex RMS provides the necessary information for you to decide to replenish inventory by transferring among stores or to place a new purchase order.

Accurate Inventory – Completely Automated

Accurate inventory data is an essential key to maximizing profitability in retail. On-hand figures and item, category and vendor performance data contribute to the accuracy of inventory count and information. Reliable and accurate inventory data minimize the need for costly and distracting inventory counts. Multiflex RMS provides a variety tools and methods for you to maintain control of your inventory, minimize shrinkage and produce reliable inventory data & and is completely automated.

Inventory Count Devices

Portable data collector devices integrated into the Multiflex RMS system facilitate accurate and speedy cycle counts while dynamic on-hand inventory data help you to verify your information before making new ordering decisions.

Mobile Device Integration

Microhouse Systems Inc through it’s family of MultiFlex RMS programs is pleased to announce it’s own solutions & mobile device integration with your RMS programs.

Whether you’re currently using your I-PHONE, Androids & or any other mobile device to access your RMS System & we can help.

From Anywhere, Anytime – Secure Access To Your RMS System

Now & see and do whatever is needed to sustain and run your business, without being at your store or your head office – using any mobile device. The MultiFlex RMS Mobile application gives you access and ability to process information as if you’re actually at your store or head office.

You can produce reports, order merchandise, send your staff notices & or communicate with your customers & all from your mobile device.

QuickBooks Pro Integration

Reliable Financial Data, Securely and Quickly

MultiFlex RMS solutions closely interface with QuickBooks Pro" accounting program for Financial statements such as “Balance-sheet” and “Profit & loss” statements and more extensive financial controls.

This allows a single store or a Multi-store company to seamlessly export data directly into QuickBooks®.

The intuitive tools integrated with MultiFlex help you to effortlessly conduct and analyze financial data and to integrate with accounting tools. The process is easy & very reliable.

We then help you set-up a mapping for the data flow from the RMS system into your QuickBooks® based on your particular accounting needs. You select a date range for which you need the data to go to QuickBooks® for your preferences.

The system will automatically check & prevent duplicate data entries in the process

MultiFlex RMS has a built-in function that allows your head-office to automate accounting processes and to aggregate financials for your stores , including individual financials per store. MultiFlex RMS Fashion includes the integrated “Accounts Receivable” & “Accounts Payable” modules as standard modules in RMS program.

These functions facilitate store transactions and increase accuracy and efficiency for all transactions.

Note: If you are using QuickBooks® (or other) POS system and are considering a more flexible and more advanced system, we provide a “Competitive-Upgrade” program including all the necessary assistance with implementation including “Database conversion” to migrate to the new system. We will be glad to provide a complete complimentary consultation.

Sales Marketing Automation

MultiFlex RMS Fashion Marketing / Sales Automation: Attract New Customers & Stay Connected & Keep Current Customers Interested

The MultiFlex RMS Fashion system includes marketing tools designed to stabilize and increase your foot traffic – with current customers and new prospects.

The system is perfectly integrated with the CRM module & accessing critical, readily available data in the system.

The automation system is designed to have a “human touch” – creating a pleasing way of communicating with your customers.

The MultiFlex Sales Marketing Automation functions coupled with the MultiFlex RMS Success Coaching Program is a unique and effective service designed to help you make the best of your RMS system.

MultiFlex Sales Marketing Automation includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Creating customer profiles including purchasing details and customer interests.
  • Marketing tools include Email, Direct mail, Loyalty Points programs, Gift Card systems, Special Events, etc
  • Marketing Reports – include detailed information on performance by segments – and categories which help produce effective campaigns.
  • Analytical Tools – measure campaigns, new clients, lost clients, changes in interests as their status change, growing events, integration with e-Com & social media, etc…
  • Social Media : connect with social groups such as facebook, YouTube, twitter, Linked-in, etc.

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User Reviews of MultiFlex RMS

Submitted on April 22nd, 2019 by Dick Wright

MultiFlex RMS is a robust software program that has handled all of the needs of our business. Installation was smooth and service was delivered as promised. We have had very few issues over the past 8 years that we have had the program and customer service has been excellent.

The Good…

Ease of use.

The Bad…

Could make some functions a little more user intuitive. It would be nice to have the ability to change the layout/design of some of the input pages at the user level. Maybe even have a customer administered/design report option.