Fusion Integrated Solutions

A multi-module management system designed by Point Solutions LLC.

About Fusion Integrated Solutions

For over a decade, Mik & Associates has specialized in integrated custom and commercial software solutions. Our flagship product, Fusion Retail Solution, is a cost effective, time saving point-of-sale solution for every environment; from single-store, single-register shops to multi-store multi-register large corporate retailers.

The strength of the Fusion Retail Solution comes from its integration to your accounting system through our fully bi-directional Accounting System Interface (ASI), giving you the ability to:

  • Increase sales with accurate and reliable information
  • Streamline operations to save you time and money
  • Provide your customers with the service they deserve
  • Capture customer data at the register for marketing purposes
  • Update sales data in your accounting system and reduce redundant data entry
  • Increase the productivity, satisfaction and efficiency of your employees
  • Run custom reports allowing you to monitor sales, inventory count, profit/loss, or most any other information quickly and efficiently
  • Allow different stores in different locations to work together in one seamless environment
  • Keep ýreal-timeý inventory across multiple locations
  • And most importantly, create an environment for repeat business

Mik & Associates also offers add-on modules to compliment the Fusion Retail Solution for specialty retailers.

Fusion Special Order Pro " was designed to aid companies track build-to-order items, deposits and deliveries, enabling you to monitor the process to ensure the right product is delivered on time, every time.

For the hospitality industry, there’s Fusion Food & Beverage ". Whether you’re a multi-chained restaurant or hotel, or a single location deli or clubhouse, Fusion Food & Beverage " is your integrated point-of-sale solution, now available in touch screen.

Now that you know a little about our Fusion front-office integrations, let’s explore our solutions to help streamline back office operations.

Fusion Barcode Solution " is our fully integrated warehouse solution consisting of five (5) different modules: Shipping, Receiving, Inter-location transfer, Physical Count, and, of course, Barcode Printing. The modular design of Fusion Barcode Solution allows you to save money by giving you the ability to pick and choose the applications you really need. By integrating directly to your accounting system, you are given the power to fuse all of the facets of your warehouse into one robust suite of products.

Our Fusion Import Tool " is the only solution for recurring imports or one-time data conversions for any SQL or Btrieve (Pervasive.SQL) based system. The configuration wizard enables the user to map the import file into one or more tables in the database, allowing for a variety of data transformations to be performed on incoming data. And to round out our database solutions is our industry leading Btrieve data editing/viewing tool, Btrieve Explorer ".

While our products are robust in their own respects, all of Mik’s products are designed to work together drawing even more value and functionality from your technology investment. Each solution integrates with the others, as well as your accounting system, to provide enhanced functionality and seamless data transfer across all facets of your company.

In addition to our complete line of commercial products, Mik & Associates maintains a full staff of talented and experienced developers to handle any and all of your custom software needs.

Fusion Barcode Solution

Many companies do not realize that they could save $5,000 to $25,000 per year if they could eliminate tedious data entry. Fusion Barcode Solution" is a highly integrated and user-friendly inventory management solution designed to increase efficiency and accuracy throughout your warehouse. Fusion Barcode Solution interfaces seamlessly into existing RF or Batch hand-held data terminals, accounting and shipping systems, and any additional warehouse automation equipment you may have – offering you a fully integrated solution.

Fusion Barcode Solution is composed of five (5) different modules, each specifically designed for particular functions within the warehouse to save you time and increase accuracy. Fusion Barcode was designed to help automate and streamline your back of house operations, by enhancing your company’s ability to increase accuracy and productivity through real-time validation of warehouse materials and by eliminating costly errors with electronic data capture. By automating your warehouse, the Fusion Barcode Solution will allow you to track all of your products through each stage of its life cycle, from purchase order to receiving, physical count, and shipping. All of this is done through an easy to use and intuitive package.

Fusion Barcode Shipping"

Fusion Barcode Solution makes the shipping process simple by giving your hand-held data terminals instant access to sales order information. Each scan is immediately verified against the sales order, eliminating the need to ýdouble-checký each and every item, increasing accuracy and efficiency. When you’re ready to ship an order, all appropriate documents are printed, including the sales order, packing list and customer invoice. Once this process is complete, Fusion Barcode Shipping automatically updates your accounting system with the shipped order.

Fusion Barcode Receiving"

When receiving items at the warehouse, store, or distribution center it is imperative to have a quick and accurate count. The received items are immediately verified against the specific purchase order, eliminating potential errors, incorrect items and redundant information. The Fusion Barcode Receiving module then creates the proper transactions in your accounting system, bypassing the need for manual entry. This quick and simple process will allow your workforce to increase their productivity and focus on other time sensitive duties.

Fusion Barcode Inter-Location Transfer"

Moving items from one warehouse to another can be an extremely tedious process. With some accounting systems, a simple move can be close to 20 steps! With the Fusion Barcode Inter-Location Transfer module, you simply have to pick the source warehouse, the destination warehouse and the items to transfer. Click a button and you’re done! The Fusion Barcode Inter-Location Transfer module takes care of the rest, creating the appropriate inventory transactions in your accounting system.

Fusion Barcode Physical Count"

We hear all too often, ýMy inventory is out of control.ý How much more money can you put to your bottom line if you were able to control your inventory and maintain an accurate inventory count 365 days a year? The Fusion Barcode Physical Count module allows you to quickly and accurately take physical counts across multiple warehouses, bins, and lots. With the use of an the Fusion Barcode Physical Count module and an RF or Batch hand-held computer you can audit your inventory counts quickly and easily at any time, instead of waiting for the dreaded yearly cycle-count. This module will make your employees accountable and empower you to make changes to help your company eliminate lost and misplaced items.

Fusion Barcode Printing"

With the Fusion Barcode Printing module, you can put bar coded labels on your existing inventory increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. The Fusion Barcode Printing module allows you to print any number of labels at any time. Simply select a single item or range of inventory items from your inventory master file, enter the number of labels you want printed (either enter a fixed quantity or let the printing module print labels based off of your current on-hand quantity) and click the PRINT button. It really is that easy!

Time is money, and accuracy is imperative. Give your customers, suppliers and, most importantly, yourself piece of mind knowing that you are going to ship the right products on time, every time. Let our technology work for you, so you can focus on other important issues within your organization, knowing that when you need accurate data immediately, it’s just a click away.

Contact Mik & Associates about the Fusion Barcode Solution today!

Fusion Import Tool

What Is Fusion Import Tool?

The Fusion Import Tool enables companies to import a comma-delimited, tab-delimited or fixed width file into any Pervasive SQL or Microsoft SQL database. The tool consists of a configuration wizard and an import program. The configuration wizard allows the user to map the import file into one or more tables in the destination database. The mapping functions allow a variety of data transformations to be performed on the incoming data.

What Does That Mean to You?

If you have ever tried to create your own import tool, you realize how hard and frustrating it can be when the information is error ridden, and time is at a premium. Don’t waste valuable company resources trying to re-invent the wheel, by creating multiple platforms for single conversions.

Focus on your core competencies and let this expert program be the answer to all of your import needs. Whether you use the program once, or twice a day, you will see the benefits of using the Fusion Import Tool.

Why Fusion Import Tool?

Fusion Import Tool has many uses ranging from one-time imports for system upgrades and third party integration, to repetitive imports for integrating mixed vendor system. For example, a sales order import can be created which receives a text file from an external e-Commerce site that allows seamless integration into the existing accounting system with no additional development. It is an invaluable tool for consultants upgrading or replacing an existing account system without a pre-existing upgrade path.

Fusion Import Tool can also be used to bridge the gap between non-compatible systems; such as getting data from a legacy AS400 production program into a modern SQL based accounting system. The only requirements are the ability to retrieve a text based export of the data in one system, and the knowledge of where the information needs to go in the other system. Creating an import configuration does not require any programming knowledge, although, if more advanced methods are needs, the import can use VBScripts or Java Scripts to perform advanced data manipulation and validation.

The Fusion Import Tool contains a variety of pre-canned functions for importing data into most accounting systems. Whether you are a company looking for the product for your own use, or a VAR looking to provide the extra value to your client, Fusion Import will help you save time and money by creating conversions that work.

Fusion Retail Solution

Have you been searching for a cost effective, time saving solution for your retail business? Does your competition have better technology? Due to the broad nature of point of sale systems in the marketplace, it is hard to find a solution that is scalable in both size and type. Mik & Associates is pleased to introduce the Fusion Retail Solution – Designed for customers of all shapes and sizes.

The Fusion Retail Solution is compatible with most Btrieve, Pervasive.SQL, and SQL based accounting systems and comes in three different packages to accommodate any size retail operation: Fusion Retail – Single Register; Fusion Small Business Edition; and Fusion Enterprise Edition.

Fusion Retail – Single Register is a powerful and easy-to-use software system for all of your point-of-sale needs, configured specifically for the smaller retail environments that demand more. For this package, Mik & Associates has combined both hardware and software in an affordable package for the companies who require a quick, easy and most importantly, a fully integrated software solution.

With the Fusion Retail – Single Register, you’ll get almost all of the advanced features and benefits of the Fusion Enterprise Edition at a fraction of the cost.

Fusion Retail - Single Register includes:

  • The Fusion Retail Solution Register software package
  • The Fusion Retail Solution Host Module
  • The Fusion Retail Solution Accounting System Interface
  • Top of the line Cash Drawer
  • Keyboard Wedge Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • High Output Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Industrial Strength Laser Scanner

This powerful software solution will help you take your business to the next level of performance and profitability while still maintaining reliability, functionality, and most importantly, scalability for when you want to grow. Contact Mik & Associates today for pricing.

Fusion Small Business Edition helps in the dilemma of never having enough time during the day to get what needs to be done, done. The Fusion Small Business Edition is an all-inclusive software system that integrates into most small to mid-tier Pervasive.SQL (Btrieve) accounting systems, eliminating the need for dual entry of your retail sales saving you time and money.

With the Fusion Small Business Edition’s integration to your accounting system, you no longer have to settle for a simple general ledger transaction. With Fusion’s powerful integration you can spend more time and energy on moneymaking ideas, not duplicate data entry and constant monitoring of data. Every dollar spent on business technology should increase your company’s ability to grow and become more profitable. Fusion uses your accounting system’s inventory, sales order, accounts receivable, and bank book modules giving you all of the data you need with the simple press of a button.

The Fusion Small Business Edition delivers the features and functionality you would only expect to see at a large corporate retailer – all in one dynamic package. Set yourself apart from your competition and give your company the muscle to grow, by calling Mik & Associates today.

Fusion Enterprise Edition was created for the retailers using an SQL-based accounting system, and includes all of the features and benefits of Mik & Associates’ Fusion Technology. The same technology companies across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean have come to know and respect.

The Fusion Enterprise Edition utilizes the power of your back office accounting modules taking the guesswork out of customer and inventory management. With this powerful integration to your accounting system, your sales staff can efficiently and effectively do searches for inventory across multiple locations, track serialized inventory items, use special customer/item based pricing, and item kitting all created in the back office. But, the power of Fusion doesn’t end with powerful inventory management. With the integration to your accounting system you can also maintain accounting system customers, as well as marketing customers, take on account payments, and view a customer’s sales history right at the register. Now you can gain insight into customer purchasing habits, loyalty, and spending history.

The Fusion Enterprise Edition includes the following software:

  • The Fusion Enterprise Edition Register Software
  • The Fusion Enterprise Edition Accounting System Interface
  • The Fusion Enterprise Edition Host/Administration Module
  • The Fusion Enterprise Edition Communications Module

Your sales staff can better serve your customers by increasing the services they offer at the register with the Fusion Enterprise Edition.

Mik & Associates is dedicated to delivering a solid and dependable point-of-sale solution that can be the new foundation for your retail business operations. As technology continues to progress, and your retail business grows and evolves, the Fusion Retail Solution will continue to evolve with you.

The Fusion Retail Solutions are truly the most integrated and dynamic POS solutions on the market and were designed for retail customers who want to gain control of their inventory, customers, and most importantly, their bottom line. To get a listing of the advanced features of the Fusion Retail Solution, contact Mathew Gray.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

Fusion Integrated Solutions is designed primarily for use in the retail industry.

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