A multi-module management system designed by Computer Productivity Services for commercial & service and distribution/wholesale trade companies.

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The Print Management Solution provides an all ecompassing solution for order entry and sales quoting. This software package is developed specifically for Flexographic Printers and Wholesale Distribution firms. The Print Management Solution is an add-on product for Microsoft Dynamics GP, giving you more flexibility and customization in your operations. Upon purchasing the Print Management Solution, the solution will add several embedded options in your Microsoft Dynamics GP window. This product asks you to enter a small amount of customer information and required products, and it will calculate a sales quote instantaneously. This sales quote is then easily converted into an order, where it is tracked until completion. This order/quote can be automatically priced or manually priced at your discretion. In addition to order entry this product has the capability to perform multiple other tasks such as:

  • Adjustable price and commission levels
  • Automatic tracking of sales and quotes
  • Printing of shipping labels and packing slips
  • Inventory control

Automatic/Manual Pricing

These two applications combine to form a powerful and incredibly efficient estimation generation application.

To automatically generate pricing estimates a member of your sales staff enters the coverage percentage per ink, the unit measure for artwork, and the unit price for artwork; at which point the system will automatically include all of the remaining pre-defined costs. At which point a estimate is produced; if the margin percentage falls below a minimum or the price is above a maximum the system stops the quote from being printed until approved by a set approval password.

If your company has special pricing, as many do, for long term customers with whom you hold a valuable relationship, you can manually generate estimates. This allows you to avoid restrictions on estimate calculations and minimum margin percentage requirements. Additionally, the Manual Pricing application allows you to use old estimates to generate new estimates for repeat or similar jobs.

Order Entry

The Order Entry application allows you to convert an existing quote into an order entry in mere seconds; or start a brand new order using the Order Entry window (bypassing the quote entry). Once an order is entered, you will be prompted to enter the quantities. At which point he software will automatically calculate actual versus estimated stock costs, press cost, lam cost, and the variance in both dollars and percentage amounts. Additionally, the time and date of changes to orders is automatically recorded; along with the user who made said changes.

With the order entry application you will receive the benefits of automated shipping. Such benefits include:

  • Automated Carton Label Printing - with the automatic calculation of the number of cartons and labels needed; and the appropriate information included.
  • Automated Core Label Printing - with the automatic calculation of the number of core labels and the inclusion of the appropriate data on those labels.
  • Automated Packing Slip Generation
  • Shipping Notices - Automatically send e-mail or fax based shipping notices to clients as shipments are sent out.

Price and Commision Levels

The Price and Commission Levels application in the Print Management System will give your sales staff incredible flexibility while prohibiting access to your companies vital costing or estimating information. With the Price and Commission Levels application, you can predefine up to five pricing and commission levels. Your sales staff is then able to individually change the price level and their level of compensation to maximize sales and their profits. This process of automating price and commission levels will save time; as your sales staff will no longer need management authorization for every individual price change.

Quote Entry

The Quote Entry application allows your sales staff to come up with very accurate quotes, using complicated pricing schemes, in a very fast manner. By entering: the customer number, description, part number, die size, stock, press, press setup rewind, rewind setup, unwind directions, inks, art work and quantities your sales staff will be able to efficiently provide an accurate sales quote. The Quote Entry application also automates selectively prompts for manager approval on certain sales quotes. Any estimates with markup or margin percentages below a set minimum require a manager to enter an approval password. If the price is not approved the quote cannot be printed; assuring that your sales staff will not commit you to a project that is profit-less.

Reporting Tools

Since the Print Management Solution is developed as a companion product to Microsoft Dynamics GP; you get the myriad of benefits in report writing. This application allows you to generate 20 reports in almost 400 ways. Every report is 100% customizable with Microsoft Dynamics GP or Crystal Reports. Additionally, Excel offers you 200 live reports, all refreshed regularly; and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services allows you 100+ more out of the box reports.

Shop Floor Control

The Shop Floor Control application allows you to enter shop floor details by roll number. This allows you to effectively control your inventory and forecast production. Additionally, your authorized staff can look up and review history in summary or in detail. Additionally with integration into Microsoft Dynamics GP, time tracking is done with ease, as entries are automatically posted to your general ledger.

Sophisticated Die Maintainence

The Die Database allows your firm’s users to automatically predefine the Die Setup and Cost. At which point the database performs many functions to aid in your customer relationship management. Once an entry is made in the die database, the system automatically calculates the correct repeat length, circumference and teeth. The database then tracks die life (verified on every quote and order) and updates revolutions at the completion of each job; with a customer history available in summary or in detail by job. Additionally, if a Die is associated with a particular stock, you can enter it into the database, at which point the software automatically drops the rest of the applicable information into Quote and Order Entry applications.

Time & Materials Management/Standard Press & Finishing Setups

The Time and Material Management application has the ability to do a real-time automatic analysis of open orders. The 100% accurate system only requires you to enter the expected press date; at which point all other processes are automated. The Time and Material Management application calculates expected utilization for the next five days for the press, die, stock, laminate, rewind and packaging materials; it does this by selecting from the open orders in your system. The information is displayed in summary or in detail at your discretion.

The Standard Press and Finishing Setups performs several functions to solve your job costing problems. You can predefine an unlimited number of press and finishing setups per machine or per class of machine. Your staff only has to know what setup options to use and the system automatically generates an estimate. Your production manager can then group jobs together by setup options; hence saving time in press setup and clean-up. Additionally, if your managers need to run a rush job on a faster press, the system can determine any extra costs that will be associated with running a rush job; allowing your managers to notify your clients of price changes in advance. Furthermore, advanced estimators can try setting up different presses with the same setup options to determine fastest printing or least cost options. Finally, the system can provide comparisons of estimated vs. actual material usage, press time, costs, and gross profit from all jobs or individual jobs.

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