A powerful CRM for commercial real estate brokers

About AscendixRE

AscendixRE is an easy-to-use, powerful CRM for property managers. This software is highly customizable to continuously adapt to your needs in an intuitive and straightforward manner. Get a 360-degree overview of your properties, track current leases and upcoming availabilities, and access interactive stacking plans.

AscendixRE makes property management easy for you by providing:

  • Tenant screening
  • Tenant portal
  • Budgeting and forecasting

By using this CRM software, you can manage your properties, leases, listings, deals, contacts, accounts, and activities in one place from anywhere.

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  • Intuitive deal flow and tracking
  • Automated tenant screening tools
  • Interactive stacking plans
  • Advanced search for prospecting
  • Commission calculations and tracking
  • Tenant portal
  • Mobile app on iOS and Android


AscendixRE can be purchased at three levels: Foundations, Enterprise, and Unlimited. The Foundations plan is available at $49 per month. Next, the Enterprise level is $79 per month. Finally, the unlimited plan is $99 per month.

There is a FREE trial version of AscendixRE available.

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User Reviews of AscendixRE

Submitted on September 23rd, 2020 by Jordan Christensen from Calson Properties

Ascendix had 80% of what we wanted out of the box and they were great in designing and building out the remaining 20%. Having all of our information in one place is fantastic.

We still use a management/accounting software but are essentially running updates into our AscendixRE database on a weekly basis as we can do so much more in AscendixRE than the other software.

Since we use the platform as a service delivery mechanism, rather than sales, so organizing tasks is important to us.

Being able to quickly see the status of other’s projects is extremely helpful.