Core Condominium

A multi-module management system designed by Core Real Estate Software for real estate & property management companies.

About Core Condominium

Our software allows condominium development organizations to manage all aspects of condominium development within the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

From marketing and sales to decor and warranty tracking, users get best-of-breed functionality in software that is familiar and easy to use.

Manage operations using roles based dashboards so purchasers and agents are serviced in the most practical and technologically advanced ways possible.

Core Condominium Development Software can also be used to mange low rise development projects.

Configurable pricing allows for models to be configure in accordance with the variables you set for the different suite types.


CORE Condominium Development Management Software can be configured to integrate with any accounting software.

  • Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP to eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Budget & forecast integrating revenue projections based on actual buyer contracts
  • Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics using Scribe Insight

Agreements and Documents

CORE has extensive document management and production capabilities for superior collaboration, audit trails, and complete project document control.

  • Store all of your agreements and documents electronically in one centralized system
  • Produce Agreement of Purchase and Sale with security and version control
  • Manage Addendums
  • Manage APS Assignments
  • Out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint to enhance team collaboration
  • Manage dates including deposit due dates, closing date, interim occupancy date, and unlimited user defined dates
  • Store floor plans .pdf’s
  • Extensive structured and unstructured search capabilities


CORE software can be configured to manage and track broker allocations.

With the optional broker portal, brokers can view suite availability and process purchase agreements.

Broker Portal

CORE Condominium Development Management Software can be configured to provide brokers with a portal that gives them access to their suite allocations.

  • Provide authorized brokerages with secure access to allocated inventory for pre-sales programs.
  • Empower brokers to submit purchase agreements and related documentation
  • Broker portal uses technology from ADX Studios


CORE streamlines the closing process with the following functionality highlights:

  • Configurable closing checklist
  • Automate document production
  • Configurable lawyer portal access to documents


CORE’s helps you manage suite construction by issuing work orders and purchase orders for suite décor configurations.

Functionality highlights:

  • Issue purchase orders and work orders for décor specifications
  • Issue suite change orders
  • Stay on top of all contracts and productivity issues.
  • Compare budget vs. actual costs to ensure profitability.

Customer Service

CORE has extensive customer service capabilities enabling you to provide state of the art responsiveness and follow up.

Capability Highlights:

  • Comprehensive case logging and scheduling
  • Track purchaser service requests, dispatch, scheduling and resolution
  • Homeowner access to web site service request form, service request status and warranty report
  • Complete mobile capability including real time database access with picture and video integration
  • Electronic customer satisfaction surveys
  • Configurable customer service dashboards


CORE includes a state of the art suite configurator for buyers to choose options and finishes.

Functionality Highlights:

  • State of the art online suite décor configurator
  • Includes photographs of option choices
  • Support for multiple décor versions
  • Support for décor change orders
  • Integration with suite price and agreements
  • Updates work orders and quotes in real time
  • Core Decor configurator powered by Experlogix for Dynamics CRM


CORE software lets you track and manage storage locker availability, pricing and allocations with ease.

Functionality Highlights:

  • Real time availability and pricing
  • Track locker attributes
  • Mass price updates


CORE includes marketing functionality you can use to manage marketing lists and campaigns.

Track campaign responses and measure ROI on marketing campaign expenditures.

Add an optional marketing module for email marketing or integration with social websites.

Capability Highlights:

  • Dynamic and static marketing list management
  • Configurable marketing campaign management
  • Configurable marketing follow-up automation including email or letters
  • Advertising sources tracked so you can measure the effectiveness of your your marketing expenditures
  • Extensive electronic email marketing capabilities
  • Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn integration
  • Web site form integration
  • Web site click tracking
  • Purchaser surveys
  • Configurable marketing portal to securely enable outsourced marketing service providers


All CORE functionality can be extended to any smartphone or tablet using Resco Mobile CRM for real time system updates from remote locations.

  • Empower sales staff in remote sales center locations
  • Provide service staff with remote case management resolution capability
  • Configurable for any iOs, Android or Windows phone or tablet
  • For BlackBerry, requires Ten Digits technology


CORE tracks parking availability, pricing, spot details and allocations with ease.

Functionality Highlights:

  • Manage availability, pricing and allocations
  • Track space attributes
  • Mass price updates

Purchaser Portal

CORE’s purchaser portal delivers secure real time access to purchaser accounts.

  • Configurable purchaser portal give provides access to suite purchase information across all projects including deposit schedules and payments, pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and warranty reporting
  • CORE portals use technology from ADX Studios


The sales module is seamlessly integrated with the marketing module so you can efficiently move from a campaign response to lead tracking

Includes configurable broker management and purchasers activity management

Guaranteed sales staff adoption because the software works within Microsoft Outlook or on any tablet or smartphone.

Capability Highlights:

  • Centrally track all purchaser sales activities including email, phone calls, meetings and more
  • Monitor all sales and broker opportunities.
  • Availability grid view by floor to visually track suite sales status and pricing.
  • Track multiple purchasers on each unit
  • Track purchaser relationships with agents, brokers and lawyers


CORE’s suite tracking allows you to:

  • Manage suites by model type, price, availability and more
  • Track all related information including associated agreements, parking, lockers, structural changes, décor, PDI, work orders and documents
  • Allows mass updates to suites filtered by model type, floor or other user defined criteria
  • Manage inventory in real time with a color coded status display grid


CORE has embedded warranty functionality that allows you to:

  • Record and track warranty obligations
  • Configure alerts to proactively attend to warranty issues
  • Configurable warranty management dashboards

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