Property management software for residential, commercial, industrial, and HOA usage.


This product is no longer sold. Support is still available for existing customers. RealPage recommends Propertyware as a replacement.

There has never been a more affordable, easy to use, yet comprehensive software package that gives you the ultimate in property management reporting and control than SPECTRA Property Management Software.

SPECTRA Property Management Software is designed for all types of management portfolios including multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial, office, shopping center, condominium, and HOA.

This state of the art software system is modular so you only invest in the exact functionality you need today while positioning yourself to expand cost effectively in the future.

Argus Investment Analysis

SPECTRA Property Management Software interfaces with and exports information to Argus investment analysis software which provides sophisticated lease by lease cash flow projections for budgeting as well as property valuation capability.

Budget Interface to Excel

The Budget Interface module is a dynamic data exchange between SPECTRA Property Management Software and Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet. Now you can easily export your budget information from SPECTRA Property Management Software to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis and manipulation, then import the edited budget figures back into SPECTRA Property Management Software,- without re-keying, saving time and money! This module allows you to create your budgets faster and more accurately than ever before.

Commercial Recovery Calculation

Automates both the calculation and reconciliation of your Common Area Maintenance and escalation expenses. Detailed reports, amazing flexibility and pre-formatted letters will save you days of work monthly. Used for Commercial, Office, and Shopping Center Properties.

Data Security

Never worry again about staff accessing information beyond their scope of concern. Spectra’s Data Security Module limits system access by building and function in a number of ways by:

  • Providing either no access, inquiry only or full update
  • Limiting access to certain menu items
  • Restricting access by building or portfolio


For Tenants Receivables

Eliminate the hassle and expense of late payments and bouncing checks by creating the electronic bank file that automatically debits a tenant’s bank account for rent payments (automatic withdrawal).

For Supplier Payments

Electronically pay supplier bills using SPECTRA Property Management Software! By simply providing your bank with a supplier’s name, account information, invoice numbers and amount to pay, you can automatically transfer funds from your account to your supplier’s bank account. Both parties will be notified upon completion of the transaction.

Energy Tracking

Track a building’s energy consumption by dollar and unit of measurement and compare it to previous years. Interfaces directly to Accounts Payable so your energy costs are only recorded once. Also compares energy costs to gross profits.

Internet Enabled - Thin Client

Undesirable tenants cost property owners millions of dollars each year in lost income, lost employee time and legal fees. But analyzing background reports can be time-consuming. And making sure your business rules are applied and enforced consistently seems impossible.

Domin-8’s property management software solutions offer the option of fully integrated Background Screening, an automated applicant screening service.

Job Cost

Spectra’s Job Cost Module is fully integrated to the Accounting Module and can function as an independent stand alone application or can share the same robust database with the Property Management Module. Our Job Cost Module can be used to efficiently manage almost any type of construction project, from a basic tenant improvement to the complex challenges of construction an entire building from scratch.

General Features Include:

  • Construction Budgeting
  • Subcontract Management
  • Change Order Management
  • Construction Loan Reporting
  • Tracking Insurance Certificates
  • Tracking Preliminary Notices

Lock Box

No more trips to the bank! Use our Lockbox module to generate a machine-readable statement for tenant’s to use as a remittance form to send their rent or association fees directly to your bank or lockbox provider. Many banks will collect, record and deposit your rental income for you, then send an electronic notification of the deposited amount, which can be imported into SPECTRA Property Management Software - cutting down on data entry, speeding up rent collection and saving you hours of work each month.

Maintenance Management

Schedules, monitors and reports on all aspects of your maintenance activities. Main functions include scheduling preventative maintenance and recording maintenance history by building and by unit. To eliminate duplicate data entry, the module is fully integrated to Accounts Payable.

Manitoba Notice of Rent Increase

Efficiently produce rental increase that meet the standards required by provincial law

MICR Laser Checks

Create laser printed magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) encoded checks for multiple bank accounts and multiple companies without using expensive pre-printed check stock. The savings in time and money ensures a tremendous return on investment.

Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid

Completely automates the production of these Minnesota Department of Revenue forms.

New York Porter Wage Escalations

Automates both the calculation and reconciliation of Porter Wages. Detailed reports automate billing and the pre-formatted letters will save you days of work.

New York Residential Lease Renewals

Do you spend ages on your lease renewals and government reporting? Now you can quickly create work files, detailed reports and the first page of the DHCR Renewal Lease Form. Our software will also create the lease renewal and update your charges codes.

Ontario MPAC

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation of Ontario (MPAC) requires that property owners annually file information related to their properties’ incomes and expenses, rental and tenant verification data.

In past years MPAC accepted financial statements and rent rolls for this information. Beginning in 2004, however, MPAC announced that the above method will no longer be considered as compliant.

As of 2004, Spectra clients will have 3 options for submitting the above noted information:

  • Over the Internet - through MPAC’s site - manually filling out the MPAC electronic rental data request forms.
  • Manually completing the prescribed, hard copy MPAC “Tenant Verification & Rental Request” and “Property Income & Expense Questionnaire”.
  • Quickly and easily send data directly to MPAC from SPECTRA Property Management Software with the MPAC Module.

Depending on the number of properties managed, methods 1 & 2 requires investing an inordinate number of hours/days/weeks filling out and submitting the necessary information. Depending on the number of tenants, owners have reported spending several hours completing the information for just a single property. Additionally, this exercise must be completed annually. Finally, manually entering the information exposes owners to potentially costly data entry and/or transcription errors.

The great news is there is a much better way.

Developed in conjunction with MPAC, Spectra’s new MPAC Module automates the MPAC submission process, exponentially reducing the time it takes to provide MPAC with the necessary data. The SPECTRA Property Management Software MPAC Module exports all the pertinent information regarding buildings, units and tenants that MPAC requires. It includes full editing capability as well as data verification.

This module will, without question, save you considerable time, effort and money as well as dramatically reduce the potential for data entry errors.

There is no question that given the extremely laborious nature of manually completing the MPAC forms, this module - from an investment perspective - provides exceptional value. In fact, it will very likely pay for itself in the first year alone.

Ontario Rent Legislation Module

Efficiently produce rental increase and termination notices that meet the standards required by provincial law.


SPECTRA Property Management Software interfaces to a variety of industry leading payroll packages to provide comprehensive and flexible payroll functionality. All necessary details are easily imported into general ledger accounts for a centralized accounting and distribution of payroll related information.

Property Management Accounting

SPECTRA Property Management Software accounting modules offer powerful and robust accounting functionality that allows you to easily and accurately record and track transactions for A/R, A/P, G/L, check writing, bank reconciliation and budgeting. It also offers flexible and customizable financial reporting.

General Features Include:

  • Cash or accrual based accounting
  • Flexible chart of account design
  • Multiple chart of accounts
  • Inter-company accounting
  • Single-step real time data entry
  • Charge code flexibility
  • G/L audit trail
  • Dozens of reports
  • Export all reports to Word or Excel
  • Full consolidation and investor pro rata reporting for financials

Property Management Database

The Property & Lease Organizer is the comprehensive database engine of SPECTRA Property Management Software. It’s the tool that keeps you organized and allows you to record all of your of business details into a central, easily accessible database. It’s an ideal productivity tool for everyone in the office because it allows all property management and leasing information to be recorded and accessed from one software application.

Quebec Releve 4

Efficiently produce the Releve 4 form and Releve 4 Summary that is required by Quebec provincial law. Can use either dot matrix or laser printer.

Residential Coupon Interface

Creates a text file export from SPECTRA Property Management Software for interface to providers of payment remittance booklets (coupon books). Extremely cost effective, this simplifies the collection of rents or association fees, provides a professional looking remittance form, and can be use in conjunction with a lockbox. Includes a machine-readable “scan line” that can allow for automated data capture by a lockbox provider.

Secured Check Signature Printing

Supplies a secure method of printing a facsimile signature on MICR supplier checks. If security levels are not met, the check will print with no signature. The signature file can be any standard graphics format (e.g. bmp, jpg, gif, tif, etc.). No more leaving signed blank checks in the office when signing authorities go on vacation!

Shopping Center Sales and Percentage Rent Reporting

Automates the calculation and reconciliation of your tenants percent rent break points as well as offering extensive sales reporting

Tenant Receivable

SPECTRA Property Management Software integrated Tenant Receivable module enables you to charge your tenants rent and track their outstanding receivable as well as security deposits. It includes over a dozen receivable related reports and automated invoices and statements

Utility Billing

Whether you manually or electronically (additional fees may apply) read your tenants’ meters, this extremely flexible module allows you to track consumption, bill a minimum charge and/or designate multiple/tiered charge rates for your tenants’ utilities. The Utility Billing Module interfaces directly to the Tenant Receivable Module so that you can automatically create invoices and statements.

Washington DC Termination Notice

Automates the production of the Washington State’s Termination Notice, including production of “Complaint for Possession” forms.

Work Order and Inventory

Create work orders for internal maintenance staff or external vendors. Maintain an inventory of parts, which are updated when processing work orders. Fully integrated to A/R for tenant billing and to Maintenance for updating unit and building repair history.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of SPECTRA

Submitted on January 3rd, 2022 by Anonymous

Spectra is a database which used Microsoft Access as its core database. The program is installed and loaded as sort of an outside layer of Access. Shared database can be stored on a server

The Good…

Several tools are available

The Bad…

Realpage, the company that created spectra, requires you to never update Microsoft office. It is for this reason alone that spectra should never be considered seriously. This is a poor company model that is anti-technology. If you update your office software, you can potentially break the entire database. This is incredibly backwards.