A web-based software system designed by TCG Technologies, LLC for real estate & property management companies.

About RentRight

This product was acquired by RealPage and is no longer sold or supported. RealPage recommends Propertyware as a replacement.

RentRight Residential Property Management software is a popular Windows-based software that works well for landlords and Property Managers with fifty (50) units or less.

RentRight’s Powerful Database Engine

RentRight Next Generation uses Microsoft SQL Database (client server). This is the same database used by large Fortune 500 companies due to its powerful features and reliability. Compared with most other property management software that is written with an Access database, SQL Server protects you from corruption and data loss.

What This Means for You

If you are a small company:

  • No threat of a corrupted database.
  • You can log in from home or anywhere in the world to your main database. The software will work virtually as fast as if you were sitting on the computer with the database. There is no extra charge for this feature, as long as only one person will be accessing the database at a time.

If you are a large company:

  • Multiple sites can log into the main database - each site can be set up to view all or sections of the data.
  • No limit to the number of users who can log in.
  • No threat of a corrupted database.
  • No limit to the amount of data.

Key Features

  • Internet-Based/Remote Access
  • Multiple Property Types
  • Quick Setup of Your Properties
  • Store Digital Pictures or Scanned Documents
  • Late Fee Flexibility
    • Charge one time late fee
    • Charge multiple late fees on different days
    • Charge a percentage of the charge one time
    • Charge a percentage of the charge daily
    • Charge Daily Amount
    • Charge Daily Percentage
    • Apply a discount for early pay
    • Combine any or all of the above
    • Apply late charges to rent or any other charges
  • Organize Tenants - You can keep simple or detailed records about each tenant. Fill in only the folders that you want. Some things you can record include:
    • Incidents: Keep a dated record of all interactions with tenant. Include complaints, disputes, anything else you want. Changes to the tenant form can be automatically logged to this tenant’s Incident Folder. Be reminded of Incidents you mark.
    • History of Letters Sent: A dated history of all letters sent to a tenant is automatically logged. View a list of all letters sent to the tenant, and click on one to view or reprint.
    • Personal Information: Social security number, E-mail, tenant photo, scanned documents, notes, move in and move out dates and much, much more.
    • Security Deposits: Keep detailed transaction history of security deposits, including deposit amounts paid and unpaid, and charges for damages. Track total amount of money held for the tenant.
    • Security Deposit Report: Showing all deposits held for a unit, building or by tenant list.
    • Inactive Tenants: Keep a list of all tenants who have moved out, for future reference. Click one button to change a tenant to inactive, now the unit they rented shows as vacant too.
    • Vehicles: List the allowed vehicles
    • Employer: Previous and current employers can be listed in the Employer Folder.
    • Addresses: List the previous address of the tenant, including previous manager’s contact information. When tenant moves out, keep a record of new forwarding address.
    • For Storage Units or Other Rentals in Which the Tenant Does Not Reside in the Rental Unit: Just fill in the Bill To folder and invoices and receipts will be sent to that address.
    • Recurring Charges: List the recurring charges for this tenant. Charges can be set up monthly, weekly, fortnightly, quarterly and more. The charges you set up will be billed to the tenant on the schedule you choose. Each charge can have its own late fee and can be shared with roommate(s).
    • Roommates: Roommates can be set up one of two ways. 1- Each tenant in the same unit can have separate charges showing on separate invoices and receipts; or 2- One or more charges can be shared. Shared charges will show up on invoices of all tenants in that unit.
  • Prospective Tenants
  • Complete and Fully Integrated Accounting
  • Complete Accounts Payable System
  • Automatic Transactions
  • Bank Deposits
  • Work Orders
  • Robust Security
  • More Security - Undeletable Records
  • Reminder System
  • Automatic Backups
  • Flexibility and Customization with User-Defined Fields
  • Letters and Agreements
  • Organize Buildings and Units
  • Organize Income
  • Complete Reporting
  • Organize Owners/Contractors/Payees
  • Works with international dates and currencies!
  • Frequent updates with the latest most requested features. Updates can very easily be downloaded and installed directly from within your RentRight software.

Product Overview

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