P3 Perpetual Profit Program

A software system designed by The Bonadio Group.

About P3 Perpetual Profit Program

The P3 Program for Professional Services Firms is designed to help CPA Firms turn the data contained in your time and billing, scheduling, personnel, financial and other systems into meaningful and actionable information that will increase your profitability. We move data from being a scorecard of the past to a measurement of the present and a guide for future decisions.

The P3 Program for Professional Services Firms combines the powerful Advanced Performance Management software solution from the Salient Corporation with the management consulting expertise of The Bonadio Group (a Top 100 Firm) to provide your firm with significant opportunities for improved profitability.

Now you can have the ability to obtain and analyze any data from virtually any system, any time. The data you already capture in your systems is freed from the rigid reporting structures and time frames of your software vendor’s reports, enabling you to instantly identify, obtain and drill down into information.

The P3 Program for Professional Services Firms Will Help You:

  • Turn data into real, actionable and instantly available information
  • Easily determine and rank profitability by location, team, partner, project and more
  • Correlate entity (staff, location, division, etc.) actions to profit, growth, efficiency and productivity
  • Connect staff assets to margin opportunity – everyone and everything becomes its own P&L
  • See trends in business performance, eliminating the constraints of rigid report structures
  • Develop competitive advantage from richer, faster data analysis
  • Investigate detail from the aggregate firm level to an individual transaction, instantly

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