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A full ERP system designed by Logivision for retail trade companies.
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L-BOSS is the integrated store controller software that combines with L-POS to offer easy to use and efficient database management and analysis. You will use L-BOSS to create products and customers, to order and receive your stock, to maintain price specials and promotions, and to print labels and shelf tags for your products. L-BOSS also takes care of automated procedures that need to happen while you do other things. You won’t need to be present to activate new pricing because the L-BOSS task manager will execute the task for you.

  • Robust Microsoft SQL server database
  • Built-in scheduler
  • Report writer included
  • Multi-store and multi-zone ready
  • Transaction based processing
  • Data recovery from POS terminals after hardware failure
  • Real-time database updates from POS means no over-night processing requirements

Accounts Receivable

Who owes you money now and do they owe you more than they should?

The accounts receivable module adds full control on customer charges, payments and credit limits at the POS terminal. Integrated accounts receivables means that your customer charges will be controlled by the system, not by your cashiers or a manual card index system, and this will reduce your receivables risks.

  • Unlimited customer records
  • Credit limit per customer type
  • Check transaction and weekly spending limit
  • Real-time account balance on L-POS terminals
  • Charge sale stub receipt printing
  • Full invoice printing
  • Statement printing with interest posting per customer type

Cashier Balancing

Are you paying extra time at night to handle cashier and store balancing?

Are your cashiers too busy during the day to start entering the deposits at the POS terminals? Do you need to make corrections to yesterday’s deposits because an accounting error was made? The back-end pick-ups and loans system gives you the ability to make cashier financial transactions at an L-BOSS terminal. The system also includes an office-balancing module to control the contents of the in-store safe.

  • Entry module for cashier loans, pickups, declarations
  • Allows posting transactions to previous dates
  • Provides simplified on-screen balancing report

ECR Interface

Are you still a believer in the ECR?

A lot of companies still use Electronic cash registers to record transaction data. Logivision realizes that these devices are useful in certain environments. So we have integrated data exchange to the TEC MA-1595 ECR from our back office tools. This means that you can program items, take sales reports, and use the store management tools the same way as people with the L-POS application. Although some limits apply, most features available in the L-BOSS like inventory management, price batches and labeling can be used with the MA-1595 ECR.

  • Program item information and send to ECR
  • Program cashiers, send to ECR
  • Retrieve sales reports from ECR

General Ledger Interface

Have you posted all the store income data to your general ledger system?

Are you asked that question every month by your accountant? Well it could be even worse. Some people pay their accountant to post their sales totals to their general ledger system. The L-BOSS general ledger interface creates a link between financial and sales data collected on your POS system and your accounting application. The daily update takes the totals from the registers and creates an entry for the general ledger. The system allows you to post automatically or make corrections on a spread-sheet style form before posting.

  • Transfer data to general ledger system
  • Easy to program GL codes for required data
  • Allows posting to multiple revenue accounts (department, sub-department, etc.)

Inventory Control

Are you managing your stock properly?

The inventory module is a great tool for operators who want to maximize their inventory investments. Why keep more products on the shelf than you can sell between orders. Why allow your suppliers dictate what should be on your shelves? It’s your money being used to carry that stock. The inventory tracking module will help you adjust your inventory down to the levels you need. That means making sure you don’t lose sales because you’re out of stock. It also means not carrying stock you don’t need.

  • Purchase order generation based on minimum stock levels or manual entry
  • Stock receiving based on purchase order or manual entry
  • Hand held device compatibility
  • Stock value reports


Do you ever need to locate specific transaction data?

The L-Tracker program extends the features of the electronic journal program and makes it easier to search for and locate transaction-level data. By storing all transaction header information in a database table the system provides quick access to data by machine, store, cashier, customer and date range. This means quicker access time to locate suspicious transactions, charge slips and errors made by cashiers.

The L-Tracker also provides data exchange with some DVR based security systems and allows playback of images captured by the DVR system. This means that you can use L-Tracker to locate suspicious transactions in the journal logs and request the video playback directly to the L-Tracker screen.

L-Tracker is a great tool to help you work on the important issue of reducing theft and shrinkage in your store.

Label Printing

Do you need a simple and effective price and shelf labeling tool?

Have you ever had a customer complain that an item scanned at a different price than the shelf label? L-BOSS labeling can help eliminate pricing errors because the same database populates both the labels and the POS system.

  • Print labels from the same database system
  • Print price tags, shelf labels, talkers, etc.
  • Print labels based on price changed items, batches, receiving, etc.
  • Functional with desktop or dedicated label printers

Portable Terminal

Wouldn’t you like to be connected to your product file from the aisle in the store?

Using a portable device means increased mobility. Increased mobility means changing prices on the floor where you can see the product. Increased mobility means placing orders while looking at the shelf space available. Increased mobility means scanning products into the system as soon as they’re received.

  • Unitech Rs232 models, all units running Windows CE (Windows mobile)
  • Allows database load into PDT or on-line access to data with wireless models
  • Price verifications and price changes
  • Receiving, orders and stock count functions

Preferred Shopper

Are you building loyalty with your customers?

The preferred shopper module gives you the ability to add an integrated loyalty-building program to your POS application. You can easily create customer records and start retaining data that will help you reward your frequent shoppers. And every retailer knows that his best prospects are already his customers. Keep them coming back by building a preferred shopper program with L-BOSS and L-POS.

  • Points issuing and tracking system
  • Payment by points option
  • Price level by shopper type

Price Batch

Do you need to get to your store early to activate new price changes and promotions?

The batch module is a great tool for store owners that have scheduled price changes or promotions. The batch system lets you create new price lists for as many items as you need. These batches are date activated. So if you know that an increase needs to go into effect next Monday it would be possible to do all the price changes today. The system will take care of activating the prices for you, even if you can’t come to the store that day.

  • Allows Creating unlimited number of price batches
  • Promo batches with begin and end dates
  • Price change batches with effective date
  • Automatic resolution for conflicting date ranges uses Best Price system

Price Checker

Where can I find someone who knows the price of this product?

If your customers are asking this question you should be using price check stations. Customers need to know prices. It’s a simple fact of life. Stores using scanning systems often abandon placing labels on individual products and use shelf label tags to display prices. Customer price check stations are an effective enhancement to shelf tags and increase customer confidence by allowing them to scan a product to validate the price.

  • Integrated price checker interface to devices running on Windows CE
  • Multiple price check terminals per store
  • Real-time database access for each item scanned ensures price accuracy
  • Error tracking on back-end system for not-found items

Remote Communications

Does your multi-store system provide you with the data you need when you need it?

Running multiple stores is a complex task. Making smart business decisions can be improved when data is available in a timely fashion. The L-BOSS system includes automated functions that push data to central headquarters for integration to the central database. The communication system will also send price updates and other changes to the remote stores. This means that price changes are only done once for all stores, improving accuracy and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

  • Data exchange with headquarters system
  • Send sales data and retrieve price changes and other store-specific data
  • Live communications or via event scheduler

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