How Much Can The Right Accounting Software Save You?

Trying to cut costs? Where better to look than at reducing overhead accounting expenses? The right software will automate and streamline your financial management tasks—creating major savings. Find out how much you can save your organization below!

Your Your mid-sized manufacturing company can save $59,280 a year in labor costs.

How much money can your business save each year in labor costs?

$30 per hour
190 hours per week
20% efficiency
increase goal

A mid-sized manufacturing business spends an average of hours each week on tasks that can be assisted or automated with accounting software. (Not a mid-sized manufacturing business? Click here.)

Your payoff timeframe is 14 months. If your software solution were implemented today, it would pay for itself by January 24, 2013.
Your ROI after 5 years is 182%: $191,400 in labor cost savings after software investment and support costs.
Tell us how you spend your week, and we'll tell you how much efficient accounting software can save your business


How much power do you need in your system? Which applications should you invest in? These are questions that face each software buyer. The answers, of course, will impact both your upfront costs and the amount of savings that can be generated through improved software capability.

Based on the task areas you've identified, the following applications are likely to help provide savings. Select or deselect applications below. Changing the application scope will show you the expected effect on upfront costs and likely savings.

2Concurrent Users

The more concurrent users you need to license, the greater your software costs. The word "concurrent" is important to notice. With most software, you can have more "named" users than licensed "concurrent" ones. Usually, licensing costs are based on the maximum number of users accessing the software at a given time.

I need licenses for concurrent users.

3Buy or Rent?

Renting software? It is an option that's becoming more popular. Software as a Service (SaaS) systems are accessed via the web and hosted by the provider. Typically, you'd pay a fixed monthly fee. Purchasing software of course is still a very common choice, as well.

How else can accounting software save your business time and money?

  • Accounts Payable helps you avoid missed payments & payment errors, while optimizing payment timing
  • Accounts Receivable limits your financial risks with better management of customers who pay late or not at all
  • Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting helps you pin-down performance by business segment in order to properly focus resources
  • Cash Management catches bank errors and makes sure financial assets are generating maximum returns
  • Increase the suppliers and customers you can work with EDI and credit card process capabilities
  • General Ledger gets the financial data answers you need to run a more efficient organization
  • An Auditing application helps you increase customer satisfaction of auditing clients with detailed and accurate audit reports
  • Client Write-Up helps you expand your services with more detailed, industry-specific, and graphical financial reporting to clients
  • Income Tax Preparation gives you advanced tools to make sure you are maximizing your clients tax returns
  • CRM improves your marketing by making sure you are getting the right message to the right customers
  • E-Commerce lets your business tap online markets with integrated ecommerce functionality
  • Job Cost lets you complete jobs more quickly and at less cost by accurately tracking job related expenses
  • Project Management helps you complete projects more quickly and work more projects with advanced project management tools
  • Fund Accounting helps make more out of less by understanding which fund areas are generating the most significant returns
  • Fundraising & Donor Management gives you donor reporting and fundraising coordination tools to effectively target the most likely donors
  • Fixed Assets ensure assets are adequately insured and maintained, while maximizing asset valuations for tax purposes
  • Bill of Materials improves quality control and customer satisfaction through more consistent and efficient manufacturing processes
  • Inventory Management reduces theft and minimize cash tied up in on-hand stock with improved inventory control capabilities
  • Material Resource Planning manages the manufacturing process from forecast to delivery in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible
  • Estimates, Quotes, & Proposal Software helps you win more business with accurate and attractive estimates, quotes, and proposal documents
  • Invoicing improves customer satisfaction with email and online billing delivery methods
  • Order Entry limits costly errors by consistently managing orders from reception to delivery with an integrated system
  • Point of Sale gives you data at your fingertips to cross and up sell at the point of purchase
  • Time and Billing lets you recover all your chargeable hours by making time tracking easy for employees
  • Purchase Order helps you identify the vendors offering the most advantageous terms with strong purchase order control
  • Report Writer distills complex data into actionable business info, allowing for increased revenues and decreased costs
  • Work Order Management lets you take on more service clients by improving time to completion through better resource allocation
  • Payroll keeps employees happy and productive by ensuring wages are paid accurately and on-time

But wait, there's more!

  • Improve your decision making with better visibility into data
  • Focus on revenue generating activities with less time spent on accounting
  • Do away with error-prone, time-intensive spreadsheets
  • Integrate your software, so valuable data isn't trapped in isolated documents and software
  • Prevent fraud, theft, and errors
  • Ensure compliance and avoid penalties
  • Capture all costs, maximize deductions, and lower your tax burden

We can help you find the “right” software solution for your business.

By your estimates, your business spends 190 hours a week on tasks which can be streamlined through effective accounting software. A modest 20% increase in efficiency would save your business $59,280 on labor costs alone in 2013. And 2014. And 2015.

Which software will save you the most?

Finding the right software can seem overwhelming. But don’t despair! If you’re ready to narrow down your search to just the solutions most likely to generate savings for your business, we can help...

Here’s how it works: We’ll call to have a brief needs-analysis conversation. You let us know how many options you’d like to review. We make sure you see the best software for your needs. No pressure, no obligation, and no cost. Sound good? Let’s get started!

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