GP PowerPack

A software system designed by Willoware.

About GP PowerPack

GP PowerPack is a suite of enhancements to virtually every part of the Dynamics GP system.

Look for the NEW features below!

The Current List of Features Includes:


  • Lock Item History Fields - normally the fields on Item History are editable, which would allow an accidental change to historical inventory information.
  • Set IV Batch Post to GL checkbox - automatically sets the Post to GL checkbox on Inventory Batch Entry to ensure that batches are always posted through to GL by default.


  • PO Receipt Type Control – allows you to assign User IDs to have access to only Shipment, or Shipment/Invoice on the Receivings Transaction Entry window.
  • Prevent use of Non-Inventory Items in POP – makes sure that all items entered in POP exist in your Inventory Master
  • Custom PO Numbers - create an unlimited number of PO Document Types with associated numbering sequences (similar to SOP Document Types). Use different, system incremental PO Numbers to easily track orders for special projects.
  • Vendor Approvals - apply a ýhardý Hold to a Vendor. Normally Dynamics GP will prompt that a Vendor is on Hold, but allow the user to continue with a Purchase Order. Now when the Hold box is marked Vendor Maintenance, a PO cannot be created using the vendor. Vendor Approvals also makes sure that new Vendors are automatically placed on Hold.
  • Unmark Select Checks Apply Boxes - normally the three options to apply un-applied credit documents (credit memos, payments, and returns) are always marked by default. If you un-mark them the automatically re-mark. This feature will force the boxes to be un-marked by default.


  • Require Customer PO in SOP – allows you to make the Customer PO Number field required on Sales Transaction Entry. The setup allows you to specify this on a per-customer basis.

  • Require Unique Customer PO - if a Customer PO Number is used on Sales Transaction Entry, this feature ensures that duplicates are not allowed.

  • SOP Freight Field Controls - makes the Freight field on Sales Transaction Entry uneditable. The lock can be by Customer (the Freight field is locked for all documents for a Customer), or by Document (the Freight field lock can be enabled or disabled per document). The document-level locks follow the document as it is transferred between statuses.

  • SOP Non-Inventory Default U of M - Dynamics GP normally uses ýEachý as the Unit of Measure for Non-Inventory items. The SOP Non-Inventory Default U of M feature allows you to provide your own U of M to use for Non-Inventory items (such as Gallon or Unit).

  • Reset Sales Document Date - when the Save button is clicked the Sales Transaction Entry window normally remembers the last used date. This feature will automatically reset the Document Date to the User Date.

  • Clear Sales Default Site - the Sales Transaction Entry window normally remembers the last used Site ID. This feature will automatically clear the Default Site when a document is saved.

  • NEW SOP Duplicate Items Warning - when enabled, this feature will present a warning if the user enters an Item Number that already exists on the sales transaction.


  • Dynamics GP User Setup version 9 removed the ability to create User IDs that exist only in Dynamics GP. Some 3rd party products need Dynamics GP users, but the users do not need to exist on the SQL Server. This window returns the ability to create Dynamics GP users only.
  • Login Controls - Set which Datasource a user can select, and lock it. Includes several other login related controls including defaulting the company in a multi-database environment.
  • The Big Red Do My Job For Me button.


  • Posting Controls - Set an allowed maximum dollar amount that a user is allowed to approve/post. Posting Controls are set on a per-user, per-document basis, and are available for virtually every window in Dynamics GP with a Post button.
  • Mass Apply AP - enables filtering the documents that Select Payables Checks will apply. This is especially useful when there are several credit documents that should be excluded from Select Checks.
  • Site to Bin Migration - a tool for implementing Multi-Bins. Site to Bin Migration allows mapping of the AUTOCREATE bin in source Sites, to destination Bins in a master site. It then creates an inventory transfer to move all inventory out of AUTOCREATE into the target bins.

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