PSI Planner

A supply chain planning and logistics software from Logistics Planning Associates.

About PSI Planner

PSI Planner is a high tech low cost integrated Sales Forecasting, DRP, MRP and Master Production Scheduling system for Windows.

The solution integrates easily with all ERP and Accounting systems via either the ASCII flat file or ODBC interfaces adn is a powerful and easy Supply Chain Planning tool to use. PSI Planner also features web enabled modules for sharing information with suppliers, customers and remote personnel. It is the best Supply Chain software value on the market today!

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PSI Planner Features

The core modules of PSI Planner include:

Forecast Module

A complete Forecasting module which is fully integrated with its’ Distribution/Materials Requirements Planning and Master Production Scheduling modules. The forecasting module supports a Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process to efficiently balance your organization’s Supply and Demand.

DRP / MRP Module

The distribution requirements planning module helps your company transition from a “Push” to a “Demand Pull” process, resulting in an efficient, Lean Supply Chain. DRP module develops replenishment plans by evaluating information such as order size, desired safety times/service levels, on-hand inventory, scheduled receipts and both forecasted and actual demands. PSI Planner compares future demand versus available inventory (plus scheduled receipts) to predict future shortages. It then schedules planned replenishment orders (factoring in lead times) based upon user set criteria.

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) Module

The MPS module allows the user to aggregate net requirements to the manufacturing site, but allows you to set up multiple work centers within a plant.

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