An AI Talent Marketplace for Internal Talent Mobility.

About Fuel50

Fuel50’s AI-powered Talent Marketplace fuels your workforce optimization. By connecting your people to internal opportunities your workforce becomes more skills-based, more agile, more resilient, and your internal mobility challenge is sorted.

Our Talent Marketplace is deeply personalized to each employee thereby providing a human-centric experience that smart-matches them to internal opportunities, career journeys, coaching, learning, vacancies, gigs, and projects.

HR teams can then harness next-gen workforce data, power internal mobility, drive workforce agility, and future-proof organizations.

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Fuel50 Features

  • Talent Marketplace
  • AI talent-matching
  • Squad building
  • Agile redeployment
  • Workforce Reskilling
  • Self-driven Reskilling
  • Feedback, Mentoring & Leader Enablement
  • Ethical AI with a D/E/I Lens
  • Talent Intelligence
  • Capability Risks
  • Succession Intelligence
  • Mobility Intelligence

Fuel50 Pricing

The cost of Fuel50 starts at $4.54/user/year based on 10,000 employees for 3 years. Implementation costs are extra. There is a free trial available. There is no free version available.

3 tiers of Fuel50 available with 2 stand-alone packages that can be customized to workforce needs–FuelArchitecture (stand-alone), FuelMentor (stand-alone), FuelGrowth (Standard), FuelMarketplace (Premium) and FuelMobility (Enterprise).

Starting Price
$4.54 /user/year
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User Reviews of Fuel50

Submitted on August 31st, 2022 by Larry McAlister

Our part of the transformation was how do we build an internal marketplace and internal skill building operation. And that’s when we called Fuel50. We now have vision into everyone in the company, what they want to do and where they want to go… We are no longer flying blind and we have more insight now than we’ve ever had in the history of HR.

Submitted on August 31st, 2022 by Nick Holmes

Fuel50 is fundamentally critical to our professional development strategy… The people we’re competing with for the same talent pool won’t have anywhere near the same level of investment in career development that we will have, leveraging the power of Fuel50.

Submitted on August 31st, 2022 by Anonymous

One of the vendors that pioneered the internal mobility market is Fuel50, an innovative tech company that essentially defined the space. I spent several hours talking with two of Fuel50’s customers, Vanguard and Ingersoll Rand, and I want to share what I learned.