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About Clockentry

Clockentry meets the needs of today’s companies: no frills, economical and easy to use. It’s an entry-level solution for organizations with basic time and attendance needs that are ready to automate time and attendance quickly.

Convenient Punch Options

  • Web can punch at their own PC or centrally-located kiosk.
  • Mobile Clockentry’s mobile application is available on iPhone and Android" devices.
  • Hardware Real-time push terminals can be used to collect data seamlessly. These clocks include an easy-to-use keypad and a biometric or badge option.

Hardware Options

  • Biometric “Push” Time Clock. The P400L Biometric Data Terminal is an IP based, real-time “push clock” that offers world class finger image authentication from Lumidigm and an easy-to-use keypad interface.
  • Barcode “Push” Time Clock. The P400S Barcode Data Terminal is an IP based, real-time “push clock” that offers flexible input for a variety of bar code symbologies and an easy-to-use keypad interface.
  • Proximity. The P400X Proximity Data Terminal is an IP based, real-time “push clock” that offers the ability to read many different types of proximity badges and an easy-to-use keypad interface.

Mobile Workforce Management

  • Easy punching and tracking quick and easy punching from anywhere. With location services (GPS) enabled, supervisors can ensure users’ mobile punches are made in the correct locations.
  • Punch without internet access if internet connection is lost or unavailable, punch data can be recorded and stored until a connection is re-established and automatically sent to the Clockentry system.
  • Instant crew department transfers users can utilize the crew punch feature (if authorized) to clock multiple employees at once and transfer an entire team to another job or department with one punch.

Workforce Visibility

Clockentry was built for more than just collecting, processing and integrating payroll-related data; it was built to provide complete real-time visibility of your entire workforce.

  • The Supervisor’s Home Screen provides real-time attendance data, timecard approval status, hours worked including overtime, in-out board with the most recent punch shown, and assigned schedules.
  • Attendance Tracking shows any infraction (Absent, Late, Missing Punch, etc.) on the Supervisor’s Home Screen as well as the employee’s individual timecard. These timecards include historical data from previous pay cycles and can be viewed by employees and supervisors.
  • Real-Time Reporting allows labor and attendance data to be instantly accessed and converted into real-time, targeted, easy-to-read reports. Standard reports cover schedules, time and attendance, personnel, departments and payroll. All your critical information is safeguarded by assigning security roles that define what information users are able to view.
  • Simplified Scheduling allows you to set configurable templates known as Master Schedules to assist in quickly setting up schedules for your entire workforce.
  • Quick Configurations allow you to define your pay periods, pay types, overtime rules, rounding rules, attendance infractions, holiday pay and your organization’s departments.

Employee Self Service

  • Streamline the human resource experience. Allow employees to view historical and current time cards, clock in/out or fill out a timesheet, transfer departments, or review schedules.
  • Maximize the benefits of the web. Save a tremendous amount of time, paper, effort and errors.
  • Free up personnel. Employees will be able to answer many of their own HR/Payroll questions, allowing supervisors and human resource personnel to focus more time on strategic issues.

Total Solution

  • Collect: Collect employee punches and transactions
  • Process: Process and apply rules, apply supervisor edits
  • Report: Generate reports and export to Excel or PDF
  • Integrate: Integrate with your Payroll System

Product Overview

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