A multi-module management system designed by Abak Software.

About Abak360

Abak360 is simply the most flexible billing and time sheet software on the market. Track employee time sheets and expenses, track project budget cost and revenues, and connect seamlessly to your accounting system, your payroll service and MS Project. Free demo available.


AbakWEB: This module facilitates remote data-entry for timesheets and expenses, along with the cutting-edge collaborative date-book. It is the perfect addition for today’s modern organizations: with telecommuters and representatives on the road. This is an add-on to Abak Pro or Abak Enterprise.

MSProject Integration

Companies who need to invoice by project sometimes have essential project management needs that are well served by MS Project. The seamless information exchange between Abak and MS Project makes it really easy to keep track of projects without needing to reenter the same data twice.

Request Module

The request module is an add-on that allows companies to better manage resource allocation, the quotation process and their HR needs.

Transfer to Accounting

A Time and Billing solution’s efficiency is greatly enhanced when it is integrated with your accounting system. When combined, they become a complete office management tool, this will magnify the ROI and allow a mid-sized company to save one book-keeping resource on a yearly basis. Abak seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, ACCPAC, Fortune 1000, ACCOMBA and Virtuo.

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User Reviews of Abak360

Submitted on March 11th, 2015 by Eunice from RESOLVE Engineering Group LLC

We’ve been working on Abak software since 2011 and find it’s exactly what we need for our business. With what the basic program offered to the customization of the software, I have not run into any issues we were not able to accomplish with Abak. Installation was seamless and the knowledgeable training staff took steps to ensure I was comfortable working with the program before letting me go on my own. I really liked the homework portion of training, I felt it helped me retain the training very well. As a naval architect/marine engineering firm our needs differ from client to client, Abak listens to what I need and works very quickly to solve it or shows me how to accomplish it within the program. As the only administrative person I don’t have a lot of time to spend learning new software and as a company looking to start with a new software we needed to have the software up and running immediately; which Abak did. I found Abak very easy to learn and my questions/needs solved within 24 or less hours. Starting with the basic implementation to where I am now becoming a “Power User” the software is performing very much to my satisfaction. Abak was the only software I tested that gave me great customer service prior to the purchase and a year later they are still exceeding my expectations. I definitely recommend Abak.

Submitted on March 11th, 2015 by Neil from Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering (PAAE)

Our process with Abak started last year when our firm decided that we needed to improve the way we track time and expenses in order to help us attain our strategic goals. Like many small consulting firms, we had been using spreadsheets to track the various metrics that we thought were most useful. The problem that we faced was that none of the spreadsheets were linked. The metrics were all over the place and often there were double and triple entries that were needed. With Abak, we now have one place to enter our time and expenses. The metrics are easier to access and we can also run queries to pull other metrics that we simply could not obtain previously.

Our experience through the transition has been full of challenges, but the people at Abak were up to every challenge that we threw at them. I attended a financial management course several months ago and one of our discussions revolved around time tracking and management systems. Every person in the room mentioned lack of support and training with providers. This is where I feel that Abak excels. The customer service and after sales support is as good as it gets.