Studio Manager

A full ERP system designed by Tokerud Consulting Group.

About Studio Manager

Studio Manager is the premier software solution for the business management of graphic design. Based on the popular FileMaker Pro application, Studio Manager handles job cost tracking, electronic timesheets, estimating, invoicing, purchase orders and contact management.

Tokerud Consulting Group developed Studio Manager specifically for small to medium-sized graphics studios that track time and expenses by the job. Our clients include one to 50-person companies and in-house departments specializing in graphic design, web design, illustration, multimedia, broadcast design, advertising, corporate communications and desktop publishing.

Looks great… 100% customizable… Based on FileMaker Pro … Blows away the built-from-scratch FileMaker systems you may have now… Well-programmed and modular and straightforward and well-organized underneath the hood (so you can figure out how to modify it easily)… A well-honed mature product … we aren’t experimenting at your expense… Priced aggressively

Accounts Payable

Studio Manager includes an optional Payables module that is integrated with Purchase Orders and Job Costs. This way you don’t have to do triple entry. You don’t have to use the Purchase Orders module in conjunction with Payables, but if you do, Studio Manager can convert POs to payables and allows you to very easily allocate your payables to jobs.

A single payable can be allocated to multiple jobs so that you can handle allocations for things like long distance phone and deliveries. You can see and optionally print an aging and a payables list by vendor with subtotals by vendor.

Contact Management

A full-purpose contacts database is included and integrated with all of Studio Manager’s functions. Tabs are devoted to prospects, clients, vendors and employees. A ýmainý screen is the default opening screen.

Each type of contact has its own tab and then additional sub-tabs that show more information. For example, in the client tab, you can see sub-tabs listing all estimates, change orders, jobs, invoices, contacts and correspondence for the client.

Invoicing & A/R

The Invoice file in Studio Manager allows you to create three types of invoices:

  • Free-form line-item invoices - there can be multiple lines in a line item
  • Invoice all unbilled actual time and expenses summarized by activity type - and then modify it to your taste
  • Invoice based on an estimate, estimate plus change orders or any combination thereof - and then modify it if need be.

Accounts Receivable Aging and simple reports showing unpaid invoices are included.

Job Cost Tracking

Studio Manager has full job cost tracking capabilities specifically directed towards the needs of creative professionals.

Time and expenses are tracked by job. Time is entered via electronic timesheets. You can compare estimates to actuals and billed amounts for any given job.

Job Estimating

Studio Manager includes a flexible job estimating and change orders capability. You decide which billable items you want to include in your standard estimate when you set-up Studio Manager.

After that, you just click ýNew Estimateý to get a new estimate with your standard line items that act like a checklist for you to enter estimated time and expenses. You can ýpostý the estimate to eliminate unused billable items.

When you actually work on the jobs, you can compare estimates vs. actuals as you progress through the job so that you can either ease off on the perfectionism when you get close to going over budget or ask the client for a change order if they’ve asked for one too many little changes that weren’t in the original budget.

All this is customizable to your exact needs. And, of course, the estimate itself can be in the font you want, with fields arranged as you want with your logo as well.

Purchase Orders

Studio Manager’s Purchase Orders module allows you to do paragraph style, free-form POs or line-item POs. These are linked to payables and vendor invoices easily and efficiently without extra data entry.

Task Scheduling

Studio Manager includes a tasks file that is linked directly to jobs. A job can have any number of tasks. Each task has an enterable description, due date, person responsible and status (done or not done). You can add more task fields if you wish.

You can view all tasks yet to be done in a scrolling list directly from the Jobs file. You can print a 2-week calendar with jobs listed as rows and days as columns that shows all your tasks in a calendar format.

Time & Billing

Studio Manager includes a timesheets capability that allows your staff to enter timesheets from any computer on the network, even remotely over the internet. Timesheet entries and Vendor invoices can be entered in any order - Studio Manager organizes them by job automatically.

Each timesheet represents a single person’s day. Any number of line items can be entered to reflect the jobs and activities that person worked on that particular day. Time and expenses entered are immediately available for reporting. No transfer process is required.

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