A warehouse management and controls system

About SynQ

SynQ by Swisslog is a modular warehouse management, control, and execution system for optimized logistics processes. This future-ready software solution that smoothly integrates with your Warehouse. Swisslog’s SynQ covers the full spectrum of your organization’s supply chain needs to optimize your warehouse operation in the era of Industry 4.0.

SynQ stands for Synchronized Intelligence and is a modular, service-oriented software platform. The software encompasses warehouse management (WMS), material flow (MFC/WCS), and automation control systems (ACS) functionality, along with an array of business intelligence tools to boost your warehouse performance. SynQ will help your company to embrace the era of digitalization and stay ahead of your competition.

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Features of SynQ

  • Backed by the industry’s largest support organization – 24/7.
  • Integration management for complex systems.
  • Future-proof key product is being continually developed further especially in Industry 4.0 areas.
  • Comprehensive automation concept including a standard interface offering efficient integration to 3rd party ERP systems, such as proprietary or 3rd party WMS or WCS components, or any type of 3rd party automation equipment.
  • User friendly: SynQ comes with integrated user interfaces, for all your shop floor operations, monitoring of the entire site as well as administrative tasks. This includes the visualization of your entire plant in 3D, VR and AR.

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User Reviews of SynQ

Submitted on March 27th, 2020 by Matthias Lindner from Alnatura

We rate the digital competence of the Swisslog/KUKA group very high. KUKA bringing in its robotics expertise into the warehouse is a true enrichment for our intralogistics.