An employee performance management software.

About Engagedly

Engagedly is an employee performance management software that enables people, drives engagement, and develops your personnel. The solution provides a form of continuous performance management through reviews and competency assessments–letting you set and track goals, drive conversations via check-ins, and recording feedback.

Employee engagement can be improved with Engagedly by using the Gamification and Rewards and Core Values features, which provide recognition, award points, and give out badges and rewards to your employees.

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Engagedly Features

The features and solutions within Engagedly include:

Performance Reviews

  • Easy to Use Performance Reviews
  • Flexible Performance Model
  • Perform Goal Reviews
  • Perform Competency Assessments
  • Multirater Competency Assessment

Goal/OKR Alignment and Tracking

  • Multirater Competency Assessment
  • Align People Goals
  • Cascade goals to your team
  • Real Time Goal Progress
  • Praise and Recognize Achievements

Improve Employee Communication

  • Post Company Updates
  • Bulletin Board for quick updates
  • Publish Organizational Strategic Objectives

Ongoing Check Ins and Project Reviews

  • Publish Organizational Strategic Objectives
  • Engage and Retain People
  • Drive Innovation
  • Develop Skills and Career Growth

Share and Reward Ideas and Innovation

  • Crowdsource Ideas with Idea tool
  • Gamify Innovation
  • Drive innovation actions

Measure and Improve Employee Engagement

  • Measure employee engagement
  • Create Action Plans
  • Better Team Collaboration
  • Recognize performance and behaviors

Employee Onboarding

  • Onboarding documents
  • Quickstart Institutional Knowledge
  • New Hire Plan
  • 30-60-90 Reviews
  • Announce new hires on Social Community Feed

Leadership Assessment and Succession Planning

  • Leadership Assessment using 360
  • 9 Box to identify future leaders
  • Succession Planning

Engagedly Target Market

  • Technology
  • Consulting and Professional Services
  • Financial Service
  • Healthcare
  • Non-Profit, Education and Govt.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Engagedly

Submitted on February 9th, 2022 by Mark Nemeth from Experian

The documents would get lost with lots of going back and forth. There would be multiple versions across different emails, with printouts not matching attachments. There was no process to reference those documents and no way to do so systematically, even if we wanted to.

They were complaining about the lack of apparent connection between individual goals and company goals because we did not have a central system to track our goals and performance.

I wanted other bells and whistles: such as gamification. Engagedly had everything on my dream list. Employee engagement is this amorphous thing that everyone talks about but can’t figure out how to measure. But it’s the number one indicator of how successful an employee will be.

Now we have brought science to the psychology. Nobody gets promoted just for doing their job. They need to grow in their career. When it comes time for promotions, senior management can pull up any profile and tell at a glance how many badges an employee has earned.

From the process standpoint, we have revolutionized the efficiency of reviews. The support I’ve gotten from Engagedly’s team has been world class. I am in active talks to expand the use of Engagedly to the rest of Experian. My dream is to go global with the tool, expanding it to our international offices.