Workforce Central Suite

A multi-module management system designed by Kronos.

About Workforce Central Suite

Kronos Workforce Central addresses the total employee relationship with proven solutions for automating processes, engaging the workforce, and optimizing performance. The suite is the most comprehensive workforce management solution available from a single source. It is designed for users by users, with a core of best-in-class human resources, payroll, scheduling, and time and labor applications that have earned Kronos its position as a market leader. When combined with innovative data collection devices and intuitive self-service applications, the Workforce Central suite delivers value to the entire workforce – at every level of the organization.

The Workforce Central suite is the only solution that helps you excel in all the functional areas of workforce management – staffing, developing, deploying, tracking and rewarding – by using the system to:

  • Automate key business functions: to reduce errors and save time and money, including: benefits administration, payroll processing, scheduling, timekeeping, activity tracking, records management, corporate policy compliance, tax filing, and MORE!
  • Engage employees: with do-it-yourself functionality that improves communication among employees, managers, and administrators and increases employee satisfaction.
  • Optimize the workforce: by empowering frontline managers to make better decisions and take effective action.

Kronos’ Workforce Central suite has helped thousands of customers around the world achieve maximum business performance at a substantially lower cost. To learn more about elements of the Workforce Central suite see the listings below.

Workforce Accruals

Workforce Accruals is a comprehensive leave management solution for controlling leave liability and complying with organizational policies or contracts. Its highly configurable engine calculates even the most complex leave rules and policies based on parameters that you define. And unlike other solutions, Workforce Accruals applies balance enforcement restrictions in real time. It provides employees and managers with access to real-time leave balances, which helps ensure accuracy across your entire organization with minimal supervision. In addition, it has the flexibility to facilitate your organization’s most complex leave and benefit policies and transform them into enduring practices.

Automating leave management practices with Workforce Accruals lets you:

  • Apply accrual policies fairly and consistently
  • Deliver real-time balances to managers and employees
  • Increase accuracy by eliminating error-prone manual calculations, tracking, and record keeping
  • Promote self-service access for employees to check their available benefit time balances
  • Improve productivity by checking abuse and empowering supervisors to manage their employees’ time off
  • Resolve potential disputes easily because an audit log maintains all entries that are posted to the employee’s accrual record

Workforce Activities"

Workforce Activities is a labor activities tracking and management tool that gives managers access to detailed, activity-level labor information and up-to-the-minute labor data. It illustrates exactly how labor is used in your organization, which leads to better labor allocations, more accurate job costing, and increased control over labor costs. Workforce Activities provides senior management with detailed, activity-by-activity information to make critical decisions about budgets, operations, and more.

Workforce Activities enables you to:

  • Automate the collection and analysis of labor data according to a wide range of criteria, including employee, task, department, customer, job, project, work order, and even part number
  • Simply reconcile labor allocations with payroll hours
  • Track labor activities and production schedules through every step and report up-to-the-minute customer order information
  • Improve quality control and cost savings by leveraging real-time production data to minimize scrap and re-work
  • Measure your labor performance by comparing labor activity data against standards, so you can analyze efficiency and communicate the results to improve productivity

Workforce HR"

Workforce HR is a powerful HRMS solution that transforms human resources procedures to reduce hours per task and related costs. It strategically aligns the workforce to the work, engages employees and ultimately optimizes your workforce. Workforce HR achieves all of this by helping your organization manage the hiring process, streamline benefits administration, alleviate regulatory compliance, and more.

Key capabilities include:

  • Compensation planning: Measure and analyze an employee’s total compensation – direct and indirect. Import industry compensation data and maintain pay equity by calculating and applying geographic pay differentials.
  • Automated notifications: Send instant notifications to managers and key departments to facilitate a new hire’s network access, office space, and training.
  • Complete benefits administration: Determine employee program eligibility and analyze associated costs through rapid calculations.
  • Compliance with government regulations: Monitor your organization’s compliance with a wide variety of regulations efficiently.
  • Powerful point-in-time reporting: Run more than 150 reports, from EEO analysis to benefits coverage, or create custom reports.
  • Employee training: Track employees’ skills, manage their participation in training programs, and help them develop professionally.
  • Essential applicant management: Create job requisitions and capture candidate information easily, including resumes, skills, and more. Search for qualified candidates easily with automated screening capabilities.
  • Greater control over staffing budgets: Manage costs while monitoring headcount by defining full-time equivalent (FTE) budgets.
  • Group edit: Complete information edits and updates for large employee groups. Employee survey tool: Poll employees easily on workplace issues.
  • Employee and manager self-service: Engage employees by letting them manage their own information and supply managers with real-time information for quicker and better decision-making.

Workforce Payroll"

Workforce Payroll manages all of the complex information required to administer and complete payment of wages, bonuses, and other forms of compensation. It simplifies the maintenance of taxes, deductions, and withholding allocations, and automatically conducts an accurate tracking of accruals. And, you can easily grant and restrict access to HR, payroll, and time and attendance information.

Some key features of Workforce Payroll include:

  • Payroll: Complete payroll processing from source to net
  • Checks: On-demand checks with and without gross-up and customized check formatting
  • Reports: More than 50 standard reports and custom reporting capabilities
  • Tax support: Federal, state, and local tax support and filing as well as quarterly federal, state, and local tax updates. Plus, predefined tax categories that automatically update based on tax law changes
  • Rules base: Built-in rules base solves the most complex payroll calculations including: reciprocal (interstate) taxes, calculation of disposable income and garnishment administration
  • Time and attendance: Integrates with Workforce Timekeeper"
  • Interface: Many standard interfaces with business systems including general ledger accounting systems

Workforce Scheduler"

Kronos’ Workforce Scheduler is a staff scheduling software that provides managers with one place to go to manage the schedule of your entire workforce in real time. It automatically tracks employee skills, certifications, and other requirements that are essential to creating optimal schedules. It allows your managers to configure scheduling rules that monitor critical staffing policies as well as compliance with federal regulations and union rules.

Workforce Scheduler engages employees in the scheduling process and makes them part of the solution. Through online self-service, employees can update their preferences, availability, contact information, and more. Employees can also request leave, swap shifts, and sign up for last-minute schedule openings, for online approval by their managers.

Key features of Workforce Scheduler include:

  • Schedule Planner: Create schedule views by employee, job, or shift. Provides managers with a list of employees able to fill a shift based on qualifications, availability, preference, and seniority information.
  • Workload Planner: Track job details including where and when the work needs to be done and what skills are required to do the work.
  • Schedule Assistant: Analyze workforce job coverage and uncover open shifts, identify scheduling gaps, and find available employees that match an open shift’s requirements. Automate the analysis of ýschedule versus actualý labor usage, and create rules to monitor total hours per employee in real time.
  • Workforce Genies": Automate administrative tasks according to the unique requirements of your environment and processes. For example, you can configure Genies to automatically search for available employees based on conditions you set, and display the results based on your scheduling needs.
  • Workforce Alerts: Notify managers of any critical issues regarding employee attendance, leave balances, expired certification, and more.

Kronos provides your managers with a comprehensive scheduling solution for any industry, one designed to ease their administrative burden and enable them to make more proactive scheduling decisions. And because it is Web-based and centralized, Workforce Scheduler is easy to implement, maintain, and integrate with other business systems.

Workforce Tax Filing"

Kronos’ Workforce Tax Filing is a cost-effective solution to managing payroll tax filing activities without the resource demands that weigh heavily on your productivity and peace of mind. Workforce Tax Filing is backed by FLS, a compliance leader with more than 15 years of experience in managing payroll tax filing for more than 5,000 customers.

A component of the Workforce Central® suite, Kronos’ integrated human resources, payroll, scheduling, and time and labor solution, Workforce Tax Filing enables Kronos to support all of your payroll needs. Workforce Tax Filing and Workforce Payroll" are complementary solutions that allow you to retain complete control over your payroll processing in house, while entrusting payroll tax filing activities, and the associated risks, to the compliance experts.

Workforce Timekeeper"

Workforce Timekeeper is a powerful time and attendance solution that automates the error-prone, manual processes related to tracking employees’ time and applying complex pay policies. With Workforce Timekeeper, you can now track labor at all business levels – by organization, by team or position, or by employee – and deliver this information directly to managers in real time. By providing managers with access to vital real-time labor data, Workforce Timekeeper gives them the tools they need to make better decisions and exert maximum control over labor costs.

Workforce Timekeeper:

  • Automates error-prone processes to deliver more accurate labor data
  • Reduces unauthorized absences and the subsequent costs and productivity losses
  • Controls costly overtime by managing labor resources in real time
  • Saves payroll staff labor hours and reduces the risk of costly payroll errors and payroll inflation
  • Engages employees with self-service access to time and attendance data and other information and improves employee satisfaction

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