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About MX-Solution

MX-Solution is a leading online software suite that greatly simplifies tough personnel management. It helps to control labor costs and efficiently manage the internal workforce. The tool is considered as a single data integrated solution for Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Employee Timesheets & Expenses, Human Resources and many others.

Avoid duplicated data entries with a single software where you can find all the payroll processing information you need, from anywhere at any time with MX-Solution.

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Features of MX-Solution

  • MX-SmartTracker works with most existing punch clock software and data collection terminals on the market.
  • MX-HRManager is an all-in-one human resources software solution that encourages improvement in recording, scheduling, reporting, payroll processing, analyzing and distributing information. It enables a manager to gain a deeper insight into the processes within an organization and handle them competently. MX-HRManager proves to be highly advantageous for organizations which specialize in different areas of business, including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and healthcare.
  • MX-SmartTracker helps save both time and money in schedule planning and employee time-tracking. Your employees can easily punch in and out using their own computers, smartphones or tablets
  • MX-SmartTracker integrates seamlessly with client’s payroll package or external pay services.
  • MX-SmartTimer will effortlessly standardize your timesheets workflow processing and make your life much easier from the request for leave of absence up to the overtime request and expenses to be approved.

Retailers, restaurants, and hotels survive on profit margins. It’s always intensive work to guess the accurate number of employees needed to cover a shift, or the best worker to fill an open shift against skill and availability. With MX-SmartScheduler, it’s now easy to schedule the right employee and to assign him to the right place. MX-SmartScheduler will help you eliminate manual scheduling on paper, or on Excel, and ensures optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day from anywhere.

Assign resources and tasks to a project, track the hours worked in real time and compare labor costs to planned budgets. MX-ProjectManager is designed for companies that carry out projects. It calculates the costs of the workforce, allowing the project manager to establish the profitability of the operations.

More than a simple deductions calculator, MX-SmartPayer automates the whole Canadian payroll process and responds to complex needs, comprising group insurance benefits, vacation pay, a bank of hours, retirement plans, trade unions, wage garnishment, CCQ, CNESST and support payments. With MX-SmartPayer there is no need to create additional Excel files. What’s more, the service simplifies your payroll processing with automatic GL entries every pay period.

Target Market

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Business Service
  • Healthcare of all sizes


  • Subscription-based
  • Starts at $250/month

MX-Solution charges per employee and per administrator per month. It will be between $3 to $8 per employee/month and $15 to $25 per user. It will all depend on the size of the company and the number of administrators.

Starting Price
$250 /month
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