Yard Commander

A software system designed by Sentier Systems.

About Yard Commander

Yard Commander, by Sentier Systems, is a web-based a yard management software. This solution lets you simplify yard management, take command, and save money.


  • Simple to use
  • Fully customizable
  • Full reporting
  • E-mail alerts


There are two pricing models for Yard Commander depending on if you have one or multiple facilities.

  • For a single facility, the cost is $249 per month with a one-time $1,000 setup fee.
  • For multiple facilities, the cost is $199 per month per facility with a one-time $500 setup fee (per facility).

Eliminate Late Charges

Yard Commander keeps track of all trailers in every location. You will always know where your trailers are and can also track their contents, so you can get to the right trailer at the right time.

Alerts are set for every trailer by default and can be customized for each trailer coming in. When the trailer is approaching its due date, automatic e-mail messages will be sent to a distribution list set by you. You’ll always know in advance when a trailer is due or when goods in a trailer are set to expire.

  • Instantly identify aging trailers at a glance
  • Know which trailers are due in advance
  • Make shipments on time so that there are no detention or demurrage charges
  • Reduce rental costs by optimizing the flow of trailers

Cost Effective

Yard Commander pays for itself:

  • No more demurrage, detention and rental charges
  • Improved yard and dock efficiency
  • Support for production operations for overall better productivity

Additionally, you can give your carriers, customers and partners access to view their respective trailers on-line. This will reduce support calls to your employees so that they can focus on the job at hand.

When purchased as a service, you’ll use Yard Commander over a secure Internet connection. That means there’s no hardware to purchse and your updates, backups and support are covered in your low monthly fee.

Optimize Yard Efficiency

Trailer movement is simplified with the Yard Commander dashboard. It provides full visibility of trailers in yard and at docks, as well as what yard locations or docks are available.

Quick search and filters allow users to quickly find the trailer they need. Employees can add free-text color-coded notes so that particulars of any given trailer are shared with all users.

The yard can be setup to be very detailed. It can be broken up by facility, zones, locations and sub-locations. Specify the maximum trailers allowed in a location at setup time and the system will ensure that no trailer is directed to a location that is already occupied. The same applies to docks.

Complete Audit Trail

Every event in Yard Commander is recorded and is stored in a transaction that includes user, date, time and the details of the specific event. Therefore, there is a full audit trail of events available by trailer, carrier, user, etc.

  • Complete data to support dispute resolution
  • Measure employee performance
  • Internal and external audits are simplified

Yard Commander was built with simplicity in mind. You’ll find the interface intuitive and easy to follow. The menu and every page are purposely designed to flow logically.

Dashboards provide easy overviews of the yard with options to filter to more specific data. Details are easily found using the search and filter functionality.

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