3PL Warehouse Manager

A cloud-based 3PL Warehouse Management Software.

About 3PL Warehouse Manager

3PL Warehouse Manager from Extensiv (formerly 3PL Central) is a cloud-based warehouse management solution that serves your customers so you can operate more efficiently and grow faster. This makes it easy for warehouses to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and deliver complete visibility to their customers.

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3PL software for warehouse owners that charge customers for inventory storage space and the services they provide, 3PL Warehouse Manager may handle your entire inventory, billing and shipping needs. The 3PL warehouse software allows users to easily customize all your charges to suit each customer or product and then send those invoices seamlessly to your accounting package in Quick Books or Peachtree.

With an array of modules available, this software is the perfect fit for any company involved in 3PL.

Note: 3PL Central acquired Traker Systems, the original developer of 3PL Warehouse Manager, in 2016.

3PL Reporting


Inventory Traker provides a rich set of reports and forms for any situation. The inventory analysis gives you a capsule look of your inventory operation.


Use your own preprinted forms or order preprinted custom forms directly.

Preprinted forms include:

  • Inbound Receipts
  • Picking Slips
  • Bills of Lading
  • Invoices

Comprehensive 3PL Reporting Software

The WMS reporting software allows you to easily chart important data in order to give you a different look at it. From there you’ll be able to analyze and track how your purchasing is affecting your profits, any slow moving product, the customer service levels of your vendors and any follow-ups on the needs of your clients.

Analysis The analysis portion of 3PL Warehouse Manager helps you analyze Weak Points of your Inventory Slow Moving Product Bottlenecks Logistical Holes Customer Service Levels

Some reports include:

  • Customer Lists
  • Purchase Order
  • Product Lists
  • Analysis Summary
  • Allocation Reports
  • Inventory History
  • Shipping
  • Audit Summary
  • Receiving
  • Invoice Summary

Barcode Scanning

Extensiv’s barcode scanning software provides the option of bar coding and scanning for all of Extensiv products.

Barcode tracking software provides enormous benefits for just about any business. With a bar code data collection solution, capturing data is faster and more accurate, costs are lower, mistakes are minimized, and managing inventory is much easier. The following are some of the benefits of bar code data entry.

  • Fast and Reliable Data Collection
  • Faster Data Entry: A bar code scanner typically may record data five to seven times as fast as a skilled typist may.
  • Better Accuracy: Keyboard data entry creates an average of one error in 300 keystrokes. Bar code data entry has an error rate of about 1 in 3 million.

Reduce Costs With Barcoding Software

Labor Costs This is the most obvious benefit of bar code data collection. In many cases, this cost savings pays for the entire data collection system. Don’t put all of your attention on this benefit, however. Even though this is the most apparent benefit of barcode scanning software, it is often overshadowed by even greater savings from other areas.

Revenue Losses Barcode tracking software helps to minimize data collection errors; this benefit often surpasses the saving of labor costs. You know that if you make a significant error on an invoice in the customer’s favor, you will never hear about it again. However, if the error is in your favor, you will hear about it immediately. In most companies, it doesn’t take many errors to amount to a great deal of lost revenue.

Barcode Scanning Software Improves Management

Better Decision Making With barcoding software you may tell not only what the customers are buying, but when they are buying it and in what combinations. This may improve business management by suggesting better locations for goods in the store and identifying advertising targets.

Faster Access to Information This benefit goes hand in hand with better decision making. With better information, you may gain opportunities and get the jump on competition.

Examples of How Bar Codes are Used The following are just a few of the many ways bar codes are being used to improve the profitability and efficiency of a variety of company types.

Cost Savings This is the most obvious benefit. A medium to large store may save enough checker time to significantly reduce payroll. You also save direct labor costs through less time spent taking inventories and ordering product.

Customer Satisfaction A proper bar code system will speed customer checkout. This will improve customer satisfaction enough to directly increase revenue over time.

Reduced Inventory Costs Immediate access to inventory information on a real-time basis may be used to reduce inventory levels. This will reduce costs for a company in a number of ways, including interest, labor for handling excess inventory, and facility overhead.

The data Data from portable scanners may be uploaded to a central computer system at regular intervals or portables may update inventory in real-time, depending on the system you choose. Barcode tracking and inventory control provides accurate, real-time inventory updates. This allows a company the opportunity to reduce stock levels and thereby reduce carrying costs. It also reduces the time taken to collect data for purposes such as annual inventories. With improved efficiency, operating costs are lower.

Packaging For packaging, a bar code printer is used to generate a label to identify part numbers, serial numbers, and shipping information. This labeling may be used to automatically sort packages for shipment, automate receiving, and greatly enhance package tracking.

These are just a few examples to get you started thinking about what you may do with bar codes. Barcode scanning software routinely save companies money while improving quality, on-time performance, and other key business factors

Fulfillment Management

Extensiv fulfillment software provides the power and flexibility that you need to meet your customer’s requirements in a true pick and pack operation. With BOM you are able to create multiple levels of subassembly, picking at the item and lot level to create your assemblies.

In addition, fulfillment management software features an invoicing fulfillment module where you are able to automatically create charges for these services however complex your billing method.


  • Inventory includes complete inbound/receiving capabilities. Receive product using Vendor information. An inventory tracker performs all the necessary conversions to your Master Item Numbers as well as Stocking Units of Measure.
  • Easy to use lookup screens for customers and their products. No need to exit the inbound screen to enter new customers or their products.
  • Lot numbers may be assigned manually or automatically.
  • Lot tracking may also be disengaged.
  • Print Inbound Receipt or Purchase Order confirmations using template forms or yours. Backorder capability is also an option.

Inventory Management

Extensiv’s inventory management software makes it easy for you to easily manage and maintain your inventory.

With inventory tracking software, all of your inventory records are well organized so that in the event of a Product Recall, you’ll be able to easily track products by item#, lot#, production code, date or shift, the carrier who transported the product and the consignee who received the product.

Invoice Billing

The flexibility of Extensiv’s invoice billing software gives you the opportunity to automatically create calculated individual invoices when product is received or shipped, adding accessorial charges at the time of receiving, eliminating lost revenue. With billing management software, there’s no need to postpone charging, invoices may be billed right-away!

  • Billing Manager Software features:
  • Export Invoices effortlessly to Quickbooks and Peachtree.
  • Charge For: Split Month Billing for Inbound Storage
  • Escalating/Incremental Charging for Long Term Billing
  • Charge Per: Net or Gross Weight


  • Inventory tracker includes complete outbound/shipping capabilities. Shipments may be withdrawn automatically or manually using either the LIFO/FIFO method.
  • Easy to use lookup screen for customers and their products. No need to exit the outbound screen to enter new customers.
  • Shipments may be posted for daily shipment or reserved for later shipments.
  • Print Picking Slips or Bills of Lading using preprinted forms or yours.

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