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ECi M1 allows you to structure bills of materials the way you want to manufacture the product. Enables appropriate flow of material and accurate costing. However, forecasting needs to be improved.”

Roy from New York City

Acumatica has been a great ERP for our growing company. The core features have met most of our needs. For all additional needs our partner has been able to easily help us customize.”

James from West Jordan

“I like that it’s online, and continually updated. I access Bluestreak from my ipad, from shows, from the road, from my cottage–wherever I am, I have full control of the shop, hour by hour. Works like a charm.”

Ron from Tampa

NetSuite’s best feature is the document management, which allows me to save quotes, orders, and customer emails. It’s cool, easy, and functional. However, at $1,000 a month, it was a stretch for our budget.”

Eliot from Los Angeles

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I ended up buying Software Connect’s first recommendation and improved my supply chain. They were very helpful. These guys do a great job!
Will Graham from GQSI, LLC.
Software Connect’s recommendations were GREAT! They gave me exactly what I asked for. I was originally overwhelmed but Software Connect saved me a ton of time.
Deb Fritzson from Door Services, Inc.
Wish I found Software Connect a lot sooner. Their recommendations were absolutely fantastic! My boss is very happy.
Josh Vieira from Vieira Concrete Supplies
Knowledgeable, pleasant, informative, a real asset! All of Software Connect’s recommended ERP systems were spot on. Would work well in our environment!
John Stevenson from Evanesce Inc.
We needed a solid BI tool to provide data analytics, reporting, and dashboards. Software Connect was extremely helpful!
Brad Perkins from Division of. Shared Services