Core2 - RMS

An accounting software system designed by Catalpa Systems.

About Core2 - RMS

Core2 - RMS or Restaurant Management System performs all basic accounting functions for an individual restaurant or retail unit. Unit, Division and Corporate level Core2 systems are designed to communicate with one another, providing financial information viewpoints throughout the chain. Key feature of Core2 - RMS is it’s ability to provide weekly P/L statements by unit to all levels of management.

The system operates in a Windows or Novell environment and consists of four integrated modules:

  • Sales Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Reporting
  • Physical Inventory.

The sales accounting module balances register readings, sales, cash paid-outs, receivables, and bank deposits. It also accounts for complimentary food and liquor costs, plus it supports meal period and personnel authorization.

The accounts payable system accommodates invoice entry, manual check entry, inter-unit transfers, and accrual entries for goods received without invoices.

The financial reporting module provides interfaces to all supporting subsystems, as well as basic weekly, monthly, and year-to-date financial statements, general ledgers, and lead schedules. Easily prepare weekly Profit and Loss statements by individual unit.

Lastly, the physical inventory module calculates the extended costs of physical inventory counts and analyzes inventory trends.


Features Include:

  • Maintain inventory Locations
  • Primary and Secondary Vendor Sourcing
  • Inventory Account Definitions
  • Maintain re-order points
  • Integrates with On-Line Ordering


**Features Include:

  • Unit and Corporate entered Invoice details
  • Accruals
  • Inter-unit transfers
  • Cost of Sales Analysis
  • Integrated with General Ledger


Features Include:

  • House Accounts
  • Corporate Company Cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • Advanced Deposits


Features Include:

  • Flash Profit and Loss statements
  • Daily Cash and Sales Reporting
  • Regional Manager Reporting
  • Marketing Data Capture for Sales Analysis

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