A full accounting software system designed by Red Wing Software for startups and small organizations.

About CenterPoint Accounting

Better Data, Better Decisions.

CenterPoint Accounting Software is a real-time accounting software application that allows businesses to track important information, so they can easily see which areas of the business are thriving, and which areas need improvement.

CenterPoint Accounting Software can be customized to your business’ needs, so you spend less time working with your accounting software and more time running your business. When you need to see your data, you can easily run a customized report or search, view and edit original source transactions. And because you can track data by profit center, department, project, and more, your data can be analyzed on a single section-or your whole business. By seeing data in this way, you know where to make improvements for maximum profitability. CenterPoint is built with the latest technology to ensure that customers stay current as their needs change.

CenterPoint Accounting is available as both a locally installed program or via a cloud deployment.

We’re Here for You!

At Red Wing Software, customer care is our top priority. We offer online CenterPoint demonstrations. These live, free, one-hour online demonstrations will give you an introduction to CenterPoint Accounting software, and you can see first-hand the benefits of implementing them into your business.

Accounts Payable

Write checks without setting up a vendor, or select vendors and pay invoices due.

Accounts Receivable

Enter invoices and know when payments are due for better cash management of your business.

Asset & Liability Tracking

Track cost and market value of all assets. Maintain original loan values and use amortization schedules to plan cash flow requirements.

Budgeting–Financial Analysis

Create scenarios to project future sales, cash flow, and prepare business strategies.

Fixed Assets

Track cost and market value of all assets.

General Ledger

Get a true picture of your business for reporting to management, advisors, and lenders with standard reports such as Income and Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheet, and Budgeting. See the reports you need the way you need to see them with CenterPoint’s customized reporting tools and Favorites feature! Easily create or modify your reports and forms by adding or removing columns. Save customized and standard reports in your Favorites for quick access.


The Inventory module delivers a wide range of tools to assess the value of inventory and enhance productivity within different departments to improve profitability. Maintain unlimited number of prices or price calculations for each item; receive real-time inventory updates, as well as GL account assignments that guarantee all GL balances and inventory valuation reports match.

Payroll Integration

CenterPoint Accounting integrates with CenterPoint Payroll, a payroll system that is designed to streamline your payroll processes, saving your organization both time and money.

Purchase Orders

The purchase order module includes tools to help users keep the best sellers in stock and limit the slower moving items. Standard reports help users monitor stock and order the appropriate quantities for all inventory items. A ‘suggest orders’ function, can look at existing sales orders and/or past sales history, and create a suggested orders report from which users can immediately edit or place orders with vendors. Purchase orders can also be generated directly from sales orders. When users are entering orders for customers, they can easily see which items are currently on order.

Ratios Module

Use the ratios module to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness in your business so you can increase profits and reverse negative trends. A wide variety of industry standard ratios are included, and there is no setup necessary as data is based on categories already set up within CenterPoint. Powerful drillýdown capabilities allow you to see the data behind the indicators, and trend information can be graphed for any number of years in your database. Analysis has never been so easy!

Report Writer

View reports on the screen, printed, exported to a variety of applications, or e-mailed to managers and lenders. You can easily modify a report by adding or removing columns of information, and drill down within a report to learn more about the data. See the reports you need the way you need to see them with CenterPoint’s customized reporting tools and Favorites feature! Easily create or modify your reports and forms by adding or removing columns. Save customized and standard reports in your Favorites for quick access.

Sales Order

The Sales Orders module allows users to easily transform quotes into orders, and quickly print quotes, orders and packing slips. Quotes and orders can easily be modified by using the Forms Designer within the software. While entering a quote or order, inventory availability can be displayed for each item. When orders are partially filled, back-orders are automatically created for the remaining items.


Company level and menu-level security.

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User Reviews of CenterPoint Accounting

Submitted on November 13th, 2020 by Ben Zelazoski from Zelazoski Wood Products, Inc.

As someone who has worked with accrual accounting all my life, I am having having difficulty with the real time format. I know you have had webinars on Payroll but have not seen anything on the Accounting. Is there something coming soon?

The Good…

I can’t think of anything at this time. Perhaps after I have been able to attend a webinar I will feel better and find something. I have been a user of Red Wing software for 30+ years and am not pleased with having the real time format forced on us.

The Bad…

The lack of training offered. All the emphasis seems to be on Payroll. When we called in to find out about how to do journal entries we were asked why we would need to. Well, in trying to compare months we need to enter depreciation, accruals, etc.

Submitted on February 5th, 2019 by Lynda Steigerwalt from Mid America Financial Investment Corp

We started using the software, even went as far as moving accounts from Turningpoint to CenterPoint but was informed the Profit Centers part of the program works ONLY in the Income Statement and NOT with the Balance Sheet. We had to cancel CenterPoint because we use the profit centers for our job costing through the Trial Balance Sheet. If you ever fix this problem, let us know. We would more the happy to switch to CenterPoint.

The Good…

The layout.

The Bad…

Not able to use Profit Centers on the Balance Sheet.