An integrated flexibility management suite

About AutoGrid Flex

AutoGrid Flex is an application suite which allows you to predict, optimize, and control your distributed energy resources in order to balance supply and demand for all your customers in real time and to scale. Though supply and demand is unpredictable, you can achieve balance by harnessing data to flex with the ebb and flow of energy.

With three applications built expressly for the top flexibility use cases, AutoGrid Flex include:

  • AutoGrid DROMS
  • AutoGrid DERMS
  • AutoGrid VPP

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Features of AutoGrid Flex

  • Provides load shed forecasts you can bank on
  • Increases customer participation rates and program yield
  • Future proofs DR programs as assets and needs change
  • Reduces program administration costs
  • Avoids vendor lock-in with an open, plug-and-play architecture that makes it easy to add new DERs
  • Makes the most effective use of the distribution system to ensure reliability and eliminate capital upgrades
  • Accelerates time-to-market of ancillary services
  • Creates new revenue streams
  • Increases flexible capacity

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User Reviews of AutoGrid Flex

Submitted on June 7th, 2020 by Brian Landrum

Our introduction of these programs in PJM provides our customers with an easy way to modify energy consumption to reduce their energy costs. With AutoGrid we are leveraging technology to enable customers to develop intelligent curtailment plans using forecasts developed with advanced analytics and the latest market information. These new demand response programs, along with our existing energy efficiency, renewable energy and other energy services, help our customers implement smart energy strategies that meet their business objectives.

Submitted on June 7th, 2020 by Michel Engelen

Environmental sustainability is at the core of the strategy of Eneco Group, and cost-effective integration of renewable and other distributed resources into our energy portfolio is one of the main ways we seek to realize this goal. By offering us increased control over our flexible portfolio, AutoGrid’s Software Defined Power Plant™ enables us to integrate alternative flexible energy resources into our portfolio and subsequently a larger amount of intermittent renewables, helping our customers reduce their energy costs and helping us get a higher return on our renewable assets.