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Build membership websites to manage and grow membership base.

About Brilliant Directories

Brilliant Directories is a membership management software and website hosting service. It helps organizations manage member information and payments, design and run their websites, and run marketing campaigns.

Brilliant Directories has templates to help build websites, and it provides suggestions to improve search engine optimization (SEO). Members can manage parts of their membership like applications, renewals, payments, and professional development. And organizations can manage their members, donors, sponsors, websites, and events.

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  • Auto-Recurring Subscriptions
  • Multi-Chapter Management Tools
  • Member Data and Directories
  • Monetization Tools and eCommerce
  • Member Forums and Communication Tools
  • Classified Ads and Job Listings
  • Payment Processing
  • Email Marketing


Brilliant Directories start at $145/month. There is a free trial of Brilliant Directories. There is no free version of Brilliant Directories.

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User Reviews of Brilliant Directories

Submitted on May 15th, 2020 by Lev Stowe from Cleaning Connections & Spotless Cheetah

Products are incredibly useful. Everything is geared to generating business for the license holders. The Brilliant Directories team has just been incredible. Their support is top-notch and their products are incredibly innovative and carefully designed to enhance your business. I haven’t had a bad experience so far, and I’ve been with them for nearly a year. They provide so much content for me to refer to when I get stuck on something, I’m just really happy with them. Highest recommendation.