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About Ramco Aviation Suite

Ramco Aviation addresses the demands of the aviation industry with enterprise-wide M&E/MRO software that meets regulatory requirements.

Ramco Anywhere Apps lets mechanics see details of the assigned aircraft, such as the ETA and gate. The pilot can send flight discrepancy info directly to the mechanic. The technician can view the exact details of the discrepancy even before reaching the aircraft. The mechanic identifies a part malfunction and begins work. The mechanic can review part availability and send a part request notification to the store clerk.

The software can pin point locations of the part in the warehouse and ensure the right part is picked and issued and eliminate delays in issuing parts. The store clerk can submit a request for a line runner to immediately deliver the part.

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Engineering and CAMO

  • Configuration management
  • Maintenance program administration
  • Technical records
  • SB/AD Administration
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Task card management
  • Library management
  • e-Publication


  • Line maintenance
  • Hangar maintenance
  • Shop maintenance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Tool and GSE management
  • Dent and buckle
  • Time tracking
  • E0Signature

Supply Chain Management

  • Parts administration
  • Warehouse management
  • Material planning
  • Stock management
  • Physical inventory and cycle counting
  • Inventory analysis
  • Scrap management
  • Shipping
  • Supplier management
  • General procurement
  • Repair and exchange
  • Loan and borrow
  • Consignment and PBH
  • Warranty tracking and claims management
  • Goods receiving
  • Part certification and hazmat

Safety, Comliance, and Quality

  • Compliance reporting
  • Standard reliability analysis
  • Safety and occurrence management
  • Quality audit management
  • Advanced reliability analysis

Flight Operations

  • Journey log entry management
  • Flight charter contracting
  • Flight sheet management
  • Crew scheduling
  • EFB central

MRO and Part Sales

  • Customer management
  • Contract management
  • Customer order management
  • Quote and pricing management
  • Part exchanges and pool programs
  • Part sale management
  • Custom portal
  • MRO warranty


  • Product data management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Manufacturing execution
  • Engineering change

Employee Records

  • Employee information
  • Certifications and qualification
  • Training

Finance and Accounting

  • General accounting
  • Supplier invoicing
  • Accounts payable
  • MRO invoicing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Management accounting
  • Fixed assets
  • Financial posting engine

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User Reviews of Ramco Aviation Suite

Submitted on September 4th, 2016 by Anonymous

Moving from some old software program with limited functions to an integrated system has given us the much needed visibility and standardization in processes across operations. The new system has given us the power to track complete component lifecycle, bring in optimization and automate redundant processes thereby increasing overall productivity.

Submitted on May 25th, 2016 by Jouni Majuri

We were using multiple disparate IT systems which often yielded inaccurate data and required extensive manual labour to rectify. This was potentially leading to revenue leakage as there was lack of visibility of parts, and components in stores vs sales and invoicing. With a mobile-ready completely integrated system from Ramco, we will be better equipped to address these challenges and benefit from a scalable, integrated and web-architected Cloud based system. A sound technology backbone will ultimately help us improve customer satisfaction with better visibility and quicker turnaround time.

Submitted on January 9th, 2014 by Kevin Kinyanjui

We were on the lookout for a solution that would help us meet the regulatory requirements as described by our Aircraft Network Security Program (ANSP) and also integrate with the Boeing SCX Tool.

Having evaluated a range of solutions to cater to the unique needs of our latest fleet of B787 Dreamliners, we zeroed down on Ramco’s offerings; the reason being their LSAP solution demonstrated better visibility, excellent domain knowledge, solution capability, and experience to address our needs. The LSAP integration has automated our Engineering Change Management (ECM) process, resulting in a paperless process. We look forward to leverage the solution and reap benefits to the fullest.