A calibration management software recommended by auditors for over 30 years

About GAGEtrak

GAGEtrak by CyberMetrics is the world’s #1 calibration management software, recommended by auditors and trusted by professionals for over 30 years. This software has been used by over 15,000 facilities worldwide. Don’t compromise your products by compromising on your calibration management software; download GAGEtrak today to see the difference true quality can make.

This system allows you to better manage your workload while minimizing costs, maintaining production schedules, and ensuring customer approval. Use GAGEtrak to maintain compliance with international quality standards such as FDA and ISO.


  • Gage Entry Detail
  • Calibration Schedules
  • Calibration Test Points
  • Calibration Procedures
  • Gage Cloning
  • Association with Parts
  • R&R Schedules
  • File Attachments
  • Authorized Persons
  • Attach Procedures (attach a single procedure to multiple gage types)
  • Attach Test Point Groups (attach a single test point group to multiple gage types)
  • Gage Events
  • Calibration Entry Detail
  • Calibration Certificates
  • Measurement Detail (Attribute and Variable)
  • Multiple Reference Standards on Each Test Point
  • Calibration Procedure History
  • File Attachments
  • Standards Traceability
  • Calibration Signatures and Approvals
  • Part Detail and Specifications
  • Associate Gage Requirements


Licensing for GAGEtrak (PC installation) is a one-time fee and is based solely on the number of installations: $1,999 per license or $3,399 for a two-license bundle. Larger quantity discounts are available. GAGEtrak is also available as a Cloud solution, priced at $79/month/named user and a one-time account setup fee of $450. Cloud subscription is billed annually and quantity discounts are available. Also available is GAGEtrak Lite, priced at $799 per license (see the GAGEtrak Lite product listing). Both products offer FREE trials.

Product Overview

User Reviews of GAGEtrak

Submitted on February 3rd, 2021 by Deanna Polk

I purchased Gagetrak 7 about a year ago and couldn’t be happier. Was a previous user and returned when current software was put to rest. The software is very thought out and allows you to handle all of your gauging needs in one location. No longer a need for keeping additional files or spreadsheets.

Submitted on November 7th, 2019 by Russell Phillips

GageTrak has been easy to integrate into our platform, and the functionality is fantastic. My workflow is so much quicker now. Great Software!

Submitted on October 7th, 2019 by Louis Jansen

Had some issues getting started with program but after some hair-pulling sessions was able to figure it out with the help of tech. support. The on-line messaging option is good but not sufficient for all issues. Was able to speak to someone from tech support via phone and was able to correct the problems in a timely fashion.

Submitted on July 12th, 2019 by Andrew Anderson

Upgrading from 6.11 to 7 is practically seamless. 5.xx users will need tech support to convert your database. New users will find the help files quite useful and tech support has been outstanding solving problems and getting help. Obviously a lot more options than with 6.11. Small shops will find this relatively easy to use while large corporations with lots of personnel will have all the tools available to determine the real status and acceptability of their gauges. As nice as this software is, it isn’t with out it problems. When you first launch GAGEtrak and click on Gages in the navigation window, an error window pops up stating “The Form Gage Master Entry is not available in database”. Closing the window and clicking on Gages a second time brings up the form view of the first gauge in the database. In 6.11 you could scroll though the database entries in the form view with the mouse wheel. While this was a nice feature in 6.xx, it created other unexpected problems if you weren’t paying attention. In 7.x this has been disabled. However, there is now a small search window next to the navigation buttons. As soon as you type something in that window GAGEtrak begins searching based on what is typed. It doesn’t wait for you to finish and you don’t have to press Enter. Nice touch… and FAST. If, by chance, you happen to open the Set Label/Weights window, you will find it’s too big to fit on the screen (1366×768). It’s difficult to close and can’t be resized. The Options and Tool toolbars are not that usable. Well, they are, if you don’t mind them being on top of everything and being in the way. They cover over the open windows you are working in. They should have been left as small buttons at the top or be able to slide up like the Navigation window can. As a result, switching from Form view to Datasheet view is a real pain with multiple clicks. Other than the few quirks I’ve found, I’m not at all dissatisfied. It serves our need quite well.