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About eChempax

Experience the empowering benefits of eChempax, Datacorýs Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for your chemical business. eChempax will strengthen your companyýs sales, marketing, customer service and collection of market intelligence for revenue-enhancing results. By enabling your company to find and close sales opportunities, generate and convert more leads, provide outstanding customer service and make better decisions, eChempax sets the stage for your companyýs superior business success. eChempax was built specifically for your industry by Datacor, the 30-year leader in providing business management software solutions to the Chemical Industry.

eChempax is a complete CRM solution that seamlessly integrates with Chempax ERP software. View your ERP data across comprehensive interfaces and respond quickly to sales and customer service issues. Real-time visibility allows your sales force and customers to place, track and review orders. Customers can view their own order history, review a product catalog, and decide on delivery options without the need for a customer service representative. eChempax includes account management, forecasting and sales analytics, and offline access and optimizes the flow of information between your entire staff and customer base. eChempax shortens the sales service cycle with a more prompt response to customer needs. Data access is faster and reliable, facilitating easier contact and opportunity management. eChempax keeps your enterprise informed, makes your interaction direct and accurate, enhances productivity and reduces management and operating costs.

Deliver advanced functionality to your end users with faster transactions and streamlined service. eChempax takes steps out of your processes with customer notes, consolidated corporate calendars, price change management and real-time call report tracking, which results in a more cost-effective way of running your business.

General Features

eChempax combines CRM, an Executive Information System, Customer Service Portals, Price Management, Information Distribution, Sales Management and a powerful Transaction Engine into a single, easy-to-use, web-based application.

Contact Manager

eChempax is a single repository for all of your contacts. You can store, organize and categorize all private and shared business and personal contacts in one online loca¬tion. It organizes customers, prospects and personal contacts. It is fully integrated with Outlook so contacts can be accessed across your different applications.

Information Portal

Information drives decisions. eChempax provides immediate and historical information for you and your customers. It includes data about customers, products, orders, invoices, receivables and inventory. Whatever you need to know about a customer can be found in this portal. This includes what your customers buy, how much they buy, what they pay and who they buy it from.

Sales Analyzer

eChempax gives you a nearly unlimited number of views of your sales, volume and profit data by company, division, territory, sales representative, customer, industry, product class and product. You can sort, select and analyze all of this data online. You can drill down to the actual orders that drive the sales views.

Pricing Manager

The dynamic nature of pricing and the need to protect your margins in todayýs market requires an easy-to-use methodology for changing and approving price changes. eChempax tracks the entire request-to-approval process so that prices donýt slip through the cracks. It also shows the complete pricing history by product by customer.

Sales Lead Tracker

Increased visibility and knowing the status of every opportunity provides you with the information necessary to develop and deploy the right strategy. As a sales representative, your pipeline is easily controlled and as a sales manager you can see what you are and what youýre not doing in every account.

Transaction Engine

eChempax is more than CRM because it has built-in transactions that allow you or your customers to enter and track orders directly online. Orders can be entered 24/ 7. The customer order templates and reminders make it easy for customers to place orders. The automated order acknowledgement sends a confirmation e-mail to the customer once it is approved.

Correspondence Log Book

Record keeping is a vital component of a good sales representative. The online shared notebook organizes the data and provides filter and sort options that keep you organized and help you analyze your sales calls. The openness with manage¬ment makes it ideal for collaboration across the organization.

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