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Help your maintenance workers to do their jobs even more effectively with the use of CMMS software by MaintSmart. MaintSmart is the only software that integrates reliability analysis (AMSAA military standard) into the PM system to provide optimized preventative maintenance task lists. MaintSmart’s work order system provides eight different work order formats, automatic inventory parts linking and multiple personnel on each work order. Additionally, OPC linking to user-defined meters is used to automatically create work based upon meter readings.

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Equipment Failure Tracking (Down Time)

MaintSmart analyzes, charts and reports on equipment failures or down time (equipment failure analysis). There are several reports available for reporting equipment failures. All data from the equipment failure screen may be exported to Excel or OLAP (online analytical processing) for further processing and analysis. MaintSmart 4.1 utilizes powerful OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Like most of the screens in MaintSmart CMMS Software there are only a couple of required fields. This make it possible to enter a simple down time record quickly and come back later to edit it with additional information later as needed.

The Equipment Failure Tracking in the MaintSmart CMMS Software screen (down time analysis) provides four more ways to analyze equipment failure data by building the exact query you need for the situation. After this data set has been returned you may then link the data set to the OLAP component and analyze it even further. Either of these data sets may be imported to Excel with a couple button clicks.

A corresponding work order may be optionally created when entering equipment failure record. This work order task may then be automatically associated with the failure cause for this down time instance and later used automatically to generate a work order with no user input. Later work orders associated with equipment failure can be accessed to see what work was performed to correct this equipment breakdown.

Equipment Failure Tracking Features

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) - Uses availability, quality and performance. These three KPI are rolled into one value and charted.

Reliability Analysis - MaintSmart CMMS software is the only CMMS system that integrated AMSAA military standard reliability analysis into the software. This analysis tool will guide you to optimized preventive maintenance task lists using MTBF (mean time between failure) and increasing or decreasing failure rate.

Down time (equipment failures) is tracked three ways - Time Down, Time To Repair and Impact. Impact is an opportunity cost that may be used however you want.

Equipment Failure Data - Exports directly to an Excel chart - and comprehensive maintenance-related statistics.

Preventive Maintenance

With MaintSmart CMMS software you may use the powerful maintenance management system to manage all preventive maintenance. This screen provides a preventive maintenance software system that handle simple calendar-based PMs. This simple to use yet powerful preventitive maintenance system may automatically schedule PMs using multiple filters then print and/or email the schedule of preventive maintenance tasks to one or more recipients or printers. This system is set up once and then uses a floating date range to issue the correct PM task list without any effort by the maintenance manager. PMs may be closed by the maintenance technician and permissions and passwords ensure that the maintenance technician only access his own PM task list.

The equipment tree view provides a way to drag and drop preventive maintenance tasks onto machinery. Preventive maintenance labor and spares costs may be quickly and accurately reported on.

More Preventive Maintenance Information:

Preventive Maintenance tasks self-replicate - Create PMs once then simply close them when completed. The CMMS takes care of archiving them and resetting the next assigned date and due date .

Preventive Maintenance Details - Add up to 2 GB of detail text to each PM task. Copy in OEM manual data by dragging into PM Details screen. Details are saved for reuse so they make excellent safety instructions or SOPs.

Issue PM Task Lists - Use the print scheduler to automatically issue the correct PM task list to the correct maintenance technician by printer or email…

Link Preventive Maintenance Tasks to a Work Order - Create new work orders from a preventive maintenance task lists. PMs are embedded into the work order details. When the work order is closed all linked PMs are also closed.

Preventive Maintenance History - Determine cost of preventive maintenance. Summarize and chart results with no effort.

Purchase Order and Inventory Tracking

This Purchase Order Software and Inventory Tracking tool is simple to use and benefit from and with the proper use of passwords and permissions nearly all users can use this system at some level. For example some maintenance technicians may only have permissions to requisition spare parts whereas others, such as the maintenance manager, could possibly approved high cost line items on a requisition. Setting can also be made to require multiple electronic signatures for line item approval of purchase. Once spares have been approved for purchase another user (purchasing agent) may create a purchase order for the items.

This CMMS software system also provides for inventory and purchasing from acquisition to usage of spares on equipment for work orders, preventive maintenance, down time or other reasons. Request for Quote (RFQ) is also included so that an RFQ may be created and then emailed to the vendor. Once quoted prices are entered into the CMMS system the RFQ can be converted to a Purchase Requisition with one button click. Report and analyze spare parts usage for all equipment maintenance and quickly report on the costs associated with equipment ownership.

Parts linking work orders or preventive maintenance task lists automatically use parts when the PM or work order is created or closed. Perform an with the assistance from the Physical Inventory audit screen . You may also Barcode your spares for reliable and quick check out from the parts bin.

Inventory and purchasing analysis components provide extensive analysis data with reports and charts. Spare parts may also be displayed in a tree view. This tree view provides a simple way for the user to drag and drop parts to create a purchase requisition.

More Purchase Order Information:

Purchase Order Formats - Multiple purchase order formats to choose from.

Purchasing Reports - Many purchase order reports available. Reports by account, cost center date period, vendor and more.

Duplicate Purchase Orders - Duplicate common or reoccurring purchase orders then tweek as needed by removing or adding spares items if needed.

Reports for Received Spares on Purchase Order - Create a part location report, a parts received by report and generate barcode for the received parts all with one button click each.

Invoice Tracking - Enter and track open and closed invoices.

Inventory Requisitions - Create spare parts requisitions several different ways: from a RFQ, from the Inventory Tree, from the Hot Sheet or requisition screen.

Compare to ERP - With this CMMS Software system you can cancel your costly ERP subscription and rely completely on MaintSmart for a fraction of the cost.

More Inventory Tracking Information:

Multiple Search Methods - Search up to nine fields simultaneously. Column search any data grid by typing into the column header. Create your own custom purchase order or inventory tracking screen filters then save them as a menu item.

Inventory May be Viewed in Different Way - Display inventory from tree view, hot sheet or main inventory screen.

Inventory and Purchasing Reports - many reports available. Export any data directly to Excel too if needed.

Search Inventory - Multiple ways to to search and filer inventory to find the spare part you need quickly.

Link Spares to Preventive Maintenance Tasks or a Work Order - Not only are the needed parts linked but this CMMS software automatically withdraws the part from inventory and automatically adjusts the quantity. This also works in the reverse if you need to return a spare part to inventory.

Spares Usage History - Determine cost of preventive maintenance, work order and down time spares use. Summarize and chart results or export to the OLAP component for further analysis.

Work Order

Work orders may be created automatically by the maintenance scheduler using time intervals or meters. Work requests are elevated to full work order status by the maintenance manager. This eliminates extra work. Work orders may contain unlimited file attachments that print automatically with the work order. These can be any file type. Work order templates are copies of existing work orders that may be used to create new work orders. These new work orders are identical to the template and even include any file attachments and a parts list. Work order templates may be manually triggered to create a new work order or better yet link them to schedules or meters. Examples of schedules could be: Every Monday at 8:00 AM, Every 7 Days, On the 10th of Every Month and so on.

There are several shortcuts and options under the Options menu such as: default settings to create a work order with pre-populated fields, duplicate work order and linking preventive maintenance tasks into a work order.

Meters may be defined by the maintenance management team and can be anything you need. Examples might be: 100 Cycles, 3 Days, 2000 Cuts. These metered work orders may be manually updated or automatically read data from any OPC compliant data network source on the plant floor. MaintSmart CMMS software can actually be set-up so that the equipment tells you when it needs work and responds by creating then printing a new work order.

More Work Order Information:

Work Order Duplication - One mouse-click to duplicate an existing work order.

Work Order Details - Add up to 2 GB of detail text to a work order. Use drag and drop to copy in OEM manual data. Details are saved for reuse so they make excellent SOPs.

Work Order Templates - Work order templates are boiler plate copies of existing work orders that may be used to create new work orders.

Automated Work Order - Create new work orders from a meter or a user-defined schedule.

Work Order from Equipment History - Create a work order with one mouse-click from the equipment tree view.

Work Order from Equipment Down Time - Automatically create a new work order to respond to an equipment failure instance.

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Submitted on November 14th, 2019 by Sara Lee

I’d recommend MaintSmart for any company where maintenance software costs need to be controlled through improved equipment reliability and inventory control. MaintSmart is simple to use.