A maintenance management solution for assets, equipment, inventory, and more.

About ManagerPlus

ManagerPlus helps you manage work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, and historical records faster and more efficiently. Customizable alerts tell you when schedules are due, when parts need to be restocked, and more. Complete inspections on mobile devices. Plug your spreadsheets directly into ManagerPlus to get up and running fast. Integrates with GPS, accounting, and fuel/meter tracking systems. Stop wasting time on paperwork and focus on what matters most.

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ManagerPlus Features

ManagerPlus solution automates the management of maintenance operations, reducing administrative busywork, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and freeing up resources.

The system automatically tracks complete work history for every asset, tying in all associated work orders, making it easy to see everything that has been done on any asset at any time, without all the paperwork.

PM/routine maintenance schedules are tracked for every piece of equipment in ManagerPlus, making it easier to stay ahead on planned work and avoid breakdowns and emergencies.

With ManagerPlus, a business can keep proper control of their inventory levels all the time, ensuring they never run out of critical parts, while also eliminating the costs associated with carrying obsolete inventory.

Businesses can analyze data in real time for better operational visibility with integrated reporting and alerts for key performance indicators.

ManagerPlus Target Market

Our solutions are fully customizable, and support any type of asset (equipment, machinery, facilities, fleet, etc.). Products are available for all business sizes and configurations.

ManagerPlus Pricing

The cost of ManagerPlus starts at $85/user/month. There is a free trial available. There is a free version available.

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User Reviews of ManagerPlus

Submitted on January 26th, 2011 by an anonymous ManagerPlus user.

With ManagerPlus I was able to track my assets, and be able to see where my potential liabilities may occur so I can run my business more effectively.

We all came to the conclusion that ManagerPlus was the one we needed to go with to meet the needs of our company. It met all of our needs. It tracked our assets. Each department found it was more efficient to use, and it helped us create our reports we needed to become more efficient and saved the company more money.

For an asset intensive company, I would highly recommend ManagerPlus.