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About ManagerPlus

ManagerPlus is an easy-to-use cloud-based maintenance management software for businesses of all sizes. They help link all aspects of your maintenance operations, from scheduled maintenance and work orders to parts inventory and purchasing. The software has been successfully implemented into manufacturing, fleets, facilities, construction, government, and farming environments.

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There are two crucial components that ensure the success of any CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) deployment. And, although they might seem fairly obvious, they often get forgotten during the product evaluation process.

  • Short Learning Curve
  • Ease of Use

Short learning curve and ease of use make certain that the system you pay for will actually get used. A study of CMMS Best Practices performed by ReliabiltyWeb.com, found that only 20% of CMMS deployments are characterized as successful. The study pointed to the primary causes of failure arising from complex features and difficult to learn software products that discourage wide spread use.

Usability is paramount. The ManagerPlus CMMS program is designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain. The right CMMS system will ensure reliable operation of equipment and vehicles, proper planning and scheduling, and accurate inventories.

Features of ManagerPlus

The top capabilities included with ManagerPlus include:

Alternate Parts

Produce alternate parts lists that can be used when you are out of a specific partýsaving you valuable time.

Asset Depreciation

ManagerPlus allows you to track the depreciation on your assets using the Straight Line Depreciation method.

Chemical Application

When filling out required reports, ManagerPlus’ optional Chemical Application Tracking System saves you valuable time. It’s easy to enter and quick to retrieve. Compile data by chemical or area within application dates. ManagerPlus assists you in meeting the reporting requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Ideal for golf courses, park and recreation departments, and grounds maintenance. This option includes MSDS information on CD ROM.

Data Importer + Exporter

Transfer data in to or out of your favorite spreadsheet, report or database program. This optional feature provides ultimate flexibility to customize reports and analyze your data from different perspectives.

Expense Tracking

ManagerPlus analyzes your projected budget versus actually showing you the variance on a monthly basis. With Expense Tracking, ManagerPlus helps you account for all of your maintenance expenses. If needed, budgets can be grouped for reporting purposes.

Fuel + Oil Tracking

Detect early signs of equipment and vehicle fatigue. ManagerPlus monitors performance based on fuel and/or oil consumption. Fuel per mile/hour and oil per mile/hour reports can be printed to help pinpoint and prevent potential problems.

Fuel Tracking Importer

Import valuable information into ManagerPlus from your fuel tracking system (e.g. GasBoy, Fuel Masterý, Petro-Vendý, etc.). Information that can be imported includes: date, time, gallons, driver, milers/hours and downtime. The Fuel Tracking Importer saves you the time of manually entering updated information. This optional module provides several reports, including Vehicle Billing (shows fuel usage by vehicle) and Department Billing (shows departmental fuel usage).

Parts Inventory

Simple, fast and accurate ý ManagerPlus tracks all of the information you need for inventory.

  • Track Inventory status and eliminate costly stockouts or surpluses with the reorder and overage functions.
  • View a detailed list of all purchases.
  • Automatically generate a purchase order with the quantity needed to bring stock back to the normal stocking level.

Preventive Maintenance

Maximize your resources, reduce downtime and increase efficiency with ManagerPlus. The easy-to-use, intuitive system helps you identify potential breakdowns and prevent equipment failureýimpacting your production and profits. ManagerPlus automatically creates work orders when preventive maintenance is due and it documents your activities making it easier to analyze trends and spot recurrent problems.

Purchase Orders

Quickly enter purchase orders or have them automatically generated for you when inventory items are low. Gives you complete flexibility to generate, change, delete, and print purchase orders. Purchase orders automatically update inventory quantities, as well as expenses.

Repair Histories

Produce complete repair histories for each vehicle, including parts and labor. Review your repair costs in a variety of waysýgeographic location, department, type, ID number, etc.


ManagerPlus provides a variety of flexible and powerful reports to analyze your inventory, maintenance, budgets, accounting, labor, repair histories, work orders, expenses, chemical logs, etc.


Monitor maintenance by odometer, hours, days, calendar dates, days of the week, tire depth, or fuel and oil consumption. ManagerPlus maintenance software monitors everything that needs routine maintenance (e.g. heavy equipment, trucks, manufacturing systems, parks and zoos, city streets, buildings, vehicles, airport ground equipment, golf courses, etc.)

Sub Assets

Track maintenance and service schedules on engines and other components of your major assets.

Tire Tracking

Track purchase date, original cost of tire, re-treading and history of repairs, and tire depth. Tires can be identified by position and location on vehicle.

Warranty Tracking

Track the warranty information on all of your equipment, tools and vehicles. Know when your assets are still covered under warranty, length of term and more.

Work Orders

ManagerPlus creates work orders for routine maintenance, eliminating any manual input. For unscheduled maintenance, ManagerPlus provides an easy work description and parts entry system. Classify work orders by the type of work performed. Once completed, the inventory, history, and budget files are updated automatically.

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User Reviews of ManagerPlus

Submitted on January 26th, 2011 by an anonymous ManagerPlus user.

With ManagerPlus I was able to track my assets, and be able to see where my potential liabilities may occur so I can run my business more effectively.

We all came to the conclusion that ManagerPlus was the one we needed to go with to meet the needs of our company. It met all of our needs. It tracked our assets. Each department found it was more efficient to use, and it helped us create our reports we needed to become more efficient and saved the company more money.

For an asset intensive company, I would highly recommend ManagerPlus.