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If you’re looking for a highly customizable maintenance management system, we suggest checking out Limble CMMS. Not only is it user-friendly and equipped with visual dashboards, but it’s also perfect for businesses that frequently need to update data related to assets, equipment, and machinery.

It’s a mobile-first software that keeps managers organized, automates processes, and streamlines operations. You get the best of both worlds with desktop and mobile applications, ensuring you can access these services wherever you are. However, if you’re working with limited assets, Limble CMMS might not be the best fit for you. Additionally, if you’re in need of fleet management capabilities, you might want to explore other options.

Our Rating
based on our expert editorial analysis
User Rating
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Best for: Small to large companies with 1-500 employees which have facilities, plants, or fleets to maintain.
  • Ease of use allows access to all employees
  • Fully functional trial
  • Limited setup period
  • Can not schedule a WO to become active in the future
  • Limited form customization
  • Periodic refreshes rather than instantaneous updates
Starting Price
$35 /user/month
Price Range Learn More
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   $     $     $     $     $   
  • Developer Limble Cmms
  • Client OS iOS, Android, Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

What is Limble CMMS?

Limble CMMS is a mobile-first CMMS software designed to assist with maintenance by helping managers organize, automate, and streamline operations. Both desktop and mobile applications are available to provide access to services anywhere.

Pros Cons
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Over 100 pre-built integrations available.
  • Desktop and mobile apps available.
  • Per user costs can add up for larger companies.
  • Integration options with non-prebuilt third-party platforms might require an additional quote to implement.

Target Market

Companies with 1-500 employees will find the best use of Limble CMMS software. This includes small to large sized companies with physical assets that need maintenance, such as:

  • Facilities
  • Plants
  • Fleets

Our Ratings

Usability - 9.8 Has a modern and responsive interface; lets users fully customize dashboards for fully personalized views.
Support - 9.7 Includes support through online chat, email, and phone; response time averages a few minutes; Business Plus and Enterprise plans include dedicated customer service manager.
Features - 9.6 Features are comprehensive for asset management, monitoring, and maintenance; the mobile app offers the same features as the browser version.
Security - 10 API access is limited to Business Plus and Enterprise plans; only Enterprise has 21 CFR regulatory compliance; users can be automatically logged out after a customizable period of time.
Value - 9.0 Plans start at $55 per user per month when billed annually; free trial is available; some features are limited to higher cost plans; the enterprise-level plan pricing is custom.
Performance - 9.7 Functionality was fast and responsive; drag-and-drop made for easy changes to dashboards; no slowness or performance issues.
Scalability - 10 Plans can be changed at any time to fit organizational needs; cloud storage begins at 50 GB and goes to unlimited at higher tiered plans.


While testing out Limble CMMS, a few key features stood out:

Automated Dashboards

Limble CMMS has several different dashboards you can display when using the software. It’s easy to change between dashboards to see different data at a glance. You can set up your own parameters as well, such as having a monthly report run itself automatically once a new month has started. This was a great feature, as it meant you only had to create a report or dashboard once and Limble took care of filling in the rest.

Limble CMMS Global Dashboard

There are pre-existing widgets you can use as a starting point to build your custom dash. However, if you need something more, you can reach out to Limble and they can try making it for you. Finished widgets can be dragged-and-dropped to look exactly how you want.

Work Order Management

Limble CMMS makes managing work orders simple. As mentioned with the customizable dashboards, you can view new, in-progress, and completed orders immediately after logging in. New WOs are easy to add as well, just select the appropriate category, such as Unplanned or Planned, and then click the green “Start WO” button. From there, you select the necessary assets, technicians, timeframe, and more.

New WO in Limble

A timer automatically starts whenever you view a newly assigned task. This helps streamline the logging process. There’s even an automated reminder if a user has spent over 5 minutes on a task without logging.

Log Time in Limble

Photo capture and markup can be added to the comment section of tasks to create a clear, complete record of what happened. Oh, and when a task is completed, a fun message and GIF pop up to celebrate success.

There are plenty of videos available on Limble to teach new users how to do different tasks, like a tutorial on setting default work orders templates on assets. This was super helpful when first getting set up with the program.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Limble CMMS lets you automate preventive maintenance scheduling based on time, asset usage, or equipment condition. A calendar on the global dashboard makes it easy to see who has upcoming tasks.

Task Calendar

What Features Are Missing?

Using Limble CMMS would have been better with a few added or improved features, like:

  • More 21 CFR coverage: Although Limble CMMS does offer 21 CFR, it’s only included in the Enterprise version. Since custom quotes are available for the Enterprise plan, this can still be affordable for many businesses looking for a way to prepare for 21 CFR audits.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing Features
Starter $65 per user per month or $55 per user per month (billed annually) Designed for small companies:
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Work orders
  • Data importing
  • Work requests (ticketing)
  • 10 vendors
  • 1 dashboard
Professional $100 per user per month or $85 per user per month (billed annually) Includes all Starter features, plus:
  • Advanced reporting
  • Parts inventory
  • Downtime tracking
  • Multiple locations
  • Barcode and QR codes
  • Unlimited dashboards
Business Plus $135 per user per month or $120 per user per month (billed annually) Includes all Professional features, plus:
  • Dedicated customer service manager
  • Workflow automation
  • API access
  • Purchasing (POs and budgets)
  • Offline mode
  • Vendor management
  • Unlimited vendors
Enterprise Custom quote Includes all Business Plus features, plus:
  • Cycle counts
  • Tool check in/out
  • Capital depreciation
  • Warranty tracking
  • Maps
  • Regions

Free trials are available for the Starter, Professional, and Business Plus plans. Businesses can switch to a different plan at any time based on changing business needs. And special pricing plans can be developed for non-profits or companies with special circumstances.


Here are some popular questions about Limble CMMS:

What does Limble CMMS do?

Limble CMMS is a computerized maintenance management software that maximizes the runtime and lifespan of machinery or equipment systems by automating maintenance operations in real-time.


MicroMain Screenshot
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
Client OS
Cloud Hosted
What We Like
Comprehensive features (spare parts, OEE, depreciation, reporting)
Robust mobile app (barcode scanning, labor rate tracking, offline use)
Unlimited sites, priced per user
What We Don’t Like
Purchase order feature lacking
Custom integrations for smart devices may be costly
External users require paid login for work orders
eMaint CMMS
eMaint CMMS Screenshot
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
Client OS
Cloud Hosted
What We Like
Customizable KPIs
Customizable workflows
Easy barcode scanning from mobile app
What We Don’t Like
Difficult to customize work orders and purchase orders
Limited formatting options
Hippo CMMS
Hippo CMMS Screenshot
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
Client OS
iOS, Android, Web
Cloud Hosted
What We Like
Best value at $35/user/month
Easy of navigation
Easy to attach photos via mobile app
What We Don’t Like
Can’t reopen old work orders
Difficult to use search function
No parts hierarchy in database


Based on our experience, we’d recommend Limble CMMS to businesses looking to automate their existing maintenance processes. This solution is especially useful for those looking for visual ways to manage assets. You can set the highly customizable Limble dashboards to refresh based on what timetable works best for you. You can also manually refresh at any time. All of this makes Limble best for those businesses which need real-time maintenance options.

Limble CMMS has multiple pricing plans available to fit budgets of all sizes. However, the per user price means costs can grow quickly. As such, this might not be a good fit for businesses which are currently scaling up and have tight budgets. We also would not recommend Limble to businesses which do not have considerable physical assets or need a fleet management solution.

Limble CMMS
Limble CMMS is a mobile-first CMMS software designed to assist with maintenance by helping managers organize, automate, and streamline operations. Both desktop and mobile applications are available to provide access to services anywhere.
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
Client OS
iOS, Android, Web
Cloud Hosted

User Reviews of Limble CMMS

Submitted on September 23rd, 2018 by Joe Romero

Prior to Limble, we managed in an old-school way. We used a lot of spreadsheets and verbal communication. We did not have the means to track what we were doing in our preventative maintenance programs.

I quickly realized what my predecessor was doing was working well, but there was no accountability or trackability if you will. I knew we needed a change and to upgrade what we were currently doing in order to better be more accountable to ourselves and to our company.

I reached out to a partner in the industry who is a Facilities Director who suggested Limble. It’s really great to see the maintenance staff embrace what we were doing. It only took them a week to get used to the software and now they prefer using Limble over what we had been doing

Labor is one of the most expensive components of what we do, so I know my team is more efficient. I’ve seen an increase in productivity of about 20-30% in the last 3-4 months since we’ve implemented Limble. It provides our technicians with the tools at their fingertips on their phones or tablets. If they are across campus they can look at their phones and know where to head. I can report to my executives that in the last 3 months, we’ve completed over 975 preventative maintenance tasks.We’re tracking our labor hours as well which helps create an operating budget.