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A Computerized Maintenance Management System designed by eMaint Enterprises, LLC

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About eMaint CMMS

eMaint’s state-of-the-art CMMS system can be tailored to meet the exact specifications of any maintenance, facilities or operations department and saves companies valuable time and money by better organizing, planning and managing maintenance activities. The results: less equipment downtime, greater return on assets, and improved efficiency, productivity and profitability.

eMaint CMMS software encompasses functionality for managing work orders and work requests, preventive maintenance, purchasing and inventory control, planning and scheduling, asset history, cost tracking, condition monitoring and robust reporting in one user-friendly and affordable solution. This on-demand solution can be accessed across multiple locations in multiple languages from any browser-based device (including smartphones).

Asset Management

Organizations looking to eliminate time-consuming and costly manual tracking processes can use the powerful Enterprise Asset Management functionality available within eMaint CMMS. Its Inventory Management, Preventive Management and Reporting/Dashboard features work together as a complete solution to help maximize the return on all assets.

In addition, eMaint can help organizations meet compliance standards through automated email alerts that notify teams when OSHA documentation needs to be updated, safety-related PMs need to be performed and inspections need to be done.

Inventory Management

Since 1986, eMaint has made it easy for organizations to track inventory across the globe with their computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) solution. With eMaint’s Inventory Management and Tracking capabilities, managers are able to purchase and receive assets, associate parts with PMs and quickly locate items.

In addition, eMaint’s mobile solution takes inventory management to the next level by enabling reliable mobile anytime, anywhere access between locations to accurately catalog all spare parts, reducing waste and spoilage.

The fully customizable inventory management and tracking tool supports FIFO, LIFO or moving average inventory accounting methods, and provides robust reporting for inventory tracking and accounting.

Preventive Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling

eMaint CMMS is an effective, easy-to-use Preventive Maintenance (PM) scheduling software system which can be used to design, implement and manage your company’s PM program. It is an efficient, cost effective preventive maintenance management software program for facilities of all sizes. From single sites to global enterprises, it is a maintenance application that can be tailored to all scenarios.

Reports & Dashboards

The fully customizable and configurable Reporting and Dashboard tools within eMaint’s Maintenance Management System enable you to create and modify reports (or select from over 95 pre-loaded reports), output them as text, PDFs, charts or graphs, add them to dashboards or generate and email them automatically on a pre-determined schedule.

Key Benefits

  • Spot trends on key performance measurements
  • Access up-to-the-minute data on work orders & PMs
  • Provide customized data analysis tools to all levels of management
  • Track worker productivity and material usage
  • Monitor equipment performance and work order completion rates

Key Features

  • Over 95 pre-loaded reports included
  • Report builder allows any user to easily create and modify reports
  • Output reports in PDF, HTML, .CSV, Excel, text or graphical formats
  • Reports can be auto-generated and emailed on a pre-set schedule
  • “Read Only” and “Private” report security options available
  • Standard and Customizable KPIs available
  • Add reports to dashboards in the format you choose
  • Dashboards can be customized to individual users

Work Orders

eMaint is a full-featured web-based Work Order Management software system that companies use to drive asset performance and improve return on investment. Stop the endless phone calls, post it notes, missing paperwork and use eMaint to reduce direct service costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase stakeholder and resource value.

Work Scheduling

eMaint CMMS is a best-of-breed, easy-to-use work order scheduling, preventive maintenance, and planned maintenance scheduling software system that has built-in tools to help you efficiently plan and schedule your work orders for more effective control of your maintenance process.

The Scheduling tool in eMaint helps you increase efficiency through better work order management.

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