ManagerPlus Desktop

A maintenance management desktop software system designed by ManagerPlus.

About ManagerPlus Desktop

Use this tool for a simple transition from a paper-based maintenance system, or a multi-location sophisticated maintenance operation with thousands of assets. ManagerPlus Desktop offers real power and flexibility to customize the solution to meet your exact business needs.

Three Editions – Small Business, Corporate, or Enterprise – provide the right mix of capabilities and price for your operation. We’d love to provide a quote for you today.


  • Increase Productivity - You can efficiently schedule maintenance tasks to your available resources. The ManagerPlus Desktop system helps ensure that when there is a job to do, the parts are available and your personnel know what is required.

  • Minimize Downtime - Make the move from corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance, saving your company time and money. Your management process can now be as well-oiled as your machines.

  • Consolidate Reporting - Keeping track of your work orders, inventory, and maintenance requirements is a major challenge, at any, just a few, or all of your locations at the same time. Our robust reporting makes it easy to get the whole picture across your entire organization.

  • Streamline Your Workflow - Distribute responsibilities throughout your organization with the user security roles features. Your staff will see and manage as much or as little as you choose. You can create security roles that allow any employee or only selected individuals to submit work orders.

Asset Tracking

If it can be maintained, counted or sold it can be tracked with ManagerPlus. Our system helps you manage and maintain your assets with simplicity + power. Track equipment, facilities, vehicles, components – anything that requires maintenance.

Inventory Control

Ensure that you have the parts on hand for your planned maintenance through parts forecasting. This can be a huge time-saver, and keep you from both expensive overstocking, and maintenance delays from parts availability problems.

Maintenance Scheduling

Proactive maintenance scheduling is at the heart of improving your equipment uptime and asset life. With MangerPlus you can quickly and easily schedule and review recurring maintenance tasks.

Purchase Orders / Budgeting

Our system helps you tie together parts, work orders and assets in a solid “book of record” that can even help you identify your best performing vendors.


You get the detailed, day-by-day analytical reporting for PMs, work orders etc. But, ManagerPlus also gives you the important top-level data to help you uncover efficiencies. And, ManagerPlus can report on any, just a few, or all of your locations at the same time. You’ll gain new actionable insights that help you improve the bottom line.

Work Order Management

Automatically generate work orders when maintenance is due, and easily distribute work orders to your staff. You’ll reduce the time needed to administer work requests and improve your asset performance.

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