WinBID and Remote Takeoff

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An estimating software system designed by Plexxis Software for commercial and residential construction projects.

Product Overview

WinBID is a construction management software designed for enterprises and SMEs. It offers a range of features such as audit trails, accounting integration, project management, and a historical database. The software is available for Windows and provides an end-to-end solution for various construction management needs​.


  • Low learning curve
  • Effective progress reporting tools
  • Automated budget adjustments with pre-construction revisions


  • Occasional glitches and crashes, especially after updates
  • Switching between jobs can be confusing
  • Sync issues and problems with the foreman app

Target Market

Commercial and residential construction projects and SMEs requiring estimating, takeoff, and accounting functionalities.

About WinBID and Remote Takeoff

WinBID and Remote Takeoff by Plexxiswork work together as estimating software specifically tailored for wall and ceiling contractors. This integrated system offers a team-based platform. It delivers flexibility with its dynamic items database and customizable processes and templates. This allows estimators to tailor WinBID to their specific needs and preferences.

It’s equipped for both commercial and residential construction estimating, with features like automated bid to budget, pre-construction budget adjustments, revision tracking, and robust security measures. Additionally, it supports collaborative team-based efforts and multi-estimator bidding, ensuring the collective expertise of all team members is utilized in each bid.


  • Multi-estimator management: Integrates all aspects of estimating into a single, centralized database for comprehensive control and oversight.
  • Remote take-off: Offers efficient and accurate takeoff capabilities, optimized for both office and remote settings.
  • Change order and alternate management: Facilitates easy creation and amendment of change orders, and allows for detailed cost breakdowns with its “Alternates” feature.
  • Bid success and budget analysis: Provides tools for tracking bids and generating detailed reports on bidding performance and other relevant statistics.
  • Addendum tracking: Enables creation of bid revisions for easy comparison of new changes with previous versions.
  • Drawing management: Supports full plan review and associated takeoff from WinBid on iPad, with access to project-specific bid information.

Video Overview

Product Overview

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User Reviews of WinBID and Remote Takeoff

Submitted on December 9th, 2019 by Anonymous

Being a long time user of the “Other Software”, there are 3 things that WinBid does not do.

1- Doesn’t take hours to “Convert” drawings. 2- Doesn’t become disconnected from the “other” software 3- Doesn’t get disconnected from drawings/database

After a little getting used to, I can’t see using any other take off software.

The Good…

Too many things to list

The Bad…

Adjustable sized count icons

Submitted on March 12th, 2019 by Ronnie Estes

The only estimating software in the universe that actually has a seemless connection to the accounting software

The Good…

The best feature is the single source database that completely unites your entire team onto common ground instead of everyone having their own data base that they can steal from you

The Bad…

The worst part of the software is that it has an overwhelming amount of reports you can run. After you get your favorites it turns into the best feature

Submitted on November 26th, 2018 by Richard Thompson

A superb blend of estimating and accounting software technology.

The Good…

The seamless transition from estimate to job in progress. Budget v’s actual costs with one click.

The Bad…

Minor bugs as the product evolves but the customer service and technical help is superb and immediate.

Submitted on April 6th, 2018 by Anonymous

TO many screens, to many clicks, not user friendly

The Good…

I dont know.

The Bad…

not user friendly. Take he 4 times longer using winbid.