A full ERP system designed by Applied Computer Systems for professional services and construction companies.


JOBPOWER is an easy to use, fully integrated accounting / job management system designed specifically for contractors and subcontractors. JOBPOWER includes:

  • Job Cost
  • G/L
  • A/P
  • Job budgets
  • Payroll
  • Change orders
  • A/R
  • Billing (AIA and T&M)
  • Over/under billings
  • W2’s, 1099’s, Certified payroll
  • Multiple pay rates/states/unions per pay check
  • Prevailing wage
  • Subcontract status
  • Purchase orders
  • Lien waivers
  • Financial statements for construction

Accounts Payable

The job accounting software keeps track of payables, prints checks and helps you reconcile your bank accounts. While JOBPOWER is doing this, it is also updating other sections of accounting so that the information is included in all pertinent reports. The program performs valuable error checking such as verifying invoice numbers so you don’t pay the same invoice twice. If you find that you entered an invoice or check incorrectly, it’s easy to make a correction. Pay your suppliers and subcontractors efficiently, easily, and accurately whether you pay by due date, by job, or by vendor.

Some Features Include:

  • Multiple accounts/jobs per invoice
  • Allowed discounts
  • Subcontract retainage
  • Duplicate invoice warning
  • Over billed warning
  • Insurance expiration warning
  • Automatically posts to G/L and to jobs
  • Pay by vendor, date, or invoice
  • Easy to correct previous entries
  • Easy to record manual checks
  • Recurring payables
  • Prints on standard check forms
  • Customize to your check form
  • Deduct WCI on subcontractor check
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Non-check deductions
  • Transfer bank account funds
  • Joint payment checks
  • 1099’s
  • Vendor mailing labels

Accounts Receivable

The program manages all of your billings, receipts and records relating to your income from jobs (or other sources). JOBPOWER contains two billing methods - one is specifically for progress billings against a contract and the other can be used for time and material or other invoices

Some Features Include:

  • Progress billings
  • AIA Cover Sheet (G702)
  • AIA Continuation Sheet (G703)
  • Retainage for the job
  • Time and material invoices
  • Customize invoice layout
  • Job and non-job invoices
  • Extension and markups
  • Sales tax
  • Contract change orders
  • Posts billings to A/R
  • Record manually prepared invoices
  • Easy to revise an A/R record
  • Deposits applied to A/R
  • Can post deposits directly to jobs
  • Customer payment to vendor
  • Bad debt write off of A/R
  • Customer mailing labels
  • Customer statements
  • Item file for billing

Document Management

Our latest software innovation, DocumentVision, helps contractors streamline their record keeping by storing data electronically. DocumentVision can manage a wide array of document types, from photos and CAD drawings to e-mails and invoices. All these documents are securely stored and easily retrieved. To give you even more control, DocumentVision works seamlessly with JOBPOWER accounting software.

Regardless of the size of your business, we can help you save time, money and space with this software. Simply enter the data into the master files and DocumentVision allows you to retrieve what you need, when you need it. Documents can be searched by date, size, filename or keywords. By keeping sorting and filing as simple as possible, you’ll never waste time looking for paperwork again.

Software Features:

  • Helps organize and manage all important data
  • Creates a central, secure document repository
  • Check-in and check-out capability (retain different versions of the same document)
  • Indexed documents may be searched by full text searching or descriptions and keywords.
  • You can also search by date, size, or filename
  • Import/export capabilities
  • Eliminates misfiled papers, and multiple filing cabinets
  • Supports all file types: Microsoft Word, Excel, CAD drawing, image files, digital photos, PDF’s & more
  • No need to convert documents to HTML
  • Full integration with JOBPOWER: no need to re-enter information about jobs, companies,customers or vendors


DocumentVision can streamline records management by reducing your company’s reliance on paper, PDFs, reports, CAD drawings, photos, images, graphics, or any file created by a Windows application. Once stored, you can sort, categorize, search and retrieve your data the way YOU want, locating by Company, Job, Vendor, or with quick and simple keyword searches.

Software Features:

  • Simple to use
  • Full integration with JOBPOWER
  • Scanning, Dragging & Dropping, and importing all file types
  • Easy versioning, searching, & retrieval capabilities
  • Improved Document Security, offering multiple levels of control
  • ýLook Upý feature that instantly finds files in JOBPOWER
  • Calender, Workflow, Audit History, Custom Templates & Forms

General Ledger

The program collects entries that you make for accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll and posts them to the general ledger. You may also make miscellaneous journal entries to the general ledger. CPA’s often recommend JOBPOWER to their contractor clients because of the program’s complete audit trail and controlled ledgers. The program makes sure that all ledgers (A/P, A/R, G/L and Job Ledger) are in balance. You don’t have to know debits and credits because when you enter invoices, checks, billings, payroll, etc., the program makes entries to the G/L automatically.

Some Features Include:

  • Complete audit trail
  • All ledgers balance to G/L
  • Miscellaneous entries to the G/L
  • Posts over/under billings (optional)
  • Easy to close month and year
  • Operate with 2 months open at a time
  • Automatic year end entries (optional)
  • Prior year adjustments from current year
  • Cash or accrual basis of accounting
  • Up to nine companies


JOBPOWER’s inventory software can create more efficiency and control for your business by tracking all inventory transactions. Transfers between locations are a breeze as JOBPOWER follows your materials from delivery to the warehouse and even to service vehicles. You can charge inventory to specific jobs, keeping track of waste and surplus materials. Management reports give you visibility over your inventory while Inventory Restocking reports assure you’ll never run out of materials you need.

Software Features:

  • Stock vehicles or warehouses
  • Stocking specs by location
  • Minimum stocking level
  • Charge inventory to job cost
  • Receipts from vendors
  • Returns from jobs
  • Physical counts
  • Location transfers
  • Other usage
  • Count variances
  • Track quantity and amount
  • Job leftovers
  • Inventory valuation

Job Cost

While you are entering accounts payable invoices, writing checks, billing customers, etc., the software is efficiently filing away all the details related to jobs. This means job information is always up-to-date. Powerful job reports give you detailed and summarized information so that you always know where you stand in each phase of the job. Numerous report formats are available whether to monitor job cost against budget or to present job information to a customer. If you don’t find just the report you’re looking for, you can use Customized Job Reports to specify the fields and calculations for your own custom report.

Some Features Include:

  • Job cost by category
  • Job cost by location (building, etc.)
  • Job budget by category
  • Import an estimate into a budget
  • Manually enter / revise job budget
  • Track subcontracts
  • Distribute payroll by job
  • Track job purchase orders
  • Change orders to contract
  • Change orders to subcontracts
  • Change orders to budget
  • Backcharges to subcontracts
  • Customized Job Reports
  • Loan draws


JOBPOWER’s Payroll is powerful enough to handle the special requirements of construction and flexible enough to allow you to use just the features you need. Since tracking job cost is essential to the construction business, JOBPOWER distributes gross pay and hours to jobs. The program also figures out the debits and credits to post to the general ledger.

Costs over and above your employees’ hourly wages - such as social security, insurance, and union contributions - can optionally be calculated and distributed to jobs. This feature helps you accurately bill a time and material job, better gauge future estimates, and stay informed of a job’s actual costs.

Some Features Include:

  • FREE tax changes
  • State / local tax withholdings
  • Multiple states per employee
  • 401(k)
  • Employee loans
  • Cafeteria plan (Act 125)
  • Garnishments
  • Pro-rate salary to jobs
  • Non-taxable expense reimbursement
  • Vacation, sick and holiday hours
  • Multiple WCI classes per employee
  • Multiple hourly rates per employee
  • Union withholding
  • Taxable & non-taxable union contributions
  • Multiple unions per employee
  • Multiple payrolls in a pay period
  • Easy to make corrections
  • Prevailing wage rates
  • Distributes to job cost
  • Prints on standard check forms
  • Customize to your check form
  • Easy to record manual checks
  • Notes in employee record
  • Complete audit trail
  • W2s
  • Magnetic media for federal W2s
  • Interview makes it easy to get started
  • Set up anytime during calendar year
  • Extensive union fund calculations


The powerful, up-to-date job management reports give detailed and summarized information so that you always know where you stand in each phase of the job. Each report offers options for different sequences and formats to give you the exact information you need. Customized Job Reports allow you to personalize the information you are tracking. You can create specific reports tailored to which fields and calculations are most important to you.

For the accountant, the controlled design of the software insures that the Job Ledger report always balances to the general ledger. This integrated job information provides a complete audit trail for any job on your financial statement.

JOBPOWER’s Over/Under Billings and the Work in Progress reports can prove to be essential. Many bonding companies require these reports and JOBPOWER makes them effortless.

Software Features:

Management Reports

  • Job Cost History
  • Budget vs. Actual Cost
  • Labor Hours
  • Billing status
  • Subcontract Status
  • Purchase Order Status
  • Job Financial Status
  • Job Ledger Summary
  • Over/under Billings
  • Expected Cost to Complete
  • Work in Progress
  • Committed Cost
  • Labor Productivity
  • Unit Cost

Vendor/Customer Reports

  • Accounts Payable
  • Vendor Activity
  • Vendor List
  • 1099’s
  • Vendor Use Tax
  • Item Purchases
  • Subcontractor Insurance Expiration
  • Subcontractor Insurance Audit
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Tax
  • Customer Activity
  • Billing Status
  • List of Invoices
  • Customer List

Financial Reports

  • General Ledger
  • Detailed Account Transactions
  • Cash Receipts
  • Check Register
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Financial Statement
  • 12-month Income Statement
  • Divisional Income Statement
  • Consolidated Financial Statement
Starting Price
$3,000 (perpetual license)

Product Overview

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User Reviews of JOBPOWER

Submitted on February 4th, 2020 by James Mitchell

It’s a credit to JOBPOWER that even contractors who aren’t trained in accounting can understand how to use the software.

Submitted on February 4th, 2020 by Carol Allen

JOBPOWER fits the needs of both of our construction companies - a mechanical contractor and an electrical contractor. It’s so easy to use that I haven’t even had to study the manual.

Submitted on October 2nd, 2019 by Gina Coats

I have used JOBPOWER since 1995 and have absolutely loved it! This program thinks like I do! It is the most ‘user-friendly’ accounting software I have used. There are so many challenges in the daily life of a construction company office - it’s great that our computer software is not one of them!

Submitted on October 2nd, 2019 by Therese Styck

Being suddenly ‘tossed’ into the position of handling all of our accounting data, I was concerned because I had little knowledge of accounting software. JOBPOWER was so easy to follow and intuitive to use that I had no problem at all jumping right in and taking over where our previous bookkeeper left off. The support staff also made the transition as comfortable as possible for me and I have nothing but the highest praises for the software and support reps!