A full ERP system designed by C/F Datasystems, LLC..


With capabilities like AIA Billing, Work in Process Bonding reports, Certified Payrolls, T&M Billing with interfaces to several pricing services including Trade Service & Bradford, a comprehensive Purchasing program and fully functional Service Dispatch…STRUCTURE is the standard by which to measure all others…

STRUCTURE is ODBC compliant which allows for you to easily integrate with other applications on your desktop like MS Word, Excel and Access.

Track your change orders and easily manage them from inception to billing…Improve the timeliness and accuracy of your Job Cost…Expedite your billing to improve your cash flow…Minimize the reliance on key people to run your office…TAKE CONTROL TODAY!!!

We will assist you in every aspect of the project…we can provide data conversion services, we’ll train your office staff and field staff as is necessary, we’ll pass on to you all of our wisdom gained over the last two decades of working with contractors like yourself to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Accounts Payable

Cash flows both ways and Structure helps you keep track of where your cash is going. Structure automatically posts purchases to Job Cost and General Ledger, and ages invoices by due date or invoice date for any time period. With Structure, you can run cash management reports by job, due date, selected vendors’ invoices or various combinations.

You can maintain sub-contractor records of billing to date and contract amount outstanding, lien waiver and insurance expiration dates, and even track Retainage.

Of course, you can post partial payments, create joint checks and post to multiple General Ledger periods in the same batch. You can also enter recurring payments for automatic posting. There’s even a vendor note subsystem for correspondence.

Standard A/P inquiries and reports include:

  • Purchase Journal
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Vendor List
  • A/P Aging
  • Billing and Payment Histories
  • Voucher and Check Registers
  • Cash Requirements
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Subcontractor Reporting
  • 1099’s

Accounts Receivable

Your cash flow starts with receivables and Structure’s Accounts Receivable Module lets you view and analyze your cash flow from every conceivable vantage point.

Structure automatically posts invoice data from the Job Cost Module, updates Cash Receipts, and automatically controls Retainage. Sort and run aging with various options.

With Structure’s password-controlled access, you can permit selected operators to edit cash receipts and adjustments (and Structure will provide an audit trail of those edits).

You also get a complete Collections File with interactive notes for tracking calls and responses, and standard letters you can easily customize. As with every part of Structure, we provide you with a range of models and templates based on twenty years of experience, then we give you easy-to-use tools to customize Structure to meet your business needs.

Standard A/R inquiries and reports include:

  • Sales Analysis
  • Customer Statements
  • Customer Activity Reports
  • Customer List Reporting
  • Aging for a variety of standard or customizable time periods by job, customer, project manager, or other criteria you define
  • Invoice and Payment History
  • Cash Receipts and Sales Registers
  • Commission Reporting

Fixed Assets & Equipment

It’s easy to create a dynamic Fixed Assets database with Structure. You get quick and easy access to two critical elements of your fixed assets–Depreciation Schedules and Preventive Maintenance.

Depreciation Schedules Structure integrates your Depreciation Schedule with your General Ledger. But it does more–it lets you easily set it up to report depreciation on a tax basis and on a third alternate schedule you define.

Preventive Maintenance

Structure’s integrated Preventive Maintenance Schedule determines when maintenance is required and the parts you need.

You can even print out a service ticket. And there’s more. Structure links Fixed Assets to its other modules. You can:

  • Track equipment and maintain equipment history
  • Analyze revenue and expenses
  • Review cost per hour of usage

With Structure’s Fixed Assets Module, you have another dynamic and useful management tool.

General Ledger

In any accounting system, all transactions link to General Ledger, and with Structure, you can isolate and highlight those transactions for time periods you define. You can work in multiple periods and you can isolate department, division and multi-company accounts. You can create supporting schedules for every account. Of course, you can set up automatic accruals, reversals and recurring entries. Structure performs all the standard functions of a powerful General Ledger system. But it’s the user-created capabilities that make it shine.

Create your own custom financial reports. Export a Trial Balance to a spreadsheet program for off-site auditing. Produce financial statements for unclosed periods, and for prior periods, at any time of the month.

And remember, because of Structure’s password-controlled access restrictions, you can set up dozens of authorization levels, for data entry, editing, analysis, report consolidation, design and output. The CEO can review reports, the CFO consolidate them, and a clerk can make the entries. Structure lets you easily set up whatever safeguards you need for your vital financial data.

Some General Ledger inquiries and reports include:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Trial balance Reporting
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Balance sheet Reporting
  • Income Statement Reporting
  • Auditor’s Trial balance
  • Management Reporting
  • Supporting Schedules
  • Comparative Reporting
  • Check Reconciliation

Job Processing

Your business starts with jobs. Structure’s Job Cost Module allows you to view and analyze all the significant details of each job, and allows you to summarize and compare jobs to budget. Develop your own budget in dollars, hours or units, by cost code and cost type, or import a budget from one of the many third party estimating programs that seamlessly integrate with Structure.

Of course, you’re not the only party interested in job cost. Structure’s flexible reporting options help you to analyze and report over and under billing and projections, for your bonding company and your bank.

Just look at the wide variety of standard inquiries and reports:

  • Open Jobs
  • Work in Process
  • Category Budget
  • Detail Costs
  • Job Summary
  • Tool Locator
  • Stock Slips
  • Workers’ Comp
  • Field Report Worksheet
  • Change Order Analysis and AIA G701, AIA G702 and G703
  • T&M and Unit Price Bills
  • Project Manager Reports
  • Invoice History
  • Equipment Profitability
  • Sales and Use Tax

With Structure’s ýdrill downý capability, start with a summary then ýdrill downý to the detail. Access inventory and payroll tables for T&M billing. Product inventory can be priced automatically. Maintain all jobs and perform billing on a requisition, AIA, Cost Plus, Time and Materials or Unit Price Billing basis for Utility, Federal and State projects. All modules have report generators that easily allow you to create the most effective report.

No job is static. Change is part of your business, and Structure’s ability to handle Job Change Orders is what raises it above the pack. With Structure you can create Change Order proposals and organize your Change Orders by date, job, or customer.

You can also:

  • Combine Change Orders and list them on a statement
  • Create your Change Order proposals in a variety of formats, or customize your bills and statements yourself, ýon the flyý


Payroll can be a nightmare for any contractor with employees having multiple ratings, job classifications and pay scales, different locations having different tax rates, and dozens of compliance reports required by various agencies.

You can easily set up Structure to do it all for you:

  • Automatically post labor to job costs
  • Track vacation, holiday and sick time
  • Calculate taxes and deductions for layoff checks, Davis-Bacon and Section 125 deductions, and automatically print state Tax checks and garnishment checks as part of the payroll run.

Selected Affidavit allows you to rerun certified payrolls for previous periods, even though you may not have generated it in the first place.

You can create a complete employee database that supplies all you need for any reporting requirement:

  • Employee List
  • Certified Payroll
  • Workers’ Comp
  • Monthly and YTD Earnings
  • Quarterly Taxes
  • Employee Earnings History
  • 401K Reporting
  • Timesheets
  • Vacation, Personal and Sick Time Union and Minority
  • Year End W2’s
  • Payroll, Deduction and Check Registers
  • Direct Deposit

Project Management

For your Project Manager, STRUCTURE offers a tool to assist them in managing all of their office responsibilities. Project Management was designed to meet the demands of even the busiest of project managers. With everything located in one convenient Project dashboard, there’s no hassle searching for pertinent information, from bid day to closeout.

-Control all paper work for each job in one place -Manage an address book of all the contacts needed for each project -Quickly access the status of Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, and Change Requests related to each job -Review a cost inquiry with ýdrill downý to budgets and detail information -Customize and generate Transmittals, Submittals, and RFI’s, and track them through the many reporting logs available in Project Management

We realize you might want to control who can do what; with STRUCTURE you can allow your PM’s to create a pencil requisition and then forward it along to accounting for final review and process. Plus, you can limit access to sensitive job and financial information to specific users, be it the PM, the assistant to the PM, or the finance department.

You can even monitor the project ýTo Do’sý by setting up tasks and reminders in this comprehensive module. Integrate with MS Word and Excel to further customize your project correspondence. Utilize the Document Log to track even non-STRUCTURE created documents like photos, .pdf’s, Word docs, and the like.

Purchase Orders

Efficient management of Purchase Orders keeps your projects rolling. With Structure, you can create P.O.'s that satisfy all your vendors. You can create P.O.'s that draw off a standard inventory file automatically updated from services such as Trade Service or Harrison.

Purchase Orders Summary shows the status and commitment of all PO’s on a job.

You can enter line item details while you handle the P.O. as a lot price. You can generate lump sum P.O.'s with standard terms and conditions, or you can create your own templates.

Committed but unbilled costs are part of every project and Structure automatically enters committed costs into the Job Cost Module. You can even analyze material received but not yet billed right off the packing slip. You can also set up vendor price matrices for calculating discounts on standard trade pricing, or generate spreadsheets to calculate pricing and then convert the data back to a P.O.

Quote Proposals

Designed specifically for the Flooring Industry, the Quote Proposals module allows you to track the entire bid process from the invite to bid to the awarding of the job.

In Quote Proposals, You Have the Ability To:

  • Price out the main sections of the bid
  • Create a Proposal to be sent to the customer
  • Send the same Proposal to different customers
  • Book the bid as a job once it has been won
  • Enter in detail lines on the bid to be used on purchase orders
  • Create alternates and change order quotes
  • Track, email, and create follow-up notes
  • Review a forecast report showing Man Days (including a graph for the entire month)

This Application Works in Conjunction With Project Management, Work Force Scheduling, and Purchase Orders.

  • The Quote Entry screen uses the Address Book from Project Management.
  • The Daily Scheduling screen allows you to sort the screen by type of employee that is associated with a job.
  • A Purchase Order Inquiry allows you to view the status of the ordering of materials for a bid.

Work Orders

Work Orders (Service Management) Structure Makes Work Order Management Easy, Fast and Profitable.

With instant access to client history (including credit) and to your service rep and equipment at the site, you can dispatch service while keeping an eye on your resources and profitability.

You can set up zone analysis for routing and scheduling, and you can log times of call and dispatch. You can set up screens for problem and resolution coding text.

  • You get all the automated features to keep your trucks on the road and the paperwork out the door:
  • Open order reporting by status, priority, date/time, customer, order number, job, truck, service rep or zone
  • Automatic recall of Work Order for Billing.
  • Ability to handle COD’s
  • Automatic pricing for labor and material updatable from services such as Trade Service or Harrison
  • Cross posting to Accounts Receivable, Job Cost, Payroll and General Ledger as required
  • Automatically tracks material inventory by truck
  • Automatic billing of scheduled service contracts
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling capability with automatic PM work orders
  • Ability to generate cost and profit analysis by job and service technician

And You Get All the Inquiries and Reports You Need:

  • Dispatch Board
  • Work Order
  • Open Orders
  • Service History
  • Inventory Location
  • Service Contract
  • Contract Expiration
  • Invoice
  • WO Scheduling
  • Recurring Billing
  • Make/Model Problem Analysis
  • Service Rep Profitability
  • Invoice History
  • Service Contract Labels
  • Preventive Maintenance

Service Dispatch is fast, easy, and efficient, allowing you to easily manage even the busiest service department.

WorkForce Scheduling

WorkForce allows your scheduler or foreman to allocate and schedule the necessary resources for all of your upcoming projects, be it labor or equipment; and because of STRUCTUREýs security, limit access to just the jobs they are responsible for staffing.

Establish a database of skill sets that are required for certain projects and assign employees based on their skills and availability. Generate labor forecasts to determine your future workforce requirements. Convert your long range workforce into a daily schedule using actual labor classifications as well as specific employees. Generate a calendar to track employee availability, and keep a complete history of your workforce schedule for all of your future labor reporting requirements.

Interface to STRUCTUREýs comprehensive Payroll program to really streamline the entire time collection process.

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