A multi-module management system designed by Constellation HomeBuilder Systems for construction companies.

  • NEWSTAR Enterprise - Full integration of purchasing to production
  • NEWSTAR Sales - Interactive sales tool providing full cycle processing
  • NEWSTAR OnSite - Build construction schedules, upload scheduling info to Palm Units
  • NEWSTAR Focus - Unique three-dimensional view of critical information, plus web-based notifications
  • NEWSTAR Financials - Financial reporting and automatic distribution of transactions
  • NEWSTAR Costing - Maintain estimates/change orders and customize reports for general construction
  • NEWSTAR Fax Link - Meets the needs of your business, budget and IT infrastructure
  • NEWSTAR Checks - One check for all accounts eliminates need for pre-printed check stock
  • NEWSTAR Warranty - Easy access to all homeowner data, plus tracking of trends


Ideal for land development, commercial and multi-family projects, NEWSTAR Costing maintains estimates and change orders for each job and allows you to customize to reports.

  • User-defined account coding structures (including Project, Phase, Major and Minor components), key feature for moving your data from your existing system
  • User-definable Report Writer includes an easy to use row and column design tool for full page control with integration to Excel
  • Unlimited job types for reporting
  • Automate all job cost entries with flexible user-defined interface to the general ledger
  • On-line job inquiries and reports with drill-down to detail
  • Process production quantities and calculate unit price and rate of production

Subcontract Control

Subcontract and subcontract changes within each job and phase of construction can be optionally matched in the AP processing to minimize over-billing.

  • User-defined commitment management
  • Subcontract change order tracking
  • Flexible pricing methods for commitments
  • Commitment to budget comparisons on-line, account for prices and terms
  • Versatile retention processing
  • Payment releases

Contract Billing

  • Simple and customized billing
  • Handles multiple types of billings - unit/amount/percent complete
  • Billing information integrated to accounts receivable
  • Instant access to all contract information including basic contract information, billing status, detailed drill-down capabilities, on-line inquiries

Maintenance and Equipment

Organize maintenance schedules and generate work orders for equipment, such as site trailer and backhoes, based on meter readings or time intervals.

  • Track equipment information
  • Calculate billing rates for equipment
  • Schedule equipment
  • Schedule equipment preventive maintenance Issue work orders for scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Track equipment additions and disposals
  • Schedule equipment preventive maintenance
  • Track equipment financial information
  • Track equipment components
  • Reporting - gopher, equipment data sheets
  • Additions and dispositions of equipment with a full on-line history

NEWSTAR Enterprise

Streamline and pro-actively manage the full integration of sales, construction, account and service management processes, while maintaining full control of cost commitments and profitability. Put simply, NEWSTAR Enterprise brings together under one roof product management, product library, Subcontracts on Parts, Purchase Orders, Scheduling/Onsite, Home Cost Reporting, Loan Draw Management, Home Sales and Warranty.

Product (Options) Library

  • User-defined product and options libraries shared across multiple subdivisions
  • Global, packaged and intersecting products for comprehensive options handling
  • Subdivision specific material take-offs, subcontracts and date sensitive retail pricing
  • Cost based mark-up rules defined by subdivision, category and subcategory
  • User-defined controls for validated color and attribute selections
  • Cut-off rules to prevent option sales beyond schedule task dates


  • Full integration with Product Library, Purchase Orders and Warranty
  • Subdivision specific, effective dated supplier and subcontractor costing
  • Pay point (draw) definitions by product and by trade
  • Complete history of subcontractor and supplier part pricing
  • Quick current cost updates with each supplier pricing change
  • Commitment controls by Project, Lot and Model
  • Subcontractor and supplier quote uploads available via Excel for model option and parts

Purchase Orders

  • User-defined workflow and approval rules for each purchase order type, such as construction, variance, warranty
  • Enterprise-wide integration to all other sub-systems
  • Full control over change orders for pricing and quantity revisions
  • Easy-to-use manual PO entry, including quantity, pricing, discount and tax details
  • Fully integrated with construction scheduling for single-point payment release via auto-pay and express to processing
  • Configurable business rules for PO processing and PO generation
  • Email and Fax enabled for quick distribution of Pos


  • Unlimited user-defined tasks with critical path relationships
  • Flexible, definable standard schedule templates, built-in calendar system with user-defined work days and holidays
  • Purchase order re leases tied to scheduled tasks
  • Auto payment approval, based on field reported task of completions

Home Cost Reporting

  • Flexible, user-defined account coding structures, including Project/Phase, Lot, Block, Major and Minor Cost Codes
  • Unlimited cost code templates for different project types
  • Full integration to general ledger system
  • Obtain true profit and loss analysis by tracking cost and revenue at lot, project and product level

Loan Draw Management

  • Fully integrated to accounting and construction systems
  • Prepare draws based on scheduled completion, projected or actual cost basis

Homes Sales – Back Office

  • Maintain all offers on-line, handles deposits and deposit schedules, track closing dates, including latest closing and other critical dates
  • Project-wide sales and lot inventory reporting
  • Option and color selections
  • Fully integrated with option/upgrade library

Add to your NEWSTAR system with NEWSTAR Fax Link and NEWSTAR Checks, two feature-packed products with multiple benefits.

  • Select the fax solution that meets the needs of your business, budget and IT infrastructure
  • Most industry-standard fax solutions are easily configurable
  • All reports and documents are available for faxing after the customer’s fax solution is configured for the NEWSTAR ERP system


  • One check for all accounts, eliminating the needs for pre-printed check stock with specific company and bank information
  • Supports special micro-coding of bank, branch, routing and account numbering required by banks
  • Easy check generation regardless of bank account
  • Supports company logos and electronic signatures
  • Easy updates of company data or banking information

NEWSTAR Financials

Empower you financial mangers with NEWSTAR Financials, a single powerful tool that provides everything required to design multiple levels of financial reporting and automatically distribute transactions across multiple companies/divisions with no restrictions on how many periods or years can be open at one time.

General Ledger

  • Flexible master/sub chart of accounts provide easy cross-company consolidations as well as control over active accounts within each profit center/division
  • General journal, accrual and recurring entries reviewed prior to update
  • Handles cash basis and/or accrual accounting

Financial Reporting and Budgeting

  • Comparative financial statements
  • Budgeting (original/revised/forecast)
  • Comprehensive reporting code capability used to classify and group transactions in an account

Multi/Inter Company Processing

  • Set up inter-company relationships
  • Inter-company balance comparison sheet

Taxation:Authorities (Federal, State/Province, City)

  • U.S. and Canadian tax reporting
  • Three levels of taxation


  • Check preparation
  • Multiple bank accounts/trust bank accounts
  • Full bank reconciliation including deposits and charges


  • Roll up to multiple user-definable levels
  • Currency conversion at any level
  • Handles varying ownership interests

Accounts Receivable

  • Comprehensive home owner inquiries with drill-down to original deposit distribution
  • Invoicing with reprint capability at later dates

Accounts Payable

  • Integrated to the subcontract system and the purchase orders
  • Automated PO processing
  • On-screen review of invoices for payment schedule
  • Cash requirements includes future payable and handles partial payments & payment on-account
  • Hold status by invoices or supplier to include reason
  • Configurable rules to track insurance and other license expiry dates, to hold or reject invoices, or deduct amounts, as necessary

U.S. and Canadian Payroll

  • Unlimited number of payroll companies (pay cycles) with multiple payroll options (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) in U.S. and/or Canadian currency
  • User-definable pay types (regular, overtime, vacation)
  • User-defined benefits, calculations, deductions
  • Fast processing of recurring pays, i.e. salary payrolls
  • Multi-union requirements (including multi-union per employee per pay)

MICR Checks

  • Checks on-site, complete with special magnetic ink encoding required by banks
  • Easy check preparations regardless of bank account
  • Use one check form for all bank accounts


When you have questions, NEWSTAR Focus has answers. Search for information by date, lot or more than 100 other data points – all designed to provide a unique, three dimensional view of the information you need to enhance the productivity of your home building business. Better still, you can circulate information – via email broadcasts – faster than ever before.

  • Search by ýdata martsý, including 80 Facts, 60 Dimensions and a wide range of relevant dates
  • Easily produce month and week at-a-glance calendar views
  • Generate email lists and send information instantly to recipients, ranging from vendors to home buyers
  • Eliminates the need to wait for or start internal development projects
  • Access hundreds of data points on lot dimensions
  • See critical scheduling information, such as Critical Path, Start & End Tasks, Milestones, Task Type and Schedule and Task Status
  • Obtain answers on Job Cost and General Ledger issues, including Transactional Detail, Commitments, Job Cost Budgets, Projections


Build construction schedules, using customized tasks, with NEWSTAR OnSite. Then use the optional program to upload scheduling info to Palm Units, allowing field staff to maintain and amend schedules on site.

  • Unlimited user-defined tasks with critical path relationships
  • Flexible, definable standard schedule templates, built-in calendar system with user-defined work days and holidays
  • Tie scheduling tasks to generation of purchase orders
  • Auto payment approval, based on field reporting task of completion
  • Over-ride start and finish dates for milestones or tasks
  • Variance reporting and summary reporting at milestone/stage level
  • Integration to hand-held technology to purchase orders for field/main office data exchange


NEWSTAR Sales is a Windows-based, fully interactive front-end sales tool that provides full cycle processing, reporting and analysis, ranging from the prospect’s initial visit to completion of the customer satisfaction survey.

  • Maintain master files for Subdivisions, Lots, Plans and Options
  • Record prospective homebuyers, complete with co-buyer and financial statistics
  • Track prospect visits by sales office to measure effectiveness of advertising
  • Maintain a list of follow-up tasks for each stage of prospect’s purchase
  • Provide user-defined survey questions and pick a list of answers for the prospect
  • Allows set up, tracking and follow-up of all presentations, offers, deals and closings
  • Automatically generate the user-designed contract package and related documents
  • When applicable, track offers and deals by Realtor and Real Estate Agency
  • Track and determine pre-qualification, based on prospect’s loan requirements
  • Provide user interactive selection of Options and Upgrades, complete with media presentation
  • Track and receive prompts for everything with an expiry or due date, including Lot Reservations, Deposits, Contingencies, Pending Contract Approvals, Custom Options, Appraisal Requests, Title Requests and Pending Closings
  • Option selection controls with pre-defined cut-off tasks, required color selections and maximum quantities
  • Base house color selections integrated with purchasing to prevent errors

NEWSTAR Warranty

Complete warranty management with easy access to all homeowner data, tracking of trends and full integration with Purchase Order system.

  • User-defined, categorized deficiencies library for quick data entry
  • Lot warranty effective and expiry dates to prevent confusion
  • Fully integrated with Purchase Order system for easy PO generation
  • Access at any time all homeowner data, including homeowner contacts, purchased options and upgrades, original color selections and notes from the sales cycle
  • Easy access to information for each home, including construction schedule, original subcontractors, suppliers and POs
  • Track warranty service performance with aging reports for subcontractors and internal customer service managers
  • Assign multiple subcontractors or internal resources to each warranty item
  • Automated back-charge process integrated with Accounts Payable
  • Easy to use built-in ‘Gopher’ for ad-hoc data mining and reporting to track trends in problem types, causes and resolutions
  • Attach documents with ‘paperclip’ to view scanned documents, or past correspondence
  • Track time and cost for internal customer service staff integrated to home costing
  • Email and Fax enabled for quick distribution of Warranty Work Orders

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